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4e Tyrant Class 2.0

4e Tyrant Class 2.0

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Published by Chameleon X
This is a Martial Controller class I made up for the 4e Dungeons & Dragons game. I've made a major revision on it to make it less a copy of the Warlord, and more a controller in its own right.
This is a Martial Controller class I made up for the 4e Dungeons & Dragons game. I've made a major revision on it to make it less a copy of the Warlord, and more a controller in its own right.

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Published by: Chameleon X on Jul 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“You will do what I say, how I say, when I say, and  you will enjoy it. Do I make myself clear?”
Class Traits
Controller. You are a dominating presence onthe battlefield, and force others to do your biddingthrough intimidation or brute force. Depending onyour choice of powers, you may also lean towardLeader or Defender as your Secondary role.
Power Source:
Martial. You rely on your cunning,force of will, and undeniable presence to enforceyour desires on your enemies and your allies.
Key Abilities:
Charisma, Strength, Intelligence
Armor Proficiencies:
Cloth, Leather, Light Shield
Weapon Proficiencies:
Simple melee, simpleranged, military ranged
Favored Weapon
Bonus to Defense:
+2 Fortitude or +2 Will
Hit Points at 1st Level:
10 + Constitution score
Hit Points per level gained:
Healing Surges/day:
7 + Constitution modifier.
Trained Skills:
Intimidate. From the list below,choose three more trained skills at 1
Class Skills:
Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha), Intimidate(Cha), Insight (Wis), History (Int), Thievery (Dex),Religion (Int), Streetwise (Cha).
Build Options:
Enticing Tyrant, Intimidating Tyrant,Manipulative Tyrant, Ruthless Tyrant
Class Features:
Oppressive Leader, DominatingPresence, Subjugating WordTyrants are uncompromising leaders who rule their subordinates with an iron fist. Tyrants direct their allies in battle through threats and sheer intimidation,and force their enemies into submission through their willpower and the controlling power of their presenceon the field.You may be a ruthless monarch on a campaign toexpand the territories of your domain as far as theycan go, or you could be a low-level thug in a streetgang who bullies your party into doing your bidding,crawling your way to the top through intimidationand sheer force of will. Not all Tyrants are of the megalomaniacal overlordmold, nor are they necessarily evil (though mostTyrants are Lawful). A guild enforcer or a captain inan army can be a Tyrant to those who serve under him or her. The important thing is not the socialstatus of the individual, but their method of gainingthe cooperation of fellow adventurers; The Paladin or Fighter may gain their allies’ respect through their loyalty in battle, a Wizard or Cleric might prove their worth to the party by aiding allies. The Tyrant merelygives the word, and makes sure people follow it…one way or another.Most non-evil Tyrants believe (if nothing else) thattheir ruthless tactics are for the good of the whole,either for the party or whatever else they’re fightingfor. They may not be liked by those who they lordover, but they may (at least) be tolerated for theassistance they can provide.
Creating a Tyrant
You may use these build options to advise your decisions when creating a Tyrant character.
Enticing Tyrant
Enticing Tyrants have a unique style of control; presenting the enemy an option between two effects, both of which aid you and harm the other side. TheEnticing Tyrant runs almost exclusively on Charisma, but you might consider boosting Intelligence andgoing for Hide Armor if you want a high AC.Otherwise, you could boost Strength to qualify for Scale Proficiency, and carry a shield to offset your lower Reflex defense. You may also want to keepyour Strength score high; in case you want to takeTyrant powers which rely on Strength.
Suggested Feat:
 Enticing Leader 
Suggested At-Wills:
 Eye of Dire Warning, Intimidating Strike
Suggested Encounter Power:
Get Back Here!
Suggested Daily Power:
 Diatribe of Fleeting Hope
Intimidating Tyrant
Intimidating Tyrants control the battlefield by their fearful poise and subtle aura of terror. You shouldmake Charisma your first priority, and having a highStrength score benefits some of your powers.Intelligence is only needed for high AC and Reflex, but you could opt for Chain Armor and a Shield tocover that weakness instead. However, if you go thatroute, beware of the speed penalties for heavy armor,as mobility is important to keep you safe.
Suggested Feat:
 Defensive Mobility
Suggested At-Wills:
 Intimidating Strike, Tyrannical Strike.
