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Published by Sandro Mairata

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Published by: Sandro Mairata on Oct 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The 360proposed new (baseline & Monitoring) large scale methodologies sent to the Executive Board
(Resubmitted methodologies are only counted once, CCS methodologies not included)The Pipeline was produced by Jørgen Fenhann, UNEP Risø Centre, 1 August 2013, jqfe@dtu.dk, Phone (+45)40202789Table 1:RoundMeth. No.TypeDescriptionAM/ACM GHG reduction/yrHost countryCredit buyerConsultantTitle11Biomass energyBagasse powerAM1540 ktCO2Braziln.a.ECONERGY BrasilVale Do Rosário bagasse cogeneration12FugitiveFuel switch from coke to charcoal in steel works (=NM29=NM104=NM278)384 ktCO2BrazilIFC-Netherlands & JapanEcoSecuritiesV&M Do Brazil avoided fuel switch project13CO2 recclinCO2 from NH3 roduction used in methanol rod.229 ktCO2Trinidad & TobaoGermanHambur Inst. of Int. EconomicsM5000 plant in Republic of TrinidAB and Tobago14LandfillLandfill gas flaringAM2ca. 800 ktCO2Braziln.a.ICF Consulting UKSalvABor Da Bahia landfill gas project15LandfillLandfill as electricitAM3ca. 300 ktCO2BrazilWB NCDFEcosecuritiesNovaGerar landfill gas to energy project16HydroHydro Power144 ktCO2GuatamalaPCFHernan GarciaGuatamala El CanABa Hydroelectric project17HFCsBurning HFC23 from HCFC22 productionAM11400 ktCO2South KoreaJapanClimate Experts Ltd.HFCs decomposition project in Ulsan18HdroHdro Power100 ktCO2Costa RicaCERUPTCosta Rica Institute of ElectricitPeñas Blancas hydroelectric project19Biomass energyRice husk power plant (el + steam + cement)400 ktCO2Thailandn.a.Mitsubishi Securities A.T. Biopower rice husk power project110LandfillLandfill as electricitAM10400 ktCO2South AfricaPCFPCFDurban, South Africa landfill gas to electricity111Biomass energyBagasse Power100 ktCO2Indian.a.SCM Sugars Limited (India)26 MW bagasse/Biomass cogenerationpower project , Koppa112WindWind farmACM253 ktCO2JamaicaCERUPTEcoSecuritiesWigton wind farm project114Biomass enerRice husk ower lant Combined with NM9400 ktCO2Thailandn.a.Mitsubishi Securities A.T. Biopower rice husk power project115Biomass energyRice husk power plant (Combined with NM9)400 ktCO2Thailandn.a.Mitsubishi Securities A.T. Biopower rice husk power project213Bioas065 MW bioas ower from alm oil waste water27 ktCO2MalasiaJaanEX Cororation JaanFELDA Lepar Hilir palm oil mill, biogas project in Malaysia216Fuel switchFuel switch from coal to natural gasAM8/ACM918 ktCO2ChileJapan (J-Power)MGM InternationalGraneros plant fuel switching project317EE industryEfficiency improvement of steam use at refineryAM17100 ktCO2Chinan.a.ArmstrongSteam system efficiency improvement in refineris in Fushun, China318EE supply sideNew cogeneration industrial plant using natural gasAM14115 ktCO2ChileJapan (J-Power)MGM InternationalMetrogas package cogeneration project319Biomass energyRice husk power plant (only electricity, =NM9)AM4400 ktCO2Thailandn.a.Mitsubishi Securities A.T. Biopower rice husk power project320HdroHdro Power =NM12570 ktCO2ColombiaJaan J-PowerMGM InternationalLa Vuelta and La Herradura hydroelectric project321LandfillLandfill gas power for on site usageAM1170 ktCO2BrazilCERUPTONYXCERUPT methodology for landfill gas recovery422BiogasBiogas power from swine manureAM690 ktCO2ChileCanadaPoch Ambiental, ChileCH4 capture and combustion from swine manure treatment at Peralillo423HdroHdro owerAM5 70 ktCO2MexicoPCFPCFEl Gallo hydroelectric project (<60MW)424WindWind farmACM245 