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Crop Improvement

Crop Improvement



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Published by htspcg
crop research
crop research

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: htspcg on Aug 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CROP IMPROVEMENTImproved Samba Mahsuri has good agro-morphological features (a,b) and excellent grainquality (d,f) similar to Samba Mahsuri (c,e)
Rice varieties/hybrids released
VarietyEcosystemResistant to pests/diseasesRecommended
Central Releases
Hybrid 6129*IrrigatedBlast, brown spot, brownIrrigated areas of Punjab, Tamil Naduplant hopper (BPH), whitebacked plant hopper (WBPH)Improved PusaBasmatiBlastBasmati-growing areas of Delhi, Punjab,Basmati 1Jammu and Kashmir, UttarakhandImproved SambaRainfed shallowBlast, bacterial blightIrrigated/shallow lowlandsMahsurilandsof Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand,Orissa, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra
State Releases
ChandramaShallow lowland/Blast, bacterial blight,Shallow lowlands/boro areas of Assambororice tungro virus (RTV),sheath blight, BPH, WBPHMadhuriRainfed lowlandsBlast sheath rot,Lowlands of Karnatakabacterial blightKarma MahsuriIrrigatedBlast, brown spot, gall midgeIrrigated areas of ChhattisgarhVarun DhanIrrigated hillBlastIrrigated hills of Himachal PradeshMAS 946-1AerobicBacterial blightLimited water environments of easterndry zone in KarnatakaMAS 26AerobicLimited water environments of eastern andcentral dry zones in KarnatakaAnnalakshmiIrrigatedBacterial blight, RTV,Irrigated areas of Pudducherrybrown spotCO (R) 48IrrigatedIrrigated areas of Tamil NaduRMD (R) 1IrrigatedModerately resistant toIrrigated areas of Tamil Nadushoot-borer and leaf folderKarjat 7IrrigatedNeck blast, leaf folderIrrigated areas of MaharashtraBPH, blast, bacterial blastSatya KrishnaIrrigated and rainfedIrrigated and rainfed lowlands of Orissashallow lowlandsNua KalajeeraRainfed shallowShallow lowlands of OrissalowlandsNua DhusaraRainfed shallowShallow lowlands of OrissalowlandsHanseswariSemi-deep waterSemi-deep lowlands of OrissaecologyChandanBoro ecologyBoro irrigated areas of Orissa*Hybrid rice
Crop Improvement
Eighteen hybrids/varieties have been released for various agro-ecologies.
Seven varieties of wheat have been released and notified.
Yielded more than check varietiesGave high yield over check varieties. In addition tobeing resistant to brown rust, it showed betterresistance than checks against yellow rust. It alsoshowed high degree of resistance to Karnal Buntand immunity against flag smutPossessed higher degree of resistance to yellowand brown rusts and flag smut in comparison tochecks. And found resistant to 78S84 race of yellowrust to which PBW 343 has now become susceptibleYielded higher than UP 2425, PBW 373 and Raj3765. It has more protein content, higher loaf volume(12.21%), (572cc) and much better bread-makingquality. Besides better nutritional quality, showedhigh degree of resistance to yellow rust, brown rustand flag smutYielded higher than Lok 1. It showed resistance toleaf and stem rustsIt out-yielded all check varieties in the central partsof the country. It exhibited high magnitude of adultplant resistance to leaf and stem rusts. It is anearly-maturing variety with acceptable grain qualityIt exhibited high beta-carotene content, high proteincontent, high sedimentation value (35ml), and highcontents of iron, manganese, copper and zinc tomake it a very good durum wheat. It showeddesirable pasta cooking quality. It maintained highdegree of field resistance to leaf and stem rustsand foot rotLate sown, mediumfertility restrictedirrigation conditionsEarly sown, lowfertility rainfedconditionsTimely sown, highfertility irrigatedconditionsLate sown, mediumfertility irrigatedconditionsTimely sown, highfertility irrigatedconditionsLate sown, mediumfertility irrigatedconditionsTimely sown, highfertility irrigatedconditionsVL 892Hills of Himachal Pradesh andUttarakhandHPW 251Hills of Himachal Pradesh andUttarakhandPBW 550Punjab, Haryana, west Uttar Pradesh(except Jhansi division), Delhi,Rajasthan (excluding Kota andUdaipur divisions),
ofUttarakhand, Paonta Valley and Unadistrict of Himachal PradeshWH 1021Punjab, Haryana, west Uttar Pradesh,Delhi, Rajasthan, (excluding Kota andUdaipur divisions),
ofUttarakhand, Paonta Valley and Unadistrict of Himachal PradeshHI 1544Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan (Kotaand Udaipur divisions) and GujaratHD 2932Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,Rajasthan (Kota and Udaipurdivisions), Gujarat, Maharashtra andKarnatakaHI 8663(d)Maharashtra and KarnatakaHS 490North Hills Zone (Hills of Jammu and Kashmir except Jammuand Kathua districts), Himachal Pradesh (except Paonta Valleyand Una district), Uttarakhand (excluding
region), Sikkimand hills of West Bengal and north-eastern states. Late sown,restricted irrigationPBW 590North Western Plains Zone (Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan(except Kota and Udaipur divisions), west Uttar Pradesh (exceptJhansi division), Jammu and Kathua districts of Jammu andKashmir, Paonta Valley and Una district of Himachal Pradeshand
