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MST Participates in the National Day of Struggle 2

MST Participates in the National Day of Struggle 2

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Published by gpoulados
On Thursday, July 11, 2013, Brazil erupted in mobilizations, strikes, work stoppages, occupations and road blockades in a National Day of Struggle
On Thursday, July 11, 2013, Brazil erupted in mobilizations, strikes, work stoppages, occupations and road blockades in a National Day of Struggle

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Published by: gpoulados on Aug 04, 2013
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On Thursday, July 11, 2013, Brazil erupted inmobilizations, strikes, work stoppages,occupations and road blockades in a NationalDay of Struggle
Brazil’s LandlessWorkers Movement is a mass social movement formed by rural workersand by all thosewho want to fight  for land reform anagainst injusticeand social inequality in rural areas.
MST Participates in the National Day of Struggle II
On Thursday, July 11, 2013, Brazil erupted in mobilizations, strikes, work stoppages,occupations and road blockades in a National Day of Struggle. Called for by CUT(Central Workers Union), an assortment of labor unions and a vast array of socialmovements, including the MST, the National Day of Struggle put forth specificdemands for the working class and social movements, including a call for agrarianreform. The MST participated and helped lead this mobilization throughout thecountry.
National Day of Struggle: Track mobilizations across the country
 Brasil do Fato
Follow coverage of the mobilizations, strikes, occupations and road blockadesrealized on Thursday (July 11) around the country.
Unified mobilization block disposal plants in Alagoas
 Unions and movements struggling for land, blocked access to the Port of Maceió, themain outlet for production of the sugarcane industry in Alagoas by
Railton Teixeira
, Maceió, AlagoasEarlier on Thursday (11), hundreds of workers organized in peasant movements, tradeunions and students blocked the entrance to the Port of Maceió (AL) in theneighborhood of the Jaragua. Protesters continue the Unified National Day of Struggle, which conducts a day of strikes and demonstrations across the countryaround an agenda of structural reforms.The trade unions and movements of students and peasants are together demandingrights and social reforms to advance Brazil, among which the reduction of workinghours to 40 hours per week without loss of pay and rejection of PL 4330, whichloosens labor rights through outsourcing. The agenda of the free [transit] pass and public transport, urban reform and agrarian reform were also prominent.For Deborah Nunes, from the national coordination of the Movement of LandlessRural Workers (MST), unified mobilization is a new direction to those who fight for 
social change in Brazil. "We support the implementation of agrarian reform and other structural reforms, an agenda already deep throughout Brazilian society, but not yetrealized," she explained.Among other points that unify the various organizations of the working class in Braziltoday is the application of 10% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the educationsector and 10% to the health sector. In 2013, the public debt service still consumesmore than 40% of the budget, preventing investment in strategic areas for socialdevelopment, such as land policy and education.
Peasants block major highways of Alagoas
 The blockades started in the first hours and should extend throughout the day in order to get the message that "the stuggle has never stopped" by
 Railton Teixeira, Maceió
, AlagoasEarlier on Thursday (July 11), peasant social movements blocked some major roadsof Alagoas in adherence to the guidance of Via Campesina in the municipalities toorganize this National Day of Struggle. The blockades started in the first hours andshould extend throughout the day in order to get the message that "the struggle hasnever stopped."Roads were blocked in the municipalities of Murici, União dos Palmares, Flexeiras, Novo Lino, Atalaia and Joaquim Gomes (forest area). Porto Calvo and Maragogi(coastal), Arapiraca, Girau Ponciano (uncultivated), Delmiro Gouveia, Olho D’Águado Casado e Olho D’água das Flores (sertão [semi-arid region of the Northeast]), andsome cities in the low and mid São Francisco.The mobilization has membership of the Liberation Movement of the Landless(MLST), Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST), Movement Land, Labor andFreedom (MTL) and the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT).According to Josival Oliveira, national leader of the MLST, rural workers were never silenced and always hold their demonstrations. According to him, the ways to protesttoday follow the same methodology adopted by peasant social movements.Also according to Josival Oliveira, land reform still remains the main banner of struggle that mobilizes the activities of peasant social movements. In addition thereare numerous other issues related to education, health, security, infrastructure and public policy which are the main challenges encountered in the peasant struggle."That's why our staff will be in our home towns blocking highways, so in this way wecan show society that at no time do we remain silent in the face of the oppressivesystem which kills rural workers and burns their homes" emphasized Oliveira.He also pointed out that the federal government's intention is to stifle public policiesin the countryside, thus taking the welfare programs, offered to city workers, from thefarmers. In addition, they are blocking the resources allocated for agrarian reformsettlements. "Thereby causing, in this way, the arbitrariness and atrocities perpetrated by the large estates. There are no guarantees in the law, plantation owners assume the

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