ktCO2ColombiaPCFPCFJepirachi wind power project425Biomass enerBiomass residues ower lant85 ktCO2IndiaSwedish Ener AencRahu Rama Ren. Ener ltd.18 MW biomass power porject in Tamilnadu, India426FugitiveRecovering associated gas in stead of flaringAM9670 ktCO2VietnamJapanJapan Vietnam PetroleumRang Dong oil filed associated gas recovery and utilization project427Biomass energyBagasse power expansion23 ktCO2BrazilCERUPTEcoinvestCatanduva Sugarcane Mill, Biomas power plants expansion428Biomass energySwitch from coal/lignite to agro-biomass powerAM7600 ktCO2IndiaPCFWinrock International India (WII)TA Sugars proposed sugar cogeneration plant and fuel switch project429FugitiveFuel switch from coke to charcoal in steel works (=NM2=NM104)384 ktCO2BrazilIFC-Netherlands & JapanEcoSecuritiesV&M Do Brazil avoided fuel switch project430Biomass enerBaasse ower and steam95 ktCO2Indian.a.Balramamur Chini Mills ltd.Haidargarh bagasse based cogeneration power project, Balrampur Chini Mills431EE own generation10 MW power from waste heat in iron kiln ACM437 ktCO2Indian.a.OSIL, IndiaOSIL 10 MW waste heat recovery based captive power project432Landfill5.6 MW power from municipal waste (landfill)AM12100 ktCO2IndiaPCFIDFC, ACIL,PCFMunicipal solid waste treatment cum energy generation project, Lucknow433EE industryEnergy efficient expansion of cement factory80 ktCO2Costa RicaCERUPTHOLCIMHolcim Cartago plant expansion project434AgricultureCH4 & N2O reductions from manure managementAM1620 ktCO2BrazilCanadaAgCert Canada Co.Granja Becker GHG mitigation project435Biomass enerCaacit aumentation comonent of NM28600 ktCO2IndiaPCFWinrock International India WIITA Sugars proposed sugar cogeneration plant and fuel swtich project536Wind120 MW wind farm in ZafaranaACM2227 ktCO2EgyptJapan (JBIC)Mitsubishi SecuritiesZafarana wind power plant project537EE industryEnergy efficiency in ammonia fertilizer plantAM1823 ktCO2IndiaItalyIndo Gulf Fertilizers LimetedEnergy efficiency through installation of modified CO2 removal system in ammoniaplant538Biogas1,4 MW biogas power from sewage waterAM1373 ktCO2MoldaviaDenmark (EPA)COWIMethane gas capture and electricity production at Chisinau wastewater treatment plant539Biogas1,5 MW biogas power from palm oil effluentAM1355 ktCO2MalaysiaJapanMitsubishi SecuritiesBumibiopower methane extraction and power generation project541BiogasBiogas for drying & power at starch factoryAM22372 ktCO2Thailandn.a.EcoSecuritiesKorat waste to energy project, Thailand542EE serviceWater pumping efficiency improvementAM2036 ktCO2IndiaWB Carbon FinanceQualityTonnes IndiaEnergy efficiency improvements in municipal water utilities in Karnataka543HdroA 86 MW hdro added & 2 units uradedACM239 ktCO2Panaman.a.AES PanamaBayano hydroelectric project544EE serviceWater pumping power factor improvement36 ktCO2IndiaWB Carbon FinanceQualityTonnes IndiaPower factor improvements in municipal water utilities in Karnataka, India545CementFly ash utilization in cement productionACM5250 ktCO2Indian.a.Birla Corporation LimitedOptimal utilization of clinker and conversion factor improvement646Energy distributionReconstruction of a district heating network (=NM103)39 ktCO2UzbekistanPCFPCF Andijan district heating project647CementReducing clinker component in cement by adding pozzolan ACM5100 ktCO2IndonesiaPCFIndocement + DP SolusiIndocement's alternative cement production project - blended cement component648EE industryFuel switch from coal to biomass & waste in cement factory ACM3100 ktCO2IndonesiaPCFIndocement + DP SolusiIndocement's alternative cement