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Monsters by Ilsa J. Bick Teaser

Monsters by Ilsa J. Bick Teaser

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Published by EgmontUSA
Preview the first two chapters of Monsters, the final installment in Ilsa Bick's highly anticipated Ashes series!
Preview the first two chapters of Monsters, the final installment in Ilsa Bick's highly anticipated Ashes series!

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Published by: EgmontUSA on Sep 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Alex fell, fast, into the dark, in a hail of splintered wood, a showerof stone as the mine came down around her ears and water stormedup the throat of her escape tunnel. She could smell the end, rushing to meet her, the water so icy and metallic, a scent of snow and steellaced with that queer, gassy fizz of rotten eggs. High above, so faraway, she saw the stars wink out. The exit where Tom had been onlyminutes before now swarmed with viscous, oily shadows as the earthfolded and fell in on itself.She’d taken physics. Terminal velocity was . . . well, they didn’t callit
for nothing. Fall far enough and even an ant will shatter. After a certain height, coming to a sudden stop, even in water, would be like slamming a car into a brick wall. Sure, the car crumpled, buteverything else—passengers, seats, anything movable—had its ownmomentum. People hurtled into one another or the seat or wind-shield, and then the brain, the heart, the lungs smashed against bone.So, fall far enough onto
and the impact wouldn’t just break her; it would obliterate her.She thought she was screaming but couldn’t hear herself over thecombined thunder of falling rock and churning water. Something hard smacked the back of her head, not a rock but Leopard’s Uzistill slung over her shoulders, the carry strap slicing her right armpit.Leopard’s Glock 19 was a fist digging into the small of her back. Forthe first time in her life, she wished all Glocks had safeties. She didn’t
ilsa j. bick 
10think the weapon would discharge and blow a hole through her spineor into her butt, but there was a first time for everything, like the endof the world. Like falling to your death. On the other hand, a nice,quick, lethal bullet—  And then, suddenly, that was it. In that very last second, she closedher mouth, held her breath, thought about just maybe saving herself for . . . well, for something. Someone. For Tom, maybe. No, no
 about him at all. She hadn’t wanted Tom to leave, but she couldn’t lethim die in this place either—not for her. It was the last good thing shecould do. She so desperately wanted him to live that it hurt
Then, no more seconds. No more thoughts or memories. Nowishes or dreams or regrets. Nothing. End of the line.She hit.
It wasn’t gentle. Alex clobbered the water like a sledgehammer. A jag of agonyspiked her right ankle; the impact blasted into her hips. A cannon- ball of pain roared up her spine to detonate in her head. Her vision blacked from the spinal shock. For a second, maybe two, she was outcold, helpless as a puppet cut loose from its strings.Ironically, the water that had just tried to kill her slapped herawake for round two. Her mind came back in a scream as icy water jetted up her nose, gushed into her mouth, tried to flood her lungs.Having clamped down to keep her from drowning, her throat was aknot. She couldn’t manage a single breath. Muscling through withsheer will, she gulped one shrieking inhale before the water wrappedsteely fingers around her ankles and calves to pull her down, down,down below the surface.
 A fist of red, burning panic punched her chest. Completelyunderwater and totally in the dark, she thrashed with no sense of where the surface was. Caught in a whirlpool created by competing currents, she was spinning, whirling, tumbling. Her right shoulderslammed stone, a stunning blow that sent electric tingles down toher wrist and numbed her fingers. She tried swimming— 
where’s up,where’s up?
 —but her movements were spastic, feeble. Her back was asingle, long shrill of pain. She wasn’t sure her legs were even working.
 Nearly out of air. Got to do something.
Her throat bunched and

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