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Dr.N Gopalakrishnan

Dr.N Gopalakrishnan

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Published by Srikant Kamesh Iyer
Excerpts from a talk given by Dr. N Gopalakrishnan
Excerpts from a talk given by Dr. N Gopalakrishnan

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Published by: Srikant Kamesh Iyer on Aug 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Always remember that we are living here on the surface of the globe earthfor about 70 years, during when we take about 60 tons of food; 26,500 dayswe are living here and every day we breath about 23,080 times - “everybreath is taking you towards graveyard.” And during this period of date of birth and date of death, how long you are living is not important; how you areliving is important, and I wish that each and everyone of the 112 peoplesitting here will remember that how long we are living is not important, howwe are living is important. So, always try to integrate the good from themodern and good from the old, always try to integrate the science andspirituality, always try to integrate experienceable knowledge andexperimentable knowledge, always try to integrate the physical comfort andthe spiritual comfort, and always remember that any day the date of deathcan come. If you are giving the corporation office of Chennai or at yourbirthplace 25 Rs, he will give you the date of birth certificate, but even if youare giving 25000 Rs, date of death certificate will not be given to your hand.So, we are not sure when that date is coming. So, let us live a happy andworth life and always remember that “preparation for living is not life,experience of living is life.” And for that experience of living, this country hasgiven for the last not less than 10,000 years the message of integration of science and spirituality – vidhyam cha avidhyam cha, yasthat vedaubhayamsaha; avidhyaya mrithiyumtheerthwa, vidhyayamrithmasnuthe.Since majority of you are Indians, you might not have heard Sanskrit, I amsure. So, vidhyam cha, avidhyam cha: what is vidhya – eternal,experienceable, spiritual knowledge; what is avidhya – external,experimentable, scientific knowledge. Integrate these two; vidhyam chaavidhyam cha, yasthat veda ubhayamsaha; veda – knowledge, ubhayam –two time, saha – put together, avidhyaya mrithiyumtheerthwa – use thescientific knowledge for overcoming the daily problems and discomforts inour life, and vidhyayamrithmasnuthe – use the spiritual knowledge forovercoming all these problems by science and then attaining the peace,permanent peace in our life. So, India is the country where the science andall the spirituality integrated. Many of the times, we always ask a question –is it scientific, always try to ask the question – is it useful, because many of the things you cannot explain in science. I respect my father, how can youexplain in science? I love my wife, how can we explain by science. Therespect, the honour, the satisfaction, the contentment, the happiness, thesorrow, the anger, the vex, the ego - all these things you cannot explain byscience; if somebody is trying to explain that by science, you will not reachanywhere. And after the discovery of the Quantum entanglement, oneelectron is revolving clockwise and other electron is revolving anticlockwise,take the one electron and put in Neptune or Pluto, and if you change thedirection of this electron, the direction of rotation of that electron will bechanging even though it is one million kilometers away; how you will explainit, Quantum entanglement, only one word - “intrinsic, inherent, self–guiding,
self–motivating, self–energizing awareness and consciousness is present inevery living and nonliving system, the Hindus called it as Brahmam.” I amsure you could not understand. Since you have given 25 minutes, I have tocompile everything together within 25 minutes. So, intrinsic, inherent, self–guiding, self–motivating, self–energizing awareness and consciousness;awareness – prajyanam brahma, consciousness – swabodham existing inevery living and nonliving being; the Hindus called it as Brahmam. These arenot my words, the words of Prof. Eric Dean, Prof. R.E Wolf, Prof. Amit Goswami,the theoretical physicists working in NASA, America, not in India, fortunately.So, you can see that the words available here. So, Indian spirituality alwaysintegrate with science as Dr. Fritjof Capra said, “the science has come to anabrupt end and for further moving forward, you have to go through Indianspirituality,” that is this ‘prajyanam brahma’, that is the ‘aham brahmasmi’,that is the ‘thathwamasi.’ Many times people used to ask the question - haveyou seen god, I used to say ‘we walk together.’ Because all the 657 crorepeople, every one of them has got their nose down, who has made it down. If it is raining outside, you do not have an umbrella, no colleague is there withyou, you have to cross this line, who has decided that the nose should bedown. If this would have been reverse, what will happen? And you know thatyou have got 32 teeth, every one, how has fixed this number 32. You know,you have got 32 vertebrae, who has fixed the number; and you know thateyelids are here, your ears are like this (anterior), why not like this(posterior), if it would have been like this (posterior), what would havehappen and our tongue does not have the skeletal system, luckily you cantwist anyway. So, remember these are all preplanned, this body, 1.6 milliontype of animal, 6 lakh type of plants, 80,000 type of trees, and 1 million typeof microorganism; they have got a mathematical designing by itself,modeling has been done within itself, not from externally. So, that spiritualityis the modern science where we can say ‘awareness and consciousness,’whereas India during then for the last not less than 10,000 years, from thatperiod onwards, had the mind used as the laboratory, wisdom used asexperimental tool, thinking power was the inference that they could take outof that; and using the mind, using the brain, using the sadhana, using theupasana, they have done the experiment and they could find out the basicprxinciple of science. And many of the times people say Heisenberg'suncertainty principle has been discovered by Heisenberg, have you gonethrough Patanjali’s fourth chapter, sixth line “ekasamaye chaubhayaamyayena shabda ulpathi” meaning is very simple, veechi – pathway,tharangnyayena – the logic of (thranga) waves, shabda ulpathi – the soundget produced by as waves. And the definition for atom“apakarshaparyandham dhravyam paramanurevam – inferior most particle of a matter is called paramanu. paramanu ithitproktaaht njaneenamdrishtigochara – what we call as paramanu (atom) cannot be seen by anordinary man, it can be perceived only by a scientist. So, simply they have
given it. ‘Yadha yadha hi dharmasya,’ as given in BhagavadGita – “wheneverthe system and equilibrium is disturbed, the system will adjust itself in such away that effect of the disturbance will be nullified.” Very simple way it hasbeen mentioned, so nicely. “Nasatho vidhyadhe abhavo, na abahavovidyhadhe sadaha’ – whatever is existing here, cannot become nonexisting;whatever is nonexisting here, it cannot become existing – energy can neitherbe created nor be destroyed; matter can neither be created nor be destroyed,if fund form of energy changes, it will appear in another form, Bhagavad-Gita.I am sure that Vivekananda Study Centre, majority of you are Hindus mightnot have read Gita. So, vasamsijeernani yadhavihayanavanigrinavimaroparani thadha sreeranivihayajeernani anyadisamyadinavanidehi – whenever the energy get shifted, one form of energy changes, itwill appear in another form - beautifully 5140 years ago lord Krishna has toldin Kurukshethra. Only one book in the world, now taught in HarvardUniversity and also Cleveland University, 186 universities in America,BhagavadGita gives the total message in the first line itself. I do not knowwhether you have read it “dharma kshethre kuru kshethre,” take that word 2and 4 left hand side, rearrange it “kshethre kshethre, kuru dharmam,” thelast word of MBA. When we become MA, we think that we know everything,as he was telling that MA means Master of Ajnyana.Four years ago, when I was concluding my lecture here, I told if you ask somequestion from there to me, if god permits, divine permission is available, I willgive you the answer in Sanskrit with quotation. So, take anything, anysubject, it was existing here, may not be the level of that is existing 2008 AD,but excellent knowledge. If you have to go through mathematics, rememberthat the foundation stone of Indian mathematics is in Bhootha Sankhya andKadapayadi number system. If you do not know Bhootha Sankhya andKadapayadi number system, Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy, youcannot learn at all, that is important. Bhootha Sankhya is number systemwritten by Sanskrit words. Nayanam, akshi, nethram, karnam, srutham,hastham, karam, paadham, all these can be used for writing number 2. Forwriting ‘2’ these are the Sanskrit words used. Sharadri ramanala yojanaanikuvayukakshyafalithaha – sharam means 5, adri means 7, rama means 3, andanala means 3 – so, 3375 Yojana is the circumference of the atmosphere of this Earth, x12.11, that much kilometer (3375x12.11), exactly it is given, butwe do not know what is sharam, we do not know what is adri, we do not knowrama – we know Ramayanam only, and we do not know anala. So, unless youknow Bhootha Sankhya, we cannot give explanation. Number of rotation of Earth in one Mahayuga is given in Bhootha Sankhya, vyoma, shoonya, shara,adri, indu, randhra, adri, adri, shara, indavaha, i.e., 157,79,15,200 (157 crore79 lakhs 15 thousand and 200) times it rotates in one Mahayuga. You know

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