production project - alternative fuel componentcomponent649EE own generationRecovery of BOF waste gas at steel plant 88 ktCO2Indian.a.PriceWaterhouseCoopersBOF Gas Waste heat recovery650Biomass ener34 MW baasse ower lantACM6100 ktCO2ThailandDenmarkAriner LtdRatchasima Small Power Producer (SPP) Expansion Project651Hydro30 MW hydro power in a hydro dominated grid94 ktCO2Braziln.a.EcoinvestPCH Passo do Meio (Small hydropower plant project feedign into a hydro dominatinggrid)652TransportExpansion of the bus system in Bogoto250 ktCO2ColombiaNetherlandsServicios Ambientales, J82CAFUrban Mass Transportation System (TransMilenio), Bogotá DC, Colombia653Geothermal55 MW geothermal power at Lihir gold mineAM19300 ktCO2Papua New Guinean.a.EcoSecuritiesLihir Geothermal Power Project654Hydro15 MW run-of-river hydro power68 ktCO2EcuadorWB-CFWB-CFSibimbe Hydroelectric Project655Geothermal110 MW eothermal ower in west JavaACM2780 ktCO2Indonesian.a.Amoseas Indonesia Inc.Darajat Unit III Geothermal Project656BiogasBiogas from alcohol wastewater100 ktCO2Nicaraguathe NetherlandsCAFVinasse Anaerobic Treatment Project - Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua740EE industryFuel switch from coal to palm oil shells at cement plantACM3145 ktCO2MalaysiaUKLafarge Malayan CementReplacement of Fossil Fuel by Palm Kernel Shell Biomass in the production of PortlandCement757PFCsPFC reduction by continous feeding of Aluminium plant286 ktCO2Indian.a.PriceWaterhouseCoopersPFC Emission reductions through installation of point break feeders (PBF) in horizontalstud Soderber HSS cells in aluminum lants758Energy distributionPower plant waste heat in new district heating system (=NM96)93 ktCO2ChinaDenmark (DANIDA)COWIEnergy Efficiency Improvements-Hou Ma District Heating, Shanxi Province, China759EE own generationCO collection el-gen & el-motor savings at steel plant =NM64)47 ktCO2Braziln.a.CST + PriceWaterhouseCoopersOptimization and Co-Generation of Energy from Steel Making Process - energy co-generation from steel making gas recovery760Biomass energyUpgrade & expansion of biomass plant from 24MW to 53MW80 ktCO2Thailandn.a.ERM-Siam Co, Ltd, ThailandDan Chang Bio-Energy Cogeneration project (DCBC)761N2OThermal destruction of N2O from Adipic acid production AM219147 ktCO2South KoreaFrance RhodiaRhodia + Axel MichaelowaN2O Emission Reduction in Onsan, South Korea762EE supply side120 MW nat.gas. combined cycle replaces average fuel232 ktCO2Indian.a.ACAN Power Company Ltm. APCL Electricity Generation Project With Cleaner Fuel763Landfill Avoiding landfilling by composting municipal waste in Dhaka40 ktCO2Bangladeshthe NetherlandsRoyal Haskoning, NetherlandsOrganic Green Waste Composting764EE own generationCO collection el-gen & el-motor savings at steel plant (NM59)47 ktCO2Braziln.a.CST + PriceWaterhouseCoopersOptimization and Co-Generation of Energy from Steel Making Process - energy co-generation from steel making gas recovery866Coal bed/mine methaneCoalmine Methane Utilization Project at Nanshan Mine ACM862 ktCO2ChinaJapanTrexler Climate+Energy ServicesCH4 collected will be used for electricity production, but CERs only claimed for the 40%CH4 releasd to atm.867EE sul sideCapture of CH4 in new charcoal production process250 ktCO2Braziln.a.EcoSecuritiesGerdau carbonisation improvemnet project868PFCsReduce PFC emissions by reducing anode events in Al production85 ktCO2ArgentinaJapan (J-Power)MGM InternationalGHG emission reduction at ALUAR Aluminio Argentino869BiofuelBiodiesel from oil seeds on Jatropa and Pongamia trees (=NM108)26 