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2013 Books in Print Summer Reading Guide

2013 Books in Print Summer Reading Guide

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Annual BiP Summer Reading Guide: Recommended reading ~ Fiction - Biography - History - Non-Fiction - Cookery - Children's Fiction - Picture Books - Children's Classics - Children's Reference.

(produced in-house)
Annual BiP Summer Reading Guide: Recommended reading ~ Fiction - Biography - History - Non-Fiction - Cookery - Children's Fiction - Picture Books - Children's Classics - Children's Reference.

(produced in-house)

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Published by: Kristy at Books in Print, Malvern on Nov 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Heather Henderson is the only daughter o Sir Robert Menzies, Australia’s longest-serving Prime Minister and ounder o the Liberal party. Aer the success o
Letters to My Daughter 
, a collection o letters Menzies wrote to Heather rom the 1950s to the 1970s, now comes
 A Smile or My Parents
, an engaging memoir recounting charming and insightul stories and memories o Dame Pattie and Sir Robert and their amily and riends.
A Smile or My Parents
Heather Henderson
$29.99 hb
Five times Premier o New South Wales, married three times and on three occasions declared bankrupt, Sir Henry Parkes’ legacy was defined by his ervour or ederation. Convinced that the uture or the colonies lay in their unification, his passion or the cause charted a path or the initially controversial ederation movement. Amongst his other achievements he convinced Florence Nightingale to send trained nurses to Australia, and conceived the international rabbit competition which led to the Pasteur affair and put Australia at the oreront o microbiology.
Sir Henry Parkes: Te Australian Colossus
Stephen Dando-Collins
$45.00 hb
Captain James Cook is one o the greatest maritime explorers o all time. Over three remarkable voyages into the Pacific in the late eighteenth century, Cook unravelled the mystery surrounding the existence o the great south land, erra Australis Incognita. He became the first explorer to circumnavigate New Zealand and prove that it comprised two main islands. He discovered the Hawaiian Islands and much more. Trough the combination o hard-won skills as a seaarer, the talents o a sel-taught navigator and surveyor, and an exceptional ability to lead and care or his men, Cook contributed to changing the shape o the world map more than anyone else.
Rob Mundle
$49.99 hb
One day in December 2001, sixty-two year old Germaine Greer ound hersel conronted by an irresistible challenge in the shape o sixty hectares o dairy arm in south-east Queensland. Aer a century o logging, clearing and downright devastation, the arm had been abandoned to its ate. She did not think or a minute that by restoring the land she was saving the world. Once the process o rehabilitation had begun, however, chance proved to be a dead certainty. Greer describes hersel as an old dog who succeeded in learning a load o new tricks, inspired and rejuvenated by her passionate love o Australia and o Earth.
White Beech: Te Rainorest Years
Germaine Greer
$39.99 hb
Tis is celebrated landscape designer Paul Bangay’s inspirational story o creating Stonefields, one o Australia’s most beautiul country gardens. Te book reveals the triumphs and trials o designing and building this extraordinary house and garden, Bangay’s most challenging and personal project yet. Te stunning photographs by Simon Griffiths capture the unique beauty o each area o the garden. Te book also eatures extracts rom Bangay’s personal diary, an intimate and compelling account o dealing with drought, bushfires and the threat o mining in contemporary rural Australia.
Te Garden at Stonefields
Paul Bangay
$100.00 hb
Paul Allam and David McGuinness, ounders o the Bourke Street Bakery, joined orces with government and community groups to establish Te Bread & Butter Project, an accredited social enterprise and wholesale bakery providing training and employment or reugees and asylum seekers. Woven throughout the recipes are the stories o the migrants being trained, providing an important insight into many o the cultures living in Australia today, and an enriching culinary exploration through the recipes o these migrants’ homelands.
Te Bread and Butter Project
Paul Allam & David McGuinness
$39.99 pb
Te suburban ideals o ample space indoors, gardens or outdoor living and entertaining are no longer confined to outer urban areas. Tey are present in the suburbs and inner city: new innovative and adaptable homes with space to live and play are being created both near and ar.
New Suburban
 showcases thirty houses that offer brilliant alternatives through intelligent and original architecture.
New Suburban: Reinventing the Family Home in Australia and New Zealand
Stuart Harrison
$70.00 hb
Ned Kelly has been at the heart o Australian culture and identity since he and his gang were tracked down in bushland by the Victorian police and came out fighting, dressed in bulletproo iron armour. Historians still disagree over virtually every aspect o Ned’s brushes with the law: was he a remorseless killer or a crusader against oppression and discrimination? Peter FitzSimons brings the history o Ned Kelly and his gang exuberantly to lie, weighing in on all o the myths, legends and controversies generated by this compelling and divisive Irish-Australian rebel.
