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Solution Brief OpenScape UC App V6 Final E

Solution Brief OpenScape UC App V6 Final E

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Published by titi12345

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Published by: titi12345 on Jul 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OpenScape UC Application
Fast. Easy. Affordable. Open.
OpenScape UC Application
OpenScape UC Application is a highly open
unied communications and collaboration (UCC)solution for enterprises that need an extremelyexible solution that can integrate into diverseIT and telephony environments, and existingMicrosoft or IBM applications. Additionally, forenterprises seeking the transformational processefciencies of communications embeddedbusiness processes (CEBP), this is the applicationthat integrates seamlessly with other businessapplications and social media tools.
OpenScape UC Application accelerates the
pace of business by connecting people withpeople without friction or delay, allowing ofceworkers, mobile workers and teleworkers tocollaborate and share information seamlesslyacross boundaries of time and distance. It helpspeople be more in control of how, when andwith whom they communicate, at any timeduring the day, whether they are physicallylocated in one place or moving from ofce tohome or traveling out of town.Its rich presence, mobility, and audio, web,and video conferencing capabilities reducecommunication costs, real estate costs andtravel expenses. Plus the seamless integrationinto your current infrastructure means you canmaximize and extend the value of your currentin-place investments.OpenScape UC Application is modular androle-based, which offers a range of user-centricdeployment options, with a seamless upgradepath within the portfolio depending on therequirements of your enterprise. From thesingle-user Personal edition to the Enterpriseedition, OpenScape UC Application givesbusinesses of every size and type the exibility
they need.
Personal edition
This is an intuitive, entry-level soft client, idealfor self-managed individual contributors whoare mostly ofce-based and occasionally mobile,and are highly dependent on an efcient andquick way to communicate with their contacts.The Personal edition does not require theOpenScape UC Application server, making iteasy and cost-effective to deploy, and can beused on any SIP PBX. It gives users soft phonefunctionality and very basic UCC features such ascall management and screening capabilities, call journal, click-to-call to groupware and directoryaccess, local call recording, ad-hoc audio andmulti-party video conferencing with ContinuousPresence video views.Highly open and exibleunied communications
and collaboration solution
that integrates with all
your existing applications
Siemens Enterprise Communications
2OpenScape UC Applicationhelps enterprises to:
Manage costs for
communications, businesstravel, and real estate• Enhance employee
collaboration and
Respond faster to
customers and marketdynamics• Improve overall businessexecution, processand communicationsefciency• Leverage in-placetelephony, IT, andapplication investments
Enterprise edition
The Enterprise edition offers a comprehensiveand sophisticated set of unied communicationsand collaboration capabilities and is availablein three offerings. Each offering providesincremental value and productivity gains, witha exible licensing structure which makesupgrading from one to another, simple and costeffective.
is designed for individuals whoneed to stay connected and have access to allmessages while away from the ofce and fromany media.
is for individuals who are highlymobile and need to be highly responsive.These users need to have control over all theircommunications and be able to have accessto the right people quickly in order to achieverst contact resolution.
is for highly collaborative and mobileindividuals who need to be accessible atall times. These users typically work ina distributed organization, in multipletime-zones and/or within multiple teams.Timeliness and speed is a critical factor in theircommunications. This offering is also ideal foradministrators as they are often the ones tofacilitate team productivity of executives andother groups, and timely output is also critical.The Enterprise edition offers multiple client andaccess options including a desktop client, a webclient, and a mobile client that enables employ
ees to use their mobile device to access Open
Scape UC Application features while traveling, oralternatively users can use the speech-enabledVoice Portal when they don’t have access to theirPC or mobile device.
Key Capabilities of OpenScapeUC Application
Multi-media Collaboration
OpenScape UC Application’s audio, web andvideo conferencing enhance collaboration andteam productivity while minimizing expensive3rd-party conferencing services and travel costs.With just a few clicks, users can initiateplanned or spontaneous voice, web, or videoconferencing sessions. By using Presenceinformation, employees can instantly seewhether a colleague is available, allowingspontaneous, easily initiated conferencingsessions. This provides employees with aconvenient way to instantly collaborate in real-time, reaching the most available people, tofacilitate faster action and decision-making.
OpenScape Audio Conferencing
Scheduled and ad-hoc audio conferences enable
easy and quick collaboration with a single clickfrom within the OpenScape client. In addition,users can set up conferences in advance forspecic work teams, making it easier and fasterfor experts within teams to be reached. Withtwo clicks the conference can be launched, out-calling all participants at their preferred device,based on their availability, eliminating single-person dependencies within the organization.For example, a utility company can reach “after-hours” teams, or “incident” teams to address anemergency situation that requires immediate
collaboration and attention.
OpenScape Web Collaboration
Built-in web conferencing reduces overspending on business travel and third partyweb conferencing services, while enablingemployees, partners and customers to sharemore ideas and information, to benet from thecollective wisdom of everyone.OpenScape Web Collaboration is a cost effectiveand efcient way to deliver meetings with up to1000 session participants, including webinars,training sessions, project meetings, salesmeetings, product demonstrations, and remotesupport to customers and end-users.From the OpenScape UC Application client orfrom the groupware client such as MicrosoftOutlook or IBM Lotus Notes, users can schedulecombined audio and web conference sessions
in one single step. Audio calls or conferences
can easily be elevated to a web conferencingsession with one click. Once the OpenScape WebCollaboration client is launched, users have one-
click access to any of its features such as desktop
or application sharing, document uploading,co-browsing, white-boarding, URL push, IM chat,and video chat.Full motion multi-party H.264 desktop video
chat capabilities are built into the solution for
a more personalized and natural collaborationexperience. All that is required is a desktop videocamera and video codec.

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