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Just Think Pretty Pink and Blue Thoughts-08.2004-04.2009

Just Think Pretty Pink and Blue Thoughts-08.2004-04.2009

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Published by Zarah Jane Lim

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Published by: Zarah Jane Lim on May 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Just think p
The outlet
Don’t Be Stubborn – Just
 Mark 16:14 “Jesus appeared lack of faith and their stubbohim after he had risen.” 
 On one hand, you can understtestimony of seeing Jesus (wh[Fact of life: When one is deaOn the other hand, this is Jesunew to them. They’re the ElevAnd besides, Jesus told them tSo the lesson here is:
Don’t dAnd don’t forget what you’vpast – the miracles, the ansback then, He will do the sahow inconceivable the answ
ü-- Devotional Thoughts / Apri
  preaching,church,wise 2 comments share 
retty pink and blue
Apr 29, '09 10:51 AMfor everyone
to the Eleven…he rebuked them for their n refusal to believe those who had seen
nd the Eleven’s unbelief with the others’om they saw die right in front of them) alive., he stays dead.]s. And seeing the dead be raised to life is noten, they saw Jesus raise Lazarus back to life!hat He will rise again, didn’t’ he?
ubt Jesus. What He says, it will happen.e witnessed, what God did for you in theered prayers. Just as He saw you throughe today. o matter how impossible orr is, JUST BELIEVE! Don’t be stubborn.
l 29, 2009words 
Apr 23, '09for everyonThey're life's own permanentyou've had. Some people spenaway while some are proud oANTM's cycle 12).For the more optimistic ones,were too painful to bear will, lserve as a reminder of what hOthers, who cannot afford to swhat have you, just have to li been through the pain but I wit with some sort of fondness.Like I do with mine.The scars are, of themselves,you were doing when you hadshowed concern for me whentreated me lovingly, the onescrying hysterically (which I uust freaked me out) made theFive scars in my body come wme by disease, a few by my fr clumsiness.Scar #1: Chickenpox Scar 12:31 PMarkers, marking out the painful momentsd lots of money just to have them takenthem (just like Tahlia, the burn survivor init gives hope - that the wounds you thoughtike all the others, be just that, a scar that will ppened. It, too, shall pass. pend money for skin graft procedures or e with it and be reminded that "Hey, I'ves able to endure it." They may even look atemorable enough - how you got them, whatthem, and all that. But the people whothe wounds were still fresh, the ones whoho comforted me and coaxed me out of ed to do because big wounds + blood reallyall the more memorable.ith their own stories. Some were inflicted toiends, and a couple others by my own
Scar #2: Face Scar (from playScar #3: Arm/Knee Scar (froScar #4: Elbow Scar (which is pushed me at Subic's slide whScar #4: Shin Scar (double be"uka" on my shin is proof of i
 I'll blog more about these 5 scast as my thoughts can go.ü
 Some scars, like scar #5, can'tlong this blog will take if I enthough I'm sure most peopleBut the scars that really matteLove. Christ bore the numerosaved. And that's the scar thatworld, can ever erase. Those s permanent, reminders of Hishow awesome is His sacrifice.Thank you Lord Jesus, the scalife.
 ramblings 0 comments share  10 of My Best Childhood
-isang masayahing bata.nakatingin ang magulang, maaway ng k
ng Paunahan sa Takbuhan)the same game, different day)now an obvious keloid - from R whoen I wasn't ready yet)incident) - not really a visible scar, but the)
ars sometime. Right now, I'm just typing as
 be seen by the human eye. And oh, howmerate all my unseen (emotional) scars,ill have longer lists than mine.are the ones that were born by my one Trues scars for sin & death, all for us to benothing, not even all the money in thiscars are permanent, as in PERMANENTreat love for humanity. Oh how precious,rs you bore just bought me a ticket to eternalMemories
Apr 19, '09 6:08 AMfor everyone
Meet Zarah/Shobe/Budongay pagka-mahiyain (kuno) pero pag hindialoko rin. Nang-aaway ng katulong, nang-laro. Pilyang bata talaga.

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