Ned Kelly: Te Story o Australia’sMost Notorious Legend
Peter FitzSimons
$49.95 hb
*BiP Price $39.95
John Saran once spent an uneasy couple o days with one o Mississippi’s most notorious white supremacists. A year later, he heard that the man had been murdered, and that the killer was black. He immediately returned to the US to cover the trial. Over six months, Saran became entwined in the lives o those connected with the murder, including white separatists, black campaigners, lawyers, investigators, neighbours, even the killer himsel. And the more he talked with them, the less simple the crime, and the world, seemed.
Murder in Mississippi
John Saran
$29.99 pb
At the heart o Michael Leunig’s work lies the idea o the holy ool—a character who does not conorm to social norms o behaviour because o mental disability or as a deliberate choice, but is regarded as having a compensating divine blessing or inspiration. Te holy ool is the protagonist in most o Leunig’s paintings and cartoons. In
Holy Fool 
 over 240 o his artworks are collected together or the first time, ranging rom paintings, to sculpture, rom prints to drawings.
Holy Fool: Artworks
Michael Leunig
$49.99 hb
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 Malvern VIC 3144
03 9500 9631 ino@booksinprint.com.au
Books in Print
Summer Reading Guide
Advertised titles available while stocks last
One Leg oo Few
 is the first ull-length dual biography o Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and the first to be written with the consent and cooperation o both o their estates. It is a book about an extraordinary relationship: a riendship, a partnership—almost, at times, a marriage. Like a lot o marriages it ended badly, but or nearly twenty years, between the first date and the inevitable divorce, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were the unniest thing on three continents.
One Leg oo Few
 is the story o that relationship, and the comedy that came rom it.
One Leg oo Few: Te Adventures o Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
William Cook
$49.95 hb
Her upbringing as a Muslim in 1970s suburban Perth gave Rabia Siddique an abiding passion or equality and social  justice. Aer the World rade Centre bombing in September 2001 she joined the British army as a military lawyer. She was taken hostage in Iraq as she tried to negotiate the release o two kidnapped British soldiers. Aer their release, her colleague received a Military Cross. Rabia received nothing. Now back in Perth, her perspective as a eminist, a social justice crusader, a lawyer, a soldier, a ormer hostage, a terrorism prosecutor and a Muslim is unique.
Equal Justice: My Journey as a Woman, a Soldier and a Muslim
Rabia Siddique
$34.99 pb
Andrew ‘wiggy’ Forrest is a swashbuckling entrepreneur in the finest West Australian tradition. He took on BHP Billiton and Rio into at their own game—and won. Andrew Burrell traces wiggy’s business triumphs and disasters to reveal the complicated man behind the myth. Why do his mining ventures attract so much controversy? And what do his philanthropic schemes tell us about him and his plans or the uture? With the value o iron ore now integral to the health o the ederal budget, wiggy’s business affects all Australians.
wiggy: Te High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest
Andrew Burrell
$29.99 pb
Jennier Saunders’ brilliant comic creations have brought joy to millions or three decades. Tis is her unny, touching and disarmingly honest memoir, filled with stories o riends, laughter and occasional heartache—but never misery. From her childhood on RAF bases, where her ather was a pilot, to her lie-changing encounter with a young Dawn French, on to success and amily, and a battle with cancer,
 charts her extraordinary story, including the slip-ups and struggles along the way.
Bonkers: My Lie in Laughs
Jennier Saunders
$39.99 hb
Graham Nash, lead singer and principal songwriter o the Hollies, then member o supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, made the incredible and possibly unique journey rom 1960s Manchester to Swinging London to sunny Caliornia. And along the way he created many o the iconic songs which defined a generation. Nash tells it all: growing up in poverty in post-war Manchester, ounding the Hollies and riendships with all the great British bands o the 1960s. From London to Laurel Canyon, the story is extraordinary.
Wild ales: A Rock & Roll Lie
Graham Nash
$45.00 hb
In 2009 Malala Yousazai began writing an anonymous blog about lie in the Swat Valley. When her identity was discovered, she began to appear in the media, campaigning or education or all. On 9
 October 2012, Malala was shot by a member o the aliban on her way home rom school. Remarkably, she survived.
I Am Malala
 tells the inspiring story o a schoolgirl who was determined not to be intimidated by extremists. Malala speaks o her continuing campaign or every girl’s right to an education, shining a light into the lives o those children who cannot attend school.
I Am Malala: Te Girl Who Stood Up or Education and was Shot by the aliban
Malala Yousazai with Christina Lamb
$32.99 pb
Te Beatles have been at the top o the music industry or fiy years. But who really were the Beatles, and how did they and everything else in the 1960s use so explosively? Mark Lewisohn’s three-part biography is a contextual history built upon impeccable research and written with energy, style, objectivity and insight. Tis first volume covers the crucial and lesser-known early period—the Liverpool and Hamburg years o a hungry rock-and-roll band, when all the sharp characters and situations take shape.