ktCO2Indian.a.Zenith Cororate Services30 TPD Biodiesel project in Adra Pradesh, India870EE supply sideConversion of 2 gasturbines from open (112MW) to closed cycle (200 MW) ACM7340 ktCO2BoliviaIndependent Power Corp. UKIPC + KPMGConversion of existing open cycle gas turbine to combined cycle operation at Guarachipower station, Santa Cruz871EE own generationBOF gas delivered to power plant in stead of flaring its CO content (rev)61 ktCO2Indian.a.PriceWaterhouseCoopersBOF Gas recovery at Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Limited and combustion for power generation and supply to Karnataka grid, India872EE householdsImproved air conditioning standard435 ktCO2Ghanan.a.QualityTonnesMandatory energy-efficiency standard for room air conditioning in Ghana873Fuel switchFuel switch from oil to natural gas in a power plant414 ktCO2Indian.a.PriceWaterhouseCoopersSwitching of fossil fuel from naphtha to natural gas as Essar Power ltd at Hazira,Gujarat for power supply and to Essar Steel ltd.874CementIntroduction of a vertical grinding mill reducing clinker use and kWh-use (=NM106)186 ktCO2Israeln.a.EcoSecuritiesOptimisation of clinker use and energy conservation through technical improvement inRamla Cement Plant in Israel875Coal bed/mine methaneCoal-bed CH4 for utilisation in households & power, the rest is flaredACM8170 ktCO2ChinaUK (ICECAP)IT Power Ltd + ArmstrongPansan coal mine methane utilisation and destruction876Hdro26 MW run-of-river hydro power plant AM26120 ktCO2ChilePCFPCFChile: ChacACuquito 26 MW run-of-river hydropower projects
877Fuel switchSwitch from burning asphalt, fuel oil etc. to natural gas at refinery CHP107 ktCO2ArgentinaUK & Japan (Shell)MGM InternationalShell fuel switch and cogeneration project878EE supply sideConversion of single-cycle to combined cycle power generation ACM7596 ktCO2Ghanan.a.QualityTonnesConversion of single-cycle to combined cycle power generation in Ghana879EE own generationWaste heat from cement kiln for 13.2 MW power to cement works (rev). AM24144 ktCO2Chinan.a.Natsource Europe + WestlakeTaishan Huafeng cement works waste heat recovery and utilisation for power generation project880EE supply sideNew 1050 MW natural gas power plant replacing coal and oil AM29n.a.Indian.a.PriceWaterhouseCoopersNatural gas based grid connected combined cycle power generation project for TorrentPower Generation Ltd in Akhakhol Gujarat881Biomass eneTrupán (30 MW) Biomass CHP plant using sawmill and forest op. waste ACM687 ktCO2Chilen.a.Celulosa AraucoTrupán biomass power plant882Biofuel85000 litre ethanol/dayfrom sugar cane molasses for a 10% blend53 ktCO2ThailandDenmarkAgrinergy LtdBaseline methodology for the production of sugar cane based anhydrous bio-ethanolfor transportation using LCA (Khon Kaen fuel ethanol project)883TransortEstablish 1500 retail outlets for LPG for 2-,3-, and 4-wheelers363 ktCO2Indian.a.E F Ener Limited AutoLPG in India - A road transport sector fuel-switching project884Fuel switchOil burners replaced by natural gas combined cycle at corn refine factory90 ktCO2Braziln.a.ICF ConsultingNatural gas-fired cogeneration plant replacing oil-fired boilers885BiogasBiogas wastewater from alcohol production replace fuel-oil + grid-elect.AM1350 ktCO2NicaraguaNetherlands-CAFECONERGYVinasse Anaerobic Treatment Project - Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua, S. A.(CLNSA)986EE industryEnergy savings in petrochemical industry304 ktCO2MexicoJapan (EDPC)MGM InternationalPetromex Energy Integration Project987EE own generationElectricity production from waste heat gases in sponge iron production 127 ktCO2IndiaNetherlands (BHP - Billiton)Agrinergy LtdShri Bajrang WHR CDM project988EE own generationHeat recovery for el-prod. in sulphuric acid prod. at phosphor fertilizer plantACM488 ktCO2Maroccon.a.EcoSecuritiesJorf Lasfar heat recovery enhancement for power project989Fuel switchNew natural gas power plant (25 MW) replacing coal and oil57 ktCO2Indian.a.PriceWaterhouseCoopers
