Meranna: (pronounced Mer-AH-nah) Meranna is the Maestro of Rain and freshwater, the sky, and magic.

Meranna appeared, fully formed, when the magic of Caln was awakened. Since she was its representative—and magic is a universal aspect of Caln-she was appointed to the inner council. Meranna’s magic can be used by its natives freely. Humans, being foreign to Caln, were never meant to use it. Her peculiar creation makes her quite a bit different from the other Maestros. She is a jealous being, who seems to crave the worship of her followers, whether they are human or natural to Caln, and she seems to grow more powerful as more creatures bow to her. Moreover, she covets all hybrids of human and linyth origin, and only through her path can a linyth hybrid have the hope of salvation and live. Sorrith’s enlisted ranks contain a few hybrids, but they cannot be counted as “alive”. While all the true natives of Caln have a certain amount of magic necessary to their survival, only the Master races were granted the ability to harness the magic and become elemental mages. The Linyth, however, who were once accomplished mages, and granted the ability to work magic outside their element, boast no mages. The ability to harness magic was stripped from them when they were cursed. They are left with the passive magic of their nature and little else in the way of magic. Human priestesses mostly worship her aspect of water and the sky. They pray to her for the rains and to purify the water they need to survive. She appears as a woman clothed in blue, with long blue hair the color of the sky, fair skin, and glittering jewelry made of raindrops. Her eyes are colorless. She carries a pitcher of water and a mage’s staff, which she calls “awakening”.

Meranna’s path of Salvation: Meranna’s path of Salvation is addressed in the title “Race Spotlight Daitari”

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