Te Beatles: All Tese Years Vol. 1 - une In
Mark Lewisohn
$50.00 hb
Unlike his rival magnates, Kerry Stokes built his empire rom nothing.
Kerry Stokes: Sel-Made Man
 is the story behind one o Australia’s most powerul men. Plucked rom an orphanage as an inant, Kerry Stokes grew up in the slums and streets o post-Depression Melbourne with his itinerant, adoptive parents. oday he is one o Australia’s most successul business moguls. Mysterious and elusive, Stokes is the archetypal sel-made man, driven by the determination to escape his past and the legacy o disadvantage.
Kerry Stokes: Sel-Made Man
Margaret Simons
$45.00 hb
By the 1940s Laurence Olivier had achieved international stardom. His affair with Vivien Leigh led to a marriage as glamorous and as tragic as any in Hollywood history. He was as accomplished a director as he was a leading man. And yet, at the height o his ame, he accepted a pittance to become the ounding Director o the National Teatre. Off-stage, Olivier was generous, yet almost insanely  jealous o those ew contemporaries whom he deemed to be his rivals; charming but with a erocious temper.
Philip Ziegler
$32.99 pb
Along with Paul McDermott and Richard Fidler, im was part o the provocative and very unny Doug Anthony Allstars. Ten im woke up one morning and his whole le side wouldn’t work. An eventual diagnosis o multiple sclerosis meant an end to the renetic, high-energy lie he was living.
Carry a Big Stick
 is a chance or im to tell his story. Diagnosis changed a lot o things but im’s quick wit and sense o humour weren’t affected. Tis inspiring memoir shows us that you can laugh in the ace o adversity.
Carry a Big Stick: A Funny, Fearless Lie o Friendship, Laughter and MS
im Ferguson
$35.00 pb
*BiP Price $29.95
Harry Seidler was a key figure in the establishment o post-war modern design in Australia. Born in Austria to an affluent Jewish amily he escaped the looming Nazi threat and reached England, where he was interned as an enemy alien and was sent to Canada. During his internment he  virtually taught himsel architecture. His parents moved to Australia aer the war, and in 1948, Harry came to Australia to design a house or them. Te house he built represented a huge shi in Australian modern domestic architecture.
A Singular Vision: Harry Seidler
Helen O’Neill
$49.99 hb
Evoking an English childhood rom a bygone era, Annabel Morley brings back to lie the magic and charm o growing up in a bohemian artistic and quintessentially English amily. Her grandmother was Dame Gladys Cooper and her ather was the renowned actor Robert Morley CBE. Te amily house in Berkshire is the backdrop to a wonderul array o events and personalities. Oen surrounded by the greats o theatre such as Vivien Lee, Lawrence Olivier and Spencer racy, Annabel recounts these times with wit and affection.
Te Icing on the Cake
Annabel Morley
$29.95 pb
03 9500 9631 - ino@booksinprint.com.au
Chris Hadfield’s book is an inspirational memoir o space exploration and hard-won wisdom, rom an astronaut who has spent a lietime making the impossible a reality. He has spent decades training as an astronaut and has logged nearly 4,000 hours in space. During this time he has broken into a Space Station with a Swiss army knie, been temporarily blinded while clinging to the exterior o an orbiting spacecra, and become a Youube sensation with his perormance o David Bowie’s
Space Oddity 
 in space.
An Astronaut’s Guide to Lie on Earth
Chris Hadfield
$32.99 pb
When Mark Donaldson was awarded the Victoria Cross in 2009 he was the first Australian to receive our highest award or bravery since Keith Payne’s medal in 1969. He showed extraordinary courage when he rescued an Aghan interpreter under heavy fire during a bloody ambush in Aghanistan. From teenage rebellion to the stark realities o combat in the mountains and valleys o Aghanistan, Donaldson’s book is the rank and compelling story o a man turning his destiny around by sheer determination and strength o mind.
Te Crossroad: A Story o Lie,Death and the SAS
Mark Donaldson, VC
$39.99 hb
When Nicholas Shakespeare stumbled across a box o documents belonging to his late aunt he was completely unaware o where this discovery would take him. Te Priscilla he remembered was very different rom the glamorous, morally ambiguous young woman who emerged rom the many love letters and journals, surrounded by suitors and living the dangerous existence o a British woman in a country controlled by the enemy. He had heard rumours that Priscilla had ought in the Resistance, but the truth turned out to be ar more complicated.