Suggested Encounter Power:
Terrorizing  Formation
Suggested Daily Power:
 Aura of Dreadful Malice
Manipulative Tyrant
Manipulative tyrants have the ability to defendallies, although in a much different way than realdefender classes. A Manipulative Tyrant doesn’tmuch like getting attacked, but he can provide theenemy penalties for attacking allies other than theones he wants them to. Make Charisma your bestscore, because your Powers rely on it. Intelligence isvital for a Manipulative Tyrant, so make sure you
have a decent Intelligence, and make Strength your third best score, to improve your Fortitude defense,and allow you to dabble in Ruthless Tyrant powers.
Suggested Feat:
Master Manipulator 
Suggested At-Wills:
Tyrannical Strike, Eye of DireWarnings
Suggested Encounter Power:
 Humiliating Assault 
Suggested Daily Power:
Conspirator’s Confession
Ruthless Tyrant
Ruthless Tyrants are direct and forceful, focusingon hard control effects which push, slide, daze, andimmobilize enemies so they can’t threaten their allies. You rely on Strength to get your point across,so make that your highest score. You’re also going towant Charisma, which some of your powers gain benefits from. Intelligence is less important becauseyou’re likely to wear heavy armor, but it can’t hurt tohave a little extra Reflex defense.
Suggested Feat:
 Armor Proficiency (Plate)
Suggested At-Wills:
Motivational Shove, Impudent  Fool 
Suggested Encounter Power:
 Driving Smite
Suggested Daily Power:
 Dominate the Attack.
Tyrant Class Features
All Tyrants have the following Class Features.
Oppressive Leader
When your enemies roll initiative at the beginning of an encounter, each enemy who can see or hear youtakes a -2 penalty to initiative.
Dominating Presence
Tyrants control the flow of battle using the force of their presence on the battlefield. Each Tyrant,however, has a unique style of command. Choose oneof the following benefits. 
Enticing Presence:
When an enemy spends anaction point to take an extra action, choose onecreature within 5 squares of you who can see andhear you. The target can choose to gain temporary hit points equal to 5 + your Charisma modifier. If anenemy gains temporary hit points in this way, thetarget grants combat advantage (save ends). It maynot make a save against this effect while it hastemporary hit points remaining from this feature. 
Intimidating Presence:
When an enemy spends anaction point to take an extra action, you may chose toweaken any enemy within 5 squares of you who cansee and hear you until the end of its next turn. 
Manipulative Presence:
When an enemy spendsan action point to make an attack, you may chooseyourself or an ally within range of the attack. If theenemy targets only that creature, it gains a bonus tothe attack and damage rolls of that attack, otherwiseit takes a penalty to the attack and damage rolls. The bonus or penalty equals your Intelligence modifier.
Ruthless Presence:
When an enemy spends anaction point to take an extra action, you maydesignate one bloodied creature within 5 squares.Until the end of that creature’s next turn, all attackersgain a bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls againstthe target equal to your Strength modifier.
Subjugating Word
Using the
Subjugating Word 
power, Tyrants can browbeat their enemies into being non-hostile for ashort period of time. While they are in this state, theTyrant and his or her allies can make use of thesubjugated enemy in a number of ways.
As a driven ruler with a tendency of makingenemies, you wisely chose to become proficient indefending yourself from assassinations. You chose aweapon which suited your style, and practiced with ituntil it became so close to you that its steel wasalmost a part of your very soul.Choose one weapon with which you are Proficient.You may add the enhancement bonus of any weaponof the same kind as your Favored Weapon (for instance, any enchanted Dagger) to the attack anddamage rolls of Tyrant powers and Paragon Path powers with the Implement Keyword. Do not addyour proficiency bonus to your attack roll when usinga weapon as an implement. You may still use powerswith the Implement Keyword without an Implement.You may change your Favored Weapon to adifferent weapon by using an Extended Rest to become accustomed to the new weapon (this is notstrenuous activity, so you still get all the normal benefits of the extended rest).
Tyrant Powers
You call your powers martial Exploits, though intruth your deeds are mostly driving your allies andcorrupted enemies through scare tactics and honeyedwords. Depending on your build, some powers may be better suited for you than others, but you maychoose any powers you wish.
Class Feature
The Tyrant’s
Subjugating Word 
class feature workslike a power, and is presented below.
