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Sermon "Legacy" - Marissa Rohrbach

Sermon "Legacy" - Marissa Rohrbach

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Published by Alan Neale
Sermon preached at The Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia on Sunday August 4th 2013
Sermon preached at The Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia on Sunday August 4th 2013

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Alan Neale on Aug 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I should come clean to you about something this morning.Something Alan has known for a long time…I am a country music fan.So much so that often – there is a song in my head thatcorresponds with a particular Gospel story. Today – the song is “Something Worth Leaving Behind”. LeeAnn Womack, 2002.In the video, Womack sits in a busy train station – people arerushing around – doing work, isolated. Not paying attentionto each other.In the song – Lee Ann sings about some famous folks –Mozart, Midas, and Elvis to name a few. Then she says – I may not go down in history, I just wantsomeone to remember me. I’ll probably never hold the brushthat paints a masterpiece. I’ll probably never find a pen thatwrites a symphony.But if I will love then I will find, that I have touched anotherlife and that’s something worth leaving behind.I’m reminded of this song because of all of the
thatthis Soul we heard about left behind. Unintentionally.And…how useless and vain that process was.In our story, the “Soul” was too concerned about storingthings up to consider anything else…thus not leavinganything particularly worthwhile behind. 
In this parable, our “Soul” is very pleased – to have storedup so many things.But Jesus warns us today to be on our guard against all kindsof greed.What we store up – what we keep for ourselves – may ormay not be the same as this Soul.But whatever it is – Jesus says to us today in this story –enough is enough. Do my work – not your own.And we can see another important theme – that of ourrelationship to God.In this story, we can see that the security that this Soul findsin food and things stored up – is completely false.It doesn’t matter how careful we’ve been – or how much wehave.It is still God who is in control.It’s dangerous for any of us to trick ourselves into believingthat we are in control.Even our psalm reminds us of the danger of putting our trustin things.And we can see why, can’t we?Our Soul – as I will continue to call this person – learns in theend that life is completely dependent on God.Not only had our Soul forgotten that – forgotten that we areGod’s own –
Our Soul has forgotten, too, something else that’s veryimportant to our lives here on earth.Perhaps the most tragic part of the story is that this Soulappears to be alone.Not only does this Soul seem to have forgotten God – itseems also to have forgotten how important it is to share lifetogether – to serve God together. There is no one else to speak of in this parable – no one wesee who is there to share in God’s abundance. Perhaps noone that the Soul loves. The problems we see our Soul facing – they’re problems of isolation and control – problems of denial…an inability to seethings as they really are. It’s a vicious circle, really.We can see – I hope – that in reality, this Soul is blessed.And in other places in scripture, we see that abundantharvests like this are blessings from God.It is a gift to harvest and reap so much from the earth.But instead of honoring this gift, the Soul decides to store itup…Except it isn’t really the storing that’s a problem.Planning and storing is something we see elsewhere inscripture as a good thing…for example… Think about Joseph storing up grain and food for Pharaohbefore 7 years of famine. The difference, though, is clear, isn’t it?

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