region of Uttarakhand. Late sown, irrigated conditionsCBW 38North Eastern Plains Zone (East Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,Jharkhand, West Bengal (excluding hills), Orissa, Assam andplains of north-eastern states. Timely sown, irrigated conditionsRAJ 4120North Eastern Plains Zone. Timely sown, irrigated conditionsMP 1203Central Zone (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Kotaand Udaipur division of Rajasthan and Jhansi division of UttarPradesh). Late sown, irrigated conditionsUAS 415Plains Zone (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goaand plains of Tamil Nadu). Timely sown, irrigated conditionsPBW 596Plains Zone, Timely sown, irrigated conditionsMACS 2971Plains Zone, Timely sown, irrigated conditionsRD 2715Central Zone, Timely sown, irrigated conditionsGood biscuit qualityTolerance to terminal heat stress and goodbread qualityResistance to leaf blight and leaf rust, highsedimentation value (58cc), bread quality andgrain nutritional characteristicsResistant to Ug99, superiority in leaf rustresistance and good chapati qualityHigh protein (13%) and extraction rate (70%),good bread quality and grain appearanceDurum for superior pasta qualityGoof for limited irrigationsDicoccum varietyDual-purpose variety for green fodder andgrains
Wheat varieties released
VarietyArea of adaptationProduction conditionsRemarks
Bread WheatWheat varieties identified
VarietyArea of adoptionSalient features
 Registration of genetic stocks
Ten new genetic stocks of wheat have been registered by the PlantGermplasm Registration Committee.To mitigate the threat posed by the stem rustvirulence Ug99, 318 wheat varieties were screenedat its hot spot Njoro (Kenya). The screeningrevealed that 78 genotypes were resistant to Ug99.Four wheat varieties HD 2781, DL 153-2, NI 5439and HI 8498(d) have been reconfirmed for theirresistance to Ug 99.
Dual-purpose barley RD 2715 has beenidentified for release in Madhya Pradesh,Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Kota and Udaipur divisionof Rajasthan and Jhansi division of Uttar Pradeshfor timely sown, irrigated conditions. This showedresistance to yellow rust.
Five hybrids, four composites and twoquality protein maize (QPM) hybrids have beenreleased for different agro-ecological zones of thecountry.
A new multicut forage sorghumhybrid CSH 24MF (UTMCH 1302) has beenidentified for release in all forage zones of India.It has lower HCN content (90-100 ppm), and isresistant to anthracnose, zonate leaf spot and greyleaf spot, and is tolerant to stem borer and shoot-fly.Dual-purpose hybrid sorghum CSH 25 has beenidentified for cultivation in
in Maharashtra,
Wheat genetic stocks registered
NameReg. No.I.D. No.Developed byTraits(s)FLW 28INGR 08001IC 553913DWR, ShimlaResistant to brown and yellow rustsFLW 29INGR 08002IC 553914DWR, ShimlaResistant to all rustsFLW 30INGR 08003IC 553915DWR, ShimlaResistant to all rustsGW 2002 18INGR 08004IC 553917WRS, SDAU, GujaratHigh tilleringGW 2002 51INGR 08005IC 553919WRS, SDAU, GujaratHigh grain weight in durum wheatHS 424INGR 08006IC 557719IARI, RS ShimlaResistant to leaf and stem rustsHS 431INGR 08007IC 557720IARI, RS ShimlaResistant to leaf and stem rustsLBRL 4INGR 08056IC 549912DWR, KarnalLeaf blight resistanceLBRL 6INGR 08057IC 549913DWR, KarnalLeaf blight resistanceLBRL 1INGR 08058IC 549914DWR, KarnalLeaf blight resistance
Maize hybrids/composites released
Hybrids/Area of adaptationCharacterizationcomposites
PMH 3Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and westernLate-maturing, orange flint grains, single-cross hybridUttar PradeshHM 10Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, western UttarLate-maturing, yellow grains, single-cross hybrid;Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh,resistant to
; released for winterGujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu,Maharashtra and KarnatakaHM 8Punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh,Medium-to-late maturing single-cross hybrid, orangeRajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh,grains; suitable for
Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra (
)PRO 368Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya PradeshDouble-cross hybrid, yellow grainsVivek maizeUttarakhand, Jammu and KashmirExtra-early maturing hybrid; orange dent grainshybrid 33
Pant SankulAndhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra,Yellow grainsMakka3Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat and MadhyaPradeshBajaura MakkaUttarakhand and Himachal PradeshOrange grainsChandramaniAndhra Pradesh, Karnataka, MaharashtraComposite with yellow to orange grainsPratap KanchanTamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir andYellow grains, moderately resistant to stem borersUttarakhandand major diseases
QPM Hybrids
HQPM 7Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil NaduYellow grains quality protein single-cross hybrid,and Maharashtramedium-to-late maturingVivek 9 QPMJammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh,Extra-early maturing yellow grains; developed by SSRUttarakhand ,Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,marker-assisted selection; semi-dent QPM single-Tamil Nadu and Maharashtracross hybrid

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