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Necrosis - Episode 1

Necrosis - Episode 1

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Published by Joseph Barlow
A Kind-of evil space captain seeks revenge on a super-evil space empire.

(1st Draft)
A Kind-of evil space captain seeks revenge on a super-evil space empire.

(1st Draft)

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Published by: Joseph Barlow on Jul 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Necrosis Episode 1
byJoseph Barlow
Joseph Barlow
EXT. PLANET HARPER 7, TRANSMISSION BEACON - DAY 1 [13.30]A large square grey building that suggests the pace of a meandering wet playtime in a classroom. Protruding towardsthe sky from the centre of the building is a beacon tower.INT. TRANSMISSION BEACON, OFFICE ROOM - DAY 1 [13.31]KT [fairly young and doesn't look angry enough to be holdinga gun] enters an undeserted, but empty office. Papers lieacross the desk, a cup of coffee remains steaming. Theoccupant is still nearby.KT steps cautiously into the room, gun raised. Alert. Hereyes dart around the room hopefully, before furtherexploration. She approaches a cupboard, conspicuously handy-sized for a human.As her hand reaches for the handle, the doors fly open, a manlurches out and clatters to the ground on top of KT. Her gunslides across the floor. Out of reach.BLOAKPlease don't kill me! I don't wantto die on this planet.KTWell since you have me pinned downand you knocked my gun over there,I've decided not to kill you.BLOAK glances over at the gun, glances back at KT and grinsin slight relief.BLOAKNot really sure what to do at thispoint.KTYou'll be killed if you keep mehere. They'll come looking for me.BLOAKYou're not Parliament, Parliament would have sent more. Why are youdoing this? We're just a telecomsnetwork, I'm not even allied with-KTYou work for the Parliament. PlanetHarper 7 is Parliamentarian. Didyou honestly try to tell me youaren't allied with them?(CONTINUED)
BLOAKAre you listening to me? I never wanted to be on this planet I wascaptured by a Parliament ship, Iescaped and ended up working here.It's safe from theParliamentarians. Or it was.KTNobody escapes theParliamentarians.She's taken aback, BLOAK frowns. He seizes his chance.Suddenly he leaps across to the gun, stands up, pointing thegun at KT.BLOAKI'll get out of here alive, take me with you. I'll join your team, Ican handle a gun. See?He waves it around like he's pretty sure he can handle it.He's breathing heavy, still scared.KTI can't do that, the boss wouldshoot you on sight. I can sneak youon the ship though, you can stowaway, get off at the next planet.BLOAKAs long as it's safe.KTIt won't be safe, I'd forget aboutthe idea of 'safe' if I were arunaway from the Parliament.For a moment they stare at one another before KT begins tostand up.BLOAK focuses the gun on KT threateningly, she holds up ahand like a footballerafter a bad tackle.KT (CONT’D)I'll be needing my gun, or else theguys will realize something's wrong.BLOAK pulls out the orange clip from the laser gun and tossesthe gun to KT.BLOAKIt malfunctioned, you'll have toimprovise. I'll give you this back when I'm on your ship.2.CONTINUED:(CONTINUED)

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