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Rhce Exam Rhel5

Rhce Exam Rhel5



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Published by smile4ever54

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Published by: smile4ever54 on May 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Systemnotes.org RHCE Study Guide for RHEL5
v1.0 2007/12/02It is very important to study the official objectives for any exam, as that is the only way to know whatto expect. It is not meant to replace official training courses and manuals, but is meant to help studentsquickly review, so they can determine where to focus their efforts and study in more detail.This guide is based on the official redhat objectives for the RHEL5 exam see:https://www.redhat.com/certification/rhce/prep_guide/This guide is freely available fromhttp://systemnotesorg.blogspot.comhttp://systemnotesorg.blogspot.com/2007/12/rhce-study-guide-for-rhel5.htmlFor more detailed study info on each objective see:http://systemnotesorg.blogspot.com/search/label/RHCEThis guide was prepared by looking at each objective, and asking the questions:-- What could they ask in order to test for knowledge of this objective?, or -- What kind of troubleshooting might be required?-- How can this requirement be met?Q: is used to denote possible questions, andA: for possible answers. Note that there may be more than one answer based on what the objective is, or depending whichmethod is preferred to meet the objective. Some items and ideas were taken from labs in the RHCEcourse book, and great care was taken to not give away any hints about what might be on the exam,other than what the labs and official objectives lead one to infer.
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Systemnotes.org RHCE Study Guide for RHEL5RHCT skillsTroubleshooting and System MaintenanceRHCTs should be able to:1) boot systems into different run levels for troubleshooting and system maintenance
 boot single to set root password, or fix mounting, or init problemQ: Machine won't bootA: modify /boot/grub/grub.conf root (hd0,0)A: Check files/etc/rc.local/etc/inittabA: Fix initrdmkinitrd initrd-`uname -r`.img `uname -r`Q: root password not knownA: 1) boot single (at grub screen, "a", "space", "1", enter),2) passwd rootItems to study: grub, initrd,vmlinuz, inittab, rc.sysinit...
2) diagnose and correct misconfigured networking
system-config-network, or vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0check IPADDR, NETMASK, GATEWAYONBOOT=yesPEERDNS=novi /etc/sysconfig/network 
3) diagnose and correct hostname resolution problems
/etc/resolv.conf /etc/hosts
4) configure the X Window System and a desktop environment
Remember X troubleshooting should be done from the command prompt, andnot within X.Files:/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/etc/X11/xorg.conf 
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Systemnotes.org RHCE Study Guide for RHEL5
Q: Boot to XA: Set runlevel 5 in /etc/inittabvi /etc/inittabchangeid:3:initdefault:toid:5:initdefault:Q: X won't loadA: Check config filesA: system-config-display --reconfigA: /tmp or /home is full
5) add new partitions, filesystems, and swap to existing systems
This one is a little hard to explain. It just takes some practice to understand.Tools available:fdisk /dev/hdat / fd (raid) partprobemdadm -C /dev/md0 -l 5 -n 3 /dev/hda6 /dev/hda7 /dev/hda8mke2fs -j /dev/md0Q: mount something, such as: /dev/hda7 on /dataA: make directory, mount, modify /etc/fstab1) mkdir /data2) mount -t ext3 /dev/hda7 /data3) vi /etc/fstab/data /data ext3 defaults 1 2view or change label:e2label /dev/hda2e2label /dev/vg0/data0 /data
6) use standard command-line tools to analyze problems and configure system
ls, cp, mv, rm, tail, cat, etcsystem-config-<tab>
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