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Shooting Star

Shooting Star



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Published by Angie Cresencio
It is what I submitted as a midterm exam on my literature class. I have finished this for five days and I have fun with my formed characters.
It is what I submitted as a midterm exam on my literature class. I have finished this for five days and I have fun with my formed characters.

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Published by: Angie Cresencio on Aug 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shooting Star
by Angie M. Cresencio
“I know that you can’t give me your heart but at least let me help you carry your burden and let me be by your side.”
That was what he said before he left me tucked in under my sheets in my room.Grief.I heard it clearly though it was quite unnoticeable. It touched his voice as soon as the words were spoken. He brushed away a lock of hair from my face before finally resigning and closed the door behind him.I listened for his foot steps to die away before sitting up.Without any warning, tears sprang out from my eyes. They kept on coming even though I tried very hard to stop them.My heart was pounding so violently that my chest hurt. My head hurt and it felt so heavy. My limbs ached everywhere. I couldn’treally point out where the pain was coming from.I silently sobbed in my bed while I huddled with this unfathomable pain.This was what I get for being too selfish. Now I knew why my momma always said that, “One can be greedy yet don’t expect to feelgood about oneself”. I finally got the grasp of it.
He didn’t deserve to be hurt and to be treated like this.
Stupid feelings! Stupid heart! Dummy! Fool!
These words weren’tenough to describe how dumb I had been. I was even dumber since I couldn’t directly reprimand myself.Who was I fooling? I was the biggest pea-brained person ever alive ever since the birth of the earth...“Enough!” I shouted at myself.Realizing what I was doing, I jumped from the bed and headed through the door. But just when I thought I successfully did it, myright foot caught something that made me shove my face right at my door.“Shit.” I grimaced as another pain rubbed in my forehead.
 Just my lucky day 
. I inherited my clumsiness from my mother. I’m not always clumsy like my momma used to be but it surfacedduring times like these. Unfortunate hand-me-down trait as I used to call it.I forced myself back to my feet again as I try not to stumble into anything again. I used the walls as my support as I made my way tothe bathroom.I immediately went for the sink and splashed ice-cold water on my face. Then I lightly slapped my face with both hands.“Wake up. Wake up.
I whispered to myself as I looked into the mirror.A bronze-haired girl with pale skin and deep chocolate brown big eyes met my gaze.
. Just the sound of it made my lip curvea little upward.That’s what my poppa used to call me. That had been my pet name since ages ago. Che-alli for Cherubim Allison. Funny how theymistook me for an angel which I was totally not.My momma named me Allison for noble and exalted in French and German. A fitting name for the looks like mine and poppa she usedto say.I admit I looked a lot like him. I got all my physical attributes from him except for my eyes which I got from momma. I rememberedpoppa’s face glowed as he called them the eyes of the observer. Now, my smile spread across my face.I could still see their love for each other. I wonder if I could find the same magic they found with each other. I sometimes wonder if I would be able to especially now with the things with Jaden.
Darn! I remembered it again
. I needed to get out from this suffocating air from time to time or I would really choke from it.With that held in thought, I fished my jacket and scarf out from my cabinet. I rushed to my door and stairs and finally to the maindoor of the dormitory. I stood just outside the gate when I took in a mouthful of air and let it filled my lungs a second longer thanusual and released it slowly.
 Ah, it felt good.
I could feel the cold wind on my face which was refreshing and it was easing the pain a little bit.
I started my way to the park, my favorite place in this city. New Orleans. This place was not really what you could call your dreamcity but I loved it the same.Studying in Tulane University was one of the achievements I was truly proud of since I had been aiming to study here. My parentswanted me to achieve my dreams though I knew it hurt them when I announced I was leaving to live on my own. But they stillsupported me.
God, how much I miss them.
 I could still remember when I first came here. I was like a stray cat yet I felt unusually at home. Jaden was my first friend and hehelped me a lot. He helped me moved and get accustomed to the way of life here.
. I really hurt him. What could I do to make the pain less painful? I really didn’t want to do this to him. I didn’t mean tomislead him. God! I love him yet it was not the kind of love he wished. I could feel the pain throbbing through me again.Just then a ball bounced in front of me. It brought me back to reality. I didn’t notice I reached the court at the end of the park.“Hey! Can you please pass the ball here?” a deep male voice said after me.I looked to where the ball rolled and found a beaten basketball near the lamp post. I picked it up and was about to throw the ballwhen I remembered I was not good at long distance throwing.So instead I walked to where I was standing before and threw the ball to the direction of the voice. Just then, I had a proper view of the man.He was a tall tanned boy with the most handsome face I had ever seen. I was dazed for a second.“Thanks!” That was what he said after catching the ball with his hands. His hands were strong and tanned yet he had long andslender delