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Fallout 3 Ignpdf

Fallout 3 Ignpdf

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Published by rick360

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Published by: rick360 on Jul 29, 2009
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 Fallout 3 might be one of the most-anticipated games in recentmemory, and for good reason. Initially in development by the now-defunct Black Isle studios under the project codename
Van Buren
,Fallout 3 was originally going to take a completely different route.But in 2003, Black Isle Studios went under, and in 2004, the rightsto Fallout 3 were sold to Bethesda Softworks. Instead of using theVan Buren code, Bethesda opted to start from scratch. And thus,the Fallout 3 we know and love today was born.Fallout 3's four year development process was well-worth it, for thisis a post-apocalyptic RPG with Bethesda stylings all over it. Thegame is
epically massive
, and finding everything on your own will bea daunting task indeed. That's where IGN Guides comes in, withone of its biggest, most complex and complete guides in its decade-long history. After all, the Capital Wasteland is one hell of a place totry to survive on your own. That's why we'll hold your hand frombeginning to end.The year is 2277. Life as we know it today is far gone. And it's up toyou to find your lost father... and get to the bottom of just what'sgoing on in the post-war United States.
In this Fallout 3 strategy guide, you'll find:
It's tough to survive in a nuclear wasteland. Wecan help.
Step-by-step help through the game's main quest.
Bethesda games are all about the side quests, and we've got you covered.
A wealth of information for those traveling around the Capital Wasteland.
Guide by:
Colin Moriarty
© 2008-2009, IGN Entertainment, Inc. May not be sold, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast, in whole or part,without IGN’s express permission. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content. All rights reserved.
Page 1© 2008 IGN Entertainment, Inc.
Fallout 3 Basics
 There's no denying it -- Fallout 3 is one humongous game, full of more nuances than you'll initially be able to wrap your mind around. That's where this robust basics section comes into play. We've split the section into three parts. The firstpart is for gamers new to western RPGs, Bethesda games, or RPG-shooter hybrids. It's there that you can get all of thevital information that will help you survive your time in the violent Capital Wasteland. Advanced Tactics is a section for those comfortable with Fallout 3 but want some intermediate and expert level help to increase the potency of their skills.And, of course, our patented Ten Tips section will give you ten things to think about going into your dystopian adventure.Ready? Let's go.Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic western RPG with enough shooting mechanics that it is, indeed, a full-fledged hybrid title.You're given control of a male or female (depending on who you choose) who lives in a heavily-guarded nuclear falloutshelter. There's a big, bad post-nuclear world outside of the
of Vault 101 -- your home -- but it won't be until your nineteenth year that you finally get out into the world to see for yourself the devastation of nuclear warfare. Why? Your primary caretaker, your father, has left the safety of Vault 101, and you're determined to find out why he's left.But surviving in the United States
the nuclear bombardment isn't an easy endeavor. Those few, fortunate soulswho have managed to survive generation after generation of incessant radiation, mutated beings, and government-lessexistence patrol around watching out for themselves first, and everyone else second. Good versus evil plays a part inFallout 3, for sure, but the paradigm on which they are judged is forever altered, as is the world you live in.Fallout 3 takes place in Washington D.C., or what's left of it. Apart from the never-ending threat of contracting deadlyradiation poisoning, surviving on the
Capital Wasteland 
is something only the heartiest people can hope to do. So, onecan look at surviving in Fallout 3 is somewhat the same as surviving the aftermath of 
nuclear devastation. Do youhave food? Water? Meds? Weapons? A place to sleep? People to trade with?
<<FundamentalsAdvanced TacticsTen Tips>>Overview
Page 2© 2008 IGN Entertainment, Inc.
Read on, survivors. All of the help you need is here.Statistics can be found at the core of any RPG, and Fallout 3 is certainly no different. Understanding the three levels of stats in Fallout 3 will allow you to better understand your character and how that character is built up. You can't haveyour cake and eat it too in Fallout 3, so developing a specific type of character is preferable to spreading your numbersout thinly across all available stat points.The most basic statistics you'll deal with regularly are your AP and HP meters, which are located at the bottom of your screen (HP on the left and AP on the right). HP, or hit points, is your character's health. Your HP determines how muchdamage you can sustain before succumbing to death, and varying enemies and other hazards will do varying amountsof damage. You can heal your HP with all sorts of food and meds (such as Stimpaks), and sleeping will also allow you toheal. Keeping an eye on your HP and acting accordingly is at the very heart of surviving for even a few minutes in theCapital Wasteland. AP, or Action Points, are directly associated to V.A.T.S. We'll discuss V.A.T.S. later, however, so APwill be discussed then.Underneath that most base statistics system is the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stands for 
gility, and
uck. At the very beginning of the game, you'll formulate your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. statistics, and while you'll be given the ability during the game to put a point here and there to boostyourself, knowing what kind of character you want to play will be integral from the very beginning. The instructionmanual (on page 16) illustrates rather well what each skill does in-game. Here's what it has to say:
Page 3© 2008 IGN Entertainment, Inc.

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