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Anciant Myth in todays culture

Anciant Myth in todays culture

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Published by Jared F
The impact of ancient greek, roman, and norse mythology in todays culture.
The impact of ancient greek, roman, and norse mythology in todays culture.

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Published by: Jared F on May 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jared FreedmanImpact of mythologyMythologies are stories, myths that the people of the time used to explain thingsthey couldn’t understand, unexplainable phenomenons and also creation myths and whywe are here. These myths have had such an impact on the world and even in things wetalk about today. You can find such things in music, movies, games, books and manyother things we do every day. Especially in our music.Music has always been influenced by our life and tales of things from the past.Even today there is mythology in our popular music.One band I listen to is a Finnish band called Enisferum which is a melodic folk deathmetal band, and almost all there songs are based off of Norse mythology. Every songs’lyrics are referring to a warrior or god. Some examples of the song names are “TheWanderer” (also a similar song with the same name by a band called Heimdall) the titlerefers to Odin. Part of one verse goes like this “From enchanted woods to the freezingnorth He is known at every sea and far beyond” and it’s about Another song by themcalled
The Guardians of fate
refers to the three Norns. An example from the song is;
Their deeds shall be heard Their legend will live forever They are the Guardians Of Fate.” Many other bands of this genre have similar themes such as Týr, Moonsorrow, andWintersun. The band Iron maiden Has a great song Titled
The Flight of Icarus
. The singlecover art depicts Icarus on fire in the sky but it is night so it wasn’t the cause of flying toclose to the sun like in the Greek myth, but it was caused by Eddie, the mascot of IronMaiden, Wearing bat wings and carrying a flamethrower. The song tells about Icarus
from the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus. The story goes that a man and his son weretrapped in a labyrinth on Crete and were eventually going to be killed by the Minotaur  but they make wings out of wax and feathers and fly up and out of the maze. Daedalustells Icarus not to fly to close to the sun because his wings are made of wax and he willmelt them and die. Icarus got carried away and flew too close to the sun and his wingsmelted and he died. Some lines in the song are; His eyes seem so glazed As he flies onthe wings of a dream, Now he knows his father betrayed Now his wings turn to ashes toashes his grave. Fly, on your way, like an eagle, Fly as high as the sun. I think it’s a verygood song.Many songs have allusions to ancient myths and we can hear them all thetime.There are many, many books that have ancient mythology in them and most of those are actually ancient mythology themselves. The book 
The Silmarillion
 byJ.R.R Tolkien is a book about the first age of middle earth (the universe in which TheLord of The Rings takes place). Tolkien creates his own mythology for Middle-Earth.The depth and detail in the book is incredible and it is almost like the bible of Middle-Earth. He uses a lot of allusions from mostly Norse mythology and the style of mythology and the stories is mostly Norse. Many of the words and names come from theOld English and Old Norse languages and in the back of the book is a list of names of  people and places and the meaning of them because there are hundreds of names in the book, but it also has the etymology of the word which is often from Old English and Old Norse. There are a lot of stories about people in the book that remind me of stories aboutthe Greek and Norse god stories that we read in class. The Norse and Greek mythologies

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