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Perfecting the Rows

Perfecting the Rows

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Published by mrcyber

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Published by: mrcyber on Jun 19, 2009
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 ٰ 
 By Asma bint Shameem
Perfecting the rows when we stand for prayer in congregation is very clearly an important matterin Islam. However, we don’t pay much attention to it. Many people think it is not an importantmatter. Even our elders who are otherwise trying to lead an Islamic life seem to overlook thematter or disregard it as insignificant or tertiary.
 They either stand with their feet close together in the form of Attention!, or leave huge gaps inbetween themselves and their neighbor or the rows are crooked, etc.So, Insha’Allah the following article will shed some light on the virtue and importance of perfecting them.
1 : Straightening the rows is an ORDER from Rasul Allah (pbuh)
 Anas ibn Maalik said that the Prophet (pbuh) said:
“Make your rows straight for I can see you behind my back.” (Bukhaari, Muslim)
2 : Straightening the rows is part of perfecting the prayer
The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Straighten your rows, for straightening the rows is part of perfecting prayer.” (Bukhaari, Muslim)
“Straighten your rows, for straightening the rows is part of establishing prayer.”(Bukhari)
3 : SEVERE WARNING for those who do NOT perfect the rows
 When the Prophet (pbuh) saw a man sticking out his chest he said, “Make your rows straight or Allah will  ALTER YOUR FACES..” 
(Bukhaari)Numaan ibn Basheer said: The Prophet (pbuh) used to straighten our rows, as if he wasstraightening the shaft of an arrow, until he saw that we had learned it. Then he came out oneday and was about to say the takbeer, when he noticed a man whose chest was sticking out fromthe row. He said:
“Slaves of Allah! Make your rows straight or Allah will cause discord among you.” 
(Bukhaari, Muslim)Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen said:“The words “or Allah will cause discord among you” … this is undoubtedly a warning to those who fail to straighten their rows. Hence some scholars are of the view that it is obligatory tomake the rows straight. If something is enjoined and a warning issued against doing the opposite,it cannot be said that it is ‘only Sunnah’.”
4 : Stand shoulder to shoulder, foot to foot with your neighbor
Making the rows straight and compact is achieved by standing foot-to-foot and shoulder-to-shoulder. Foot-to-foot does NOT mean your two feet next to each other as some peoplemisunderstand.. It means your left foot next to the foot of your neighbor on your left and yourright foot next to the one on your right.
Numaan ibn Basheer said:
“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) turned to face the people and said, ‘Straighten your rows,’ three times, ‘for by  Allah either you straighten your rows or Allah will create division among your hearts.’ And I saw men standing shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee, ankle to ankle.” 
(Abu Dawood--Sahih by al-Albaani)
5 : Align your heels
Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen said: “Straightening the rows means that no one stands in front of anyone else….(Align) the shoulders at the top of the body, and the heels at the bottom of thebody. As for the toes, they do not count, because toes vary; some people have long feet andsome have short feet, so what matters is the heel.”
6 : Do NOT exaggerate in spreading your feet
 Some people exaggerate in trying to follow this matter and spread their legs so far apart trying totouch the neighbors feet that they force their neighbor to stand with his feet close together in a very uncomfortable way and not be able to stand with his feet spread at a balanced distance.
7 : Do NOT leave gaps in between each other
Part of making the rows complete or perfect is making the rows compact. The Prophet (pbuh) said
: “Straighten the rows, for you form rows like the angels, and keep your shoulders in line with one another, and fill the gaps, and do not leave any room for the Shaytaan. Whoever joins a row tocomplete it, Allah will take care of him and whoever interrupts a row, Allah will cut him off.” 
(Ahmad, Abu Dawood--Saheeh by al-Albaani)However, making the rows compact does NOT mean crowding and cramming people in,because there is a difference between making it compact and making it crowded.
8 : Complete the first row and then the next
 This is also part of straightening the rows. The second row should not be begun until the firstrow is completed, and the third row should not be begun until the second row, etc. The Prophet (pbuh) urged completing the first row and said:
“If the people knew what there is in the call and the first row, but they had no way other than drawing lots, then they would draw lots.” 
 And he (pbuh) said
: “Complete the first row, then the next one, and if there is to be any incomplete row let it be the last row.” 
(Ahmad, Abu Dawood- Saheeh by al-Albaani)
9 : The rows should start from BEHIND the imam; NOT from the extreme right
“The rows should start from behind the imam, not from the right hand side of the mosque or the left, as some  people do. Rather they should start from behind the imam, then the row should be completed to both the right and the left, so as to follow the Sunnah of having the imam in the middle.” 
“The first row in prayer should begin behind the imaam, then stretch to the right and the left,not from the farthest point to the right . The same applies to the second and subsequent rows.”
(Al-Lajnah al-Daaimah in Fataawa Islamiyyah)

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