You threaten an enemy so severely that it loses thewill to oppose you, and agrees to help.
Encounter ◊ Martial, CharmSpecial:
You may use this power twice per encounter  but only once per round. At 16
level you can usethis power three times per encounter.
Minor Action Close Burst
5(10 at 16
One bloodied enemy who can see and hear you.
Charisma vs. Will
Until the end of your next turn, the target is anenemy convert. Enemy converts count as allies for the purposes of flanking and for powers and classfeatures which target allies. Enemy converts cannotattack you or your allies, but will also not necessarilyattack your enemies. If you or your allies attack anenemy convert, the effect ends after that attack isresolved. If an enemy convert would be targeted by a power that has different effects on allies and enemies,you may choose to treat the enemy convert as either.
When a power with a range of Melee or RangedWeapon lists two different defenses in the attack block, thefirst defense listed is used if the attack you made was amelee attack and the second defense is used if your attack was a ranged attack.
Level 1 At-Will Exploits
Motivational Shove]]
Your ally’s cowardice disgusts you, so you kick himtoward the enemy and use him as bait.
At-Will◊ Martial, Charm, WeaponStandard Action Melee
One Ally
Strength vs. Reflex
If the target is willing, you may choose toforgo making the attack roll.
You push your ally 1 square and he or she grantscombat advantage to your enemies until the end of his or her next turn. If an enemy attacks the targetduring this time, that enemy grants combat advantageuntil the end of its next turn.
Eye of Dire Warnings]]
You give your ally a fierce glare as you strike toremind them that you will not suffer incompetence!
At-Will◊ Martial, Implement, RattlingImmediate Reaction Melee or Ranged
An ally misses with an attack 
The target of the triggering attack 
Charisma vs. Reflex
1[W] + Charisma modifier damage and the allywho made the triggering attack gains a +2 power  bonus to his or her next attack roll.
Tyrannical Strike]]
You bait an enemy into making a hastily planned attack. If they miss, your ally strikes them down.
At-Will◊ Martial, Psychic, Charm, ImplementStandard Action Ranged
One enemy who can see and hear you.
Charisma vs. Will
The target makes a basic attack against an allyof your choice within range of its attack. The targettakes a penalty to the attack roll equal to ½ your Intelligence modifier. If the attack misses your ally,the target takes the damage that attack would havedealt to your ally instead.
The target grants combat advantage to an allyof your choice until the end of your next turn.
Impudent Fool]]
You thrust out your hand and choke the life out of a filthy peasant who dares to oppose you!
At-Will◊ Martial, ImplementStandard Action Melee
One creature of your size or smaller 
 Level 21:
One creature of your size, smaller thanyour size, or up to one size larger than you.
Strength vs. Fortitude
1d6 + Strength modifier damage, or 2d6 +Strength modifier damage at 21
Level. The target isgrabbed (until escape).
Intimidating Strike]]
Your fierce visage fills your enemy with dread,making them reluctant to come near you.
At-Will◊ Martial, Implement, Fear, ZoneStandard Action Melee
or Ranged
One creature
Charisma vs. Will
1[W] + Charisma modifier damage, or 2[W] +Charisma modifier damage at 21
level. Until the endof your next turn, you generate a zone of difficultterrain in a close burst 1. The zone is centered onyou, and moves with you when you move.
Level 1 Encounter Exploits
The fury with which you attack briefly results in theenemy losing their nerve to attack you or your allies.
Encounter◊Martial, Implement, Psychic, FearStandard Action Ranged
One creature
Charisma vs. Will
1[W] + Charisma modifier damage. Each enemyadjacent to you takes a -2 penalty to damage rollsuntil the end of your next turn.
Intimidating Presence:
The penalty to damage rollsis instead equal to your Strength modifier.
Humiliating Assault]] 
You taunt your enemy with cruel words, wounding his pride to provoke him into a reckless stance.
Encounter ◊ Martial, Implement, RattlingStandard Action Ranged
One creature
Charisma vs. Will
1d10 + Charisma modifier psychic damage andthe target takes a -2 penalty to a defense of your choice until the end of your next turn.
Manipulative Presence:
Choose one ally within 3squares of the target. If the target’s next attack beforethe end of its next turn doesn’t include that ally as atarget, the penalty to the chosen defense becomesequal to your Intelligence modifier, instead of -2.

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