Priscilla: he Hidden Life of anEnglishwoman in Wartime France
Nicholas Shakespeare
$24.95 pb
 Absent Without Leave
 is the account o a man involved in some o the most amous battles o WWII. It is also the story o a man and his mates who were torn between duty to their country and their struggling amilies. Over the years o WWII, Stanley and his riends Roy Lonsdale and Gordon Oxman would be court-martialled our times or abandoning their training units to be with their amilies and the women they loved. he men were not running rom battle or responsibility, but rather to the service o their amilies.
Absent Without Leave: Te Private War o Private Stanley Livingston
Paul Livingston
$27.99 pb
Colette’s France
 is a beautiully illustrated biography o the French writer Colette, a key figure in French radical, artistic, and intellectual lie in the early twentieth century. Her lively lie story moves along through her many different relationships and homes—rom Burgundy to Paris to Brittany to St. ropez and more—revealing her deep and personal love o France and the natural world. Colette’s lie and writing spans a special time in French literary history: the renowned artistic period o Belle Époque Paris.
Colette’s France: Her Lie and Loves
Jane Gilmour
$45.00 hb
Philip Roth is one o the most renowned writers o his generation, yet there has been no major critical work about him, until now. Claudia Roth Pierpont delves into the many complexities o Roth’s work and the controversies it has raised. She provides insights and anecdotes previously accessible only to a very ew, touching on Roth’s amily, his inspirations, his critics, the ull range o his fiction, and his literary riendships with such figures as Saul Bellow and John Updike.
Roth Unbound: A Writer and his Books
Claudia Roth Pierpoint
$34.95 pb
 A ime o Gifs
Between the Woods and the Water
were the first two volumes in a projected trilogy that would describe the walk undertaken by Patrick Leigh Fermor rom the Hook o Holland to Constantinople. Te concluding volume never appeared. Te curious thing was that he had not only written an early dra o the last part o the walk, but that it predated the other two. While it remains unfinished,
Te Broken Road 
 completes an extraordinary journey.
Te Broken Road: From the Iron Gates to Mount Athos
Patrick Leigh Fermor
$49.99 hb
*BiP Price $44.95
Tis Is the Story o a Happy Marriage
 is a blend o literature and memoir which reveals the experiences that shaped Ann Patchett as a daughter, wie, riend and writer. She shares moving stories about her tumultuous childhood, her painul early divorce, the excitement o selling her first book, her  joyous discovery o opera, the gradual loss o her beloved grandmother, starting her own bookshop in Nashville, her love or her very special dog and, o course, her eventual happy marriage.
Tis is the Story o a Happy Marriage
Ann Patchett
$29.99 pb
As her mother Joan lay dying, Gabrielle Carey wrote a letter to Joan’s childhood riend, the reclusive novelist Randolph Stow. Like her mother, Stow had grown up in Western Australia. Aer early literary success and a Miles Franklin Award win in 1958 he le or England and a lie o sel-imposed exile. Carey becomes ascinated by his connection with her mother, but beore she can meet him he dies. She then embarks on a journey rom Western Australia to the English seaside town o Harwich to understand her amily’s past and Stow’s place in it.
Moving Among Strangers: RandolphStow and My Family 
Gabrielle Carey
$29.95 pb
In the winter o 1970, the iconic culinary figures James Beard, M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child, Richard Olney, Simone Beck, and Judith Jones ound themselves together in the South o France. Tey cooked and ate, talked and argued, about the uture o ood in America, the meaning o taste, and the limits o snobbery. Te conversations among this group were chronicled by M. F. K. Fisher in journals and letters—some o which were later discovered by Luke Barr, her great-nephew.
In Provence, 1970
, he captures this seminal season, complete with gossip, drama, and contemporary relevance.
Provence, 1970: M. F. K. Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard and the Reinvention o American aste
Luke Barr
$39.95 hb
David Day answers the difficult questions about Mawson that have hitherto lain buried: rom questions about his intimate relationship with Lady Scott, and his leadership o the ill-ated Australasian Antarctic Expedition o 1911-14, to his conduct during the legendary trek that led to the death o his two companions. He also explores how Mawson subsequently concealed his ailures and deficiencies as an expedition leader, and created or himsel a heroic image that has persisted or a century.
Flaws in the Ice: In Search o Douglas Mawson
David Day
$32.95 pb
Te wry, perceptive and evocative memoir o one o Britain’s best-loved cooks. Rick Stein’s ormative years in the 1950s were shaped by the Oxordshire arm he was brought up on and his amily’s much-loved holiday home in Cornwall. His ather’s suicide when Stein was eighteen years old precipitated his escape or two years to Australia. Working in an abattoir and on the railways, he struggled to find his place in the world. Success ollowed hopelessness, and his hugely impressive career as a restaurateur and entrepreneur was ollowed by those o broadcaster, ood champion and writer.
Under a Mackerel Sky: A Memoir
Rick Stein
$34.95 pb

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