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social change and media.taimoor tk

social change and media.taimoor tk



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Published by muhammadtaimoorkhan
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assignments, projects, business

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Published by: muhammadtaimoorkhan on Jul 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the area of Sociology, we have tried to emphasize on the changes thatare brought by the members of the society. Social change has importancein society because change in the behavior and attitude of the people andenvironment of the society is so slow sometimes that we even don’t knowthat what change has been brought in our lives. It was not tough for us toresearch on social change, while we are researching of Social Change inPakistan.'
Social Change
' in sociology is change in social relationships or culture.In simple words it means such a change that deals with society, as well asits members. ‘Social Changeis also used as ‘Socio-Cultural Change’which refers to the change in society as well as its culture. All societiesare involved in a process of social change; however, this change may beincrease by the members of the society when they are hardly aware. Theactions of individuals, organizations and social activities have an impacton society and may become the way for social change. The process of social change in any society is mostly very slow so that the members of the society are unable to observe the change in the society.Social changein simple is to motivate the intended people towards better life style. There are some causes/factors and process, which are necessary tobrought change in society like diffusion, discovery, invention, physicalenvironment, population change, isolation & contact, social structure,attitudes & values and so on. There are also few theories (Evolutionary,
Cyclical, Functional & Conflict theory and so on), which are discuss infollowing respectively.While in present the media is playing a vital role in social change. Throughmedia we should aware the members of society that how to change theirlife style, attitude and behaviors. Change can never always be positive. Insome cases people brought such changes which are against the religion,behavior and attitude of the members of the society. There are threethings included in process of social change are:
mean a shadeof human perception of reality which already exist. Like discovery of Oil &gas in Pakistan, it affects the lifestyle of human and society of SUI.
, a new combination or new use of existing knowledge. Humanbeing using their existing knowledge and invent new things I.e. Mobile,radio, Bluetooth etc. It’s revolutionizing which change world and changehuman lifestyle. The biggest social invention is ALPHABATES.
isthe spreading and transferring of culture from one society to othersociety. When two culture exchange some ideas and thoughts, it’s calledculture diffusion. Diffusion is two way process: one person learns as wellteach.The factors which affecting rate of social change are:
mean topography. The social change is higher in that areawhere communication is easy. If we compare Peshawar with chital, thePeshawar area is plan and communication is easy as compare to chitaland rate of social change is higher in Peshawar.
Population change,
change in population may be increase or decrease. In case of increasesociety goes from tradition to urban. While in case of decrease member of 
society become closer to each other and goes toward traditional society.
Isolation & contact,
change comes in society due to contacts andisolation. Collectively we take example of faster social change in that areawhich is lies nearly with G.T road.
Social structure,
collectively its
what type of social relationship prevailing among member of society. InPakistan collectivism is prevailing. While in American society individualismprevailing. Now human moving from collectivism to individualism.
Attitudes & Values,
these are behavior, perception and outlook of anindividual or group about different thing of society. Our internal thoughtsplaying a vital role in attitudes and values. e.g. educated people havemore exposure and have more adoptability than non-educated people.
Perceived needs,
sociologist said that all need is not real, such asluxuries. Those needs are real which drive satisfaction. Technologydevelopment comes by perceived needs.
Culture base,
accumumilationof knowledge and techniques available for invention. Where moreinvention and techniques avail, there rate of social change will be high.Culture base have two parts: one is cross fertilization and second isexponential principle.
Cross Fertilization,
using the techniques andknowledge of one field in other field. e.g. Laser technology is the inventionof physics, while it’s using in different other fields like in Bio, medical andso on.
Exponential principle,
it’s mean that the availability of unlimitedtechniques, there would be more chances of invention and the rate of social change would also be higher.e.g Mobile, T.V. Internet etc. There are some theories playing a vital role in social change:
Evolutionary theory,
this theory social change was based on the

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