CECL’s natural gas based engine fired captive power plant in Tamilnadu
990WasteComposting plant replacing landfilling of organic city wasteAM2571 ktCO2BangladeshNetherlands Royal HaskoningOrganic waste composting at the Matuail landfill site Dhaka991Energy distributionLeak reduction from natural gas pipeline compressor and gate stationsAM2341 ktCO2Moldovan.a.QualityTonnesLeak reduction from natural gas pipeline compressor and gate stations992EE industryRetrofitting of electric furnaces making manganese alloys for steel making90 ktCO2South AfricaUKEcoSecuritiesTransalloys manganese alloy smelter upgrade & energy efficiency project993Coal bed/mine methaneCoal-bed CH4 (like in NM75) + coal-mine CH4ACM8713 ktCO2ChinaADB CDM FacilityADB + Westlake Fuxin coal mine methane/coal bed methane utilization project, Liaoning Province994Coal bed/mine methaneCoal-bed & Coal-mine CH4 used in generators that can use CH4 conc. downto 30% ACM8411 ktCO2Chinan.a.Raven Ridge Resources (US)Huainan Panyi and Xieqiao coal mine methane utilization project995CementIncrease of the fly-ash content in cementACM5136 ktCO2IndiaAustriaAgrinergy LtdACC New Wadi blended cement project996Energy distributionPower plant waste heat in new district heating system (=NM58)93 ktCO2ChinaDenmark (DANIDA)COWIEnergy Efficiency Improvements-Hou Ma District Heating, Shanxi Province, China997EE industryReduced coal use at pulp factory by efficient black liquor utilization50 ktCO2Indian.a.PriceWaterhouseCoopersImprovement in recovery of black liquor solids...and its use for steam generation inSoda Recovery Boiler 998Biomass energyIndustries that switch steam production from fossil sawmill wasteACM6116 ktCO2BrazilUKEcoSecuritiesNobrecel Fossil-to-Biomass Fuel Switch Project in Brazil999EE industrySeveral energy efficency measures in cement production108 ktCO2Indian.a.Emergent Ventures India (EVI)Energy Efficiency Improvement in a Cement Plant at Jaypee Associates (Cement),Madhya Pradesh9100EE industryElectric motors in Industry replaced with tighter voluntary standards motors81 ktCO2MexicoJapan (J-Power)MGM InternationalElectric motor replacement program in Mexico9101EE industryEnergy efficency measures (extra preheater) in cement production24 ktCO2Indian.a.Vikram CementVikram Cement (VC): Energy efficiency improvement by upgradation of preheater incement manufacture.9102Coal bed/mine methaneCoal-mine CH4 as fuel for a 120 MW power plantACM81974 ktCO2ChinaPCFPCFChina Jincheng Coal Mine Methane Power Generation Project10103Energy distributionReconstruction of a district heating network (=NM46)36 ktCO2UzbekistanPCFPCFAndijan distric heating project10104FugitiveFuel switch from coke to charcoal in steel works =NM2384 ktCO2BrazilIFC-Netherlands & JaanEcoSecuritiesV&M do Brasil RenewACle Reducing Agent Project10105TransportExpansion of the bus system in Bogota (=NM52)AM31295 ktCO2ColombiaNetherlandsGrütter consulting, CAFBus Rapid Transit System for Bogotá, Colombia: TransMilenio Phase II to IV10106CementIntroduction of a vertical grinding mill reducing clinker use and kWh-use (=NM74) ACM5121 ktCO2IsraelUKEcoSecuritiesOptimisation of clinker use in ramla cement plant in Israel through investment ingrinding technology10107EE own generationWaste gas from carbon black factory used for cogenerationAM32147 ktCO2Egyptn.a.Alexandria Carbon Black Co.Waste gas based cogeneration system for power & steam generation10108BiofuelBiodiesel from oil seeds on Jatropa and Pongamia trees & waste oil (=NM69)26 ktCO2Indian.a.Zenith Corporate ServicesBiodiesel production and switching fossil fuels from petro-diesel to biodiesel in transportsector - 30 TPD Biodiesel CDM Project in Andhra Pradesh, India. Clarificationssubmitted10109BiofuelMethyl-ester biodiesel from sunflower on unused land (=NM129)33 ktCO2ThailandJapanClimate Experts Ltd.Sunflower Methyl-Ester Biodiesel Project in Thailand10110EE sul sideReduction of CH4 emissions from charcoal productionAM4162 ktCO2BrazilPCFPCFMitigation of Methane Emissions in the Charcoal Production of Plantar, Brazil10111N2O90% catalytic destruction of N2O from the tail gas streams at a nitric acid plantAM281423 ktCO2EgyptAustriaKWI Management & Auditors GmbHBaseline Methodology for catalytic N2O destruction in the tail gas of Nitric Acid Plants10112EE supply sideIncreased output from existing hydropowerplants (4) by installation o Advanced decison support suystem203 ktCO2AzerbaijanWB-CFWB-CF & Quality TonnesIncreased electricity generation from existing hydropower stations through DecisionSupport System optimization10113EE supply sideNew natural gas combined cycle turbine at paper factory (see NM140) 245 ktCO2South African.a.Mondi Buniness Paper, S.A.Mondi Gas Turbine Co-generation in Richards Bay, South Africa10114EE supply sideIncreased output from existing hydropower by installation of advanced decisonsupport system234 ktCO2AzerbadjanWB-CFWB-CF & Quality TonnesImproved Efficiency of Electrical Power System Generation through advanced SCABAControl Systems and Related Energy Management Protocol10115Biomass energyReplacing fossil CO2 with CO2 from biomass in production of chemical salts +bagasse based electricity and steam AM2735 ktCO2Braziln.a.EcoinvestCO2, electricity and steam from renewable sources in the production of inorganiccompounds (Raudi Chemical Salts)11116CementDecrease ordinary cement content of concrete using water reducing mixturs &increase of the fly-ash content100 ktCO2Indian.a.PriceWaterhouseCoopersReduction in Ordinary Portland Cement Consumption in Concrete mix preparationutilizing lower cement concrete technology11117N2OReducing N2O from Nitric acid production662 ktCO2Chinan.a.Carbon VenturesNanjing Chemical Industries Co Ltd (NCIC) Nitrous Oxide ACatement Project11118EE industrySavings in brewery: Steam, vapor, cooling, sterilizer, biogas.12 ktCO2VietnamJapanClimate Experts Ltd. & NEDOThe model project for renovation to increase the efficient use of energy in brewery11119EE industrySavings by process energy integration at polyester raw material plant27 ktCO2MexicoJapanMGM InternationalPetrotemex Energy Integration Project11120EE serviceEnergy savings in food retailers, supermarkets, shopping centres.66 ktCO2Braziln.a.EcoinvestDemand side electricity management program at Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição11121HydroHydro power (850 MW) from existing dam (project stopped by war) 215 ktCO2Sierra LeoneWBQualityTonnesBumbuna Hydroelectric Project11122EE own generationReplacemnet of steam turbine with gas turbine at refinery107 ktCO2ArgentinaJapan, UKMGM InternationalShell Cogeneration Project11123CementReplacing some limestone with pig-iron slag in cement productionAM3313 