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ITEss2Mod Answers Moklet Angkatan 15

ITEss2Mod Answers Moklet Angkatan 15



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Published by Atta Cahya P
Buat Ujian ITE 2 Moklet Angkatan 15 lengkap dari capter 1-14...Hikksss :D
Buat Ujian ITE 2 Moklet Angkatan 15 lengkap dari capter 1-14...Hikksss :D

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Published by: Atta Cahya P on Jun 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IT Essentials 2: Module questions and answersModule 1: Study questions
From which Windows configuration tool can a user perform hardware and networkconfigurations?Window ManagerMy ComputerControl PanelTask Manager
When compared to a command line interface, what is a major disadvantage of a GUI?It requires an understanding of commands.It requires more memory and storage space.It is more difficult to use.Most server operating systems do not support a GUI.
What is a beneficial feature of preemptive multitasking?Applications share the use of the processor by
time slicing
.The processor dynamically adjusts the amount of memory needed by the applicationprograms.Application programs share memory addresses and exchange information.The operating system controls the allocation of processor time.
Though obsolete in current desktop environments, what are three valid reasons for thecontinued use of MS-DOS? (Choose three.)MS-DOS supports legacy applications.MS-DOS is an intuitive, high-overhead operating system.MS-DOS rarely crashes because it is a multitasking operating system.MS-DOS is relatively easy to use.MS-DOS can run on inexpensive hardware.
Which acronyms describe the two general categories of OS user interfaces?DOS and UNIXDOS and GUIUNIX and GUICLI and GUI
Which of the following is a valid concern for a company considering a move fromWindows to Linux?Linux generally allows companies to recycle old hardware and software.Users may need special training to become productive with Linux.Special third party software may be necessary to secure and configure Linux.Linux generally requires more disk space than Windows.
What is meant by the statement, "We have to support our legacy system"?Support must be provided for the newest Linux system.Support must be provided for the system called legacy.Support must be provided for the newest Microsoft system.Support must be provided for outdated software.
Which three of the following file systems does Windows 2000 use? (Choose three.)EXT2FAT16FAT32NTFSHPFS
Windows and Linux both use a file system that resembles an upside-down tree. What isthe name of this type of file structure?binaryhierarchicalempiricalsubsystem
Which part of the OS, loaded into memory at boot time, controls memory allocation?user interfaceapplication softwarekernelfile system
What is the main reason FAT32 was created?New operating systems required the use of filenames greater than eightcharacters.Earlier versions of FAT used disk space inefficiently.FAT32 was needed to support drives up to 4 GB.The maximum length of file extensions needed to be increased to three characters.
Which of the following is generally regarded as the standard GUI for Linux?Red Hat DesktopCDEGNOMEStar Office
Which two of the following statements are true? (Choose two.)Linux is a true 16-bit operating system that uses preemptive multitasking.Linux supports all Windows applications through the use of cooperativemultitasking.Linux operating system code is available for anyone to modify and use.Linux is a true 48-bit operating system that uses minimal virtual memory.Linux is a true 32-bit operating system that uses preemptive multitasking.
Which command is entered in the Run dialog box of a Windows XP system to open acommand prompt window?
Which two statements describe the security features of Linux? (Choose two.)Compared to Windows, Linux is virtually virus-free.Users must have a valid username and password to log into a Linux system, bydefault.Linux security is one dimensional.Most security features for Linux must be purchased from a third party.
Which two of the following shells are commonly available for Linux? (Choose two.)Bore shellKorn shellCash shellC shellPC shell

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