ktCO2BrazilFranceLafarge + ICF ConsultingSubstitution of raw material in cement processing11124PFCsReduction of PFC from aluminium productionAM30122 ktCO2ArgentinaJapanMGM InternationalPFC emission reductions at ALUAR Aluminio Argentino11125HydroHydro power (=NM20)70 ktCO2ColombiaJapan (J-Power)MGM InternationalLa Vuelta and La Herradura hydroelectric project12126N2O90% catalytic destruction of N2O at a nitric acid plant357 ktCO2IndiaUK, GermanyCarbon VenturesNational Fertilizers Limited (NFL) Nitrous Oxide ACatement Project12127WasteLandfill gas recovery + gasification of municipal solid waste by pyrolysis +biogas digestor  AM25160 ktCO2Indonesian.a.Mitsubishi SecuritiesPT Navigat Organic Energy Indonesia Integrated Solid Waste Management (GALFAD)Project in Bali12128TransportChange from road to sea transport of wood to pulp factory6 ktCO2Braziln.a.ICF Consultinf & AracruzModal shifting in industry for transport of product/feedstocks12129BiofuelMethyl-ester biodiesel from sunflower on unused land (=NM109)33 ktCO2ThailandJapanClimate Experts Ltd.Generalized baseline methodology for transportation Bio-Fuel production project withLife-Cycle-Assessment12130HydroHydro power with high power density dam (250W/m2)339 ktCO2VietnamJapanMitsubishi SecuritiesThe Nho Que Hydropower Project12131Fuel switchSwitch from petroleum fuels to natural gas at industrial facilitiesACM925 ktCO2PeruJapanMGM InternationalPeruvian Fuel-Switching Project12132Fuel switchSwitch from heavy fuel oil to natural gas at cement plant in SinaiACM9120 ktCO2Egyptn.a.NexantIndustrial fuel switching from petroleum fuels to natural gas without extension ocapacity and lifetime of the facility where barriers to switching exist13133Biomass energyGrid-connected electricity from plantation biomassAM421129 ktCO2ThailandJapanMitsubishi SecuritiesGrid-connected power generation project using biomass fuel from newly developeddedicated plantations, in Nakhon Ratchasima Province13134Biomass energySteam generation from biomass residues displacing fossil fuels85 ktCO2Perun.a.CAEMAParamonga CDM Bagasse Boiler Project13135SF6SF6 reductions in High-Voltage Transmission/DistributionAM35129 ktCO2NigeriaItaly (Carbon Fund)Quality TonnesReducing SF6 Emissions in High-Voltage Transmission/Distribution Systems13136Energy distributionReduction of electricity transmission & distribution losses247 ktCO2NigeriaItaly (Carbon Fund)Quality TonnesReduction of Transmission and Distribution Losses13137EE industryEnergy Efficiency Improvement in Cement Plants108 ktCO2Indian.a.Ashutosh PandeyEnergy Efficiency Improvement in Cement Plants13138Fuel switchSwitch from oil to natural gas cogeneration (more general than AM14, allowners and sales to grid))628 ktCO2Israeln.a.EcoTradersAmerican Israel Paper Mill (AIPM) Natural Gas Cogeneration13139FugitiveMethane Leak Reduction From Natural Gas Pipeline (based on mass balanceof the system)1460 ktCO2GeorgiaWBQuality TonnesMethane Leak Reduction From Natural Gas Pipeline
13140Biomass energyReplacing coal with biomass waste, presently landfilled or left to decay, fosteam generation (see NM113) AM36120 ktCO2South African.a.SouthSouthNorthMondi Richards Bay Biomass Project13141EE supply sideSwitching grid/off-grid self-generation to natural gasAM48181 ktCO2NigeriaItaly (Carbon Fund)Quality TonnesDisplacing grid/off-grid steam and electricity generation with less carbon intensive fuels13142Biofuel10% Palm oil methyl ester added to diesel218 ktCO2ThailandJapanJapan Transport Cooperation AssociationPalm Methyl Ester - Biodiesel Fuel (PME-BDF) production and use for transportation13143N2OCatalytic reduction of N2O inside the ammonia burner of the nitric acid plantAM3476 ktCO2IsraelUK, GermanyN.serve Environmental ServicesCatalytic reduction of N2O inside the ammonia burner of the nitric acid plant atFertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.14144EE industryEnergy efficiency improvement projects: boiler rehabilitation or replacement inindustrial and district heating sectors AM4423 ktCO2MongoliaJapanMitsubishi SecuritiesEnergy efficiency improvements carried out by an Energy Service Company (ESCO) inUlaanbaatar, Mongolia to replace old boilers with new ones14145FugitiveNatural gas used for methanol production in stead of being flaredAM372356 ktCO2Equatorial Guinean.a.QualityTonnesReduction of Flaring and Use of Recovered Gas for Methanol Production14146EE industryEE in electric arc furnaces (10-20% red.) in SiMn alloy productionAM3852ktCO2South AfricaUnited K.TransalloysTransalloys Manganese Alloy Smelter Energy Efficiency Project in South Africa14147WasteComposting of empty fruit bunches & liquid palm oil wasteAM39165 ktCO2MalaysiaDenmarkDanish Energy ManagementMethane abatement through composting14148Fuel switchSwitching from oil/coal to natural gas in power generation/industy277 ktCO2Indian.a.Kondapally Power C.L.Fuel switch project for generation of cleaner powe14149Fuel switchSwitch from coal to natural gas as feedstock in the production of synthesisgas (CO + H2) for chemicals and synthetic liquid fuels6100 ktCO2South African.a.Sasol & KPMGCoal to natural gas feedstock conversion for the large-scale manufacture of Pure gas atSasol facilities, South Africa14150EE householdsLarge scale replacement of incandescent lamps by compact fluorescent lamps AM46122 ktCO2GhanaGermanyAxel MichelowaGhana efficient lighting retrofit project. NM150-rev submitted.14151Energy distributionReduction of CH4 emissions in gas network by replacing cast iron pipes bypolyethylene pipes AM4339 ktCO2Braziln.a.EcoSecuritiesCEG Gas Distribution Pipeline Replacement Project in Rio de Janeiro14152EE supply sideIsolated diesel powered grids to be connected to main grid with a lower GHGemission factor  AM45107 ktCO2Braziln.a.Ecoinvest CarbonCelpa, Celtins and Cemat grid connection of isolated systems CDM Project14153EE supply sideNew combined cycle power plant using natural gasAM29174 ktCO2Indian.a.Reliance Energy LtdGrid connected electricity generation plant of 220 MW capacity using Natural Gas (NG)as fuel and based on combined cycle technology of Reliance Energy Limited
 –Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh
14154EE industryEnergy efficiency improvement of preheater in cement manufacturing25 ktCO2Indian.a.Vikram Cement & Grasim IndustriesVikram Cement (VC): Energy efficiency improvement by up-gradation of preheater incement manufacturing14155EE own generationFlared gas utilisation for steam and power generation71 ktCO2Indian.a.Reliance Energy LtdWaste gas utilisation for steam and power generation at RIL Jamnagar refinery14156BiogasBiogas from Municipal waste225 ktCO2ChinaGermanySteinbeis Technology Transfer CentreShanghai Putuo District Municipal Solid Waste Transfer and Comprehensive TreatmentPlant14157EE householdsEnhancement of penetration of CFL lamps85 ktCO2ChinaJapanClimate Experts Ltd.Open-DSM type CDM for Green Lighting in Shijiazhuang city14158TransortCreation of a ilot corridor with exclusive bus lanes 26 ktCO2MexicoSainMETROBUSMexico Cit Insurentes Avenue Bus Raid Transit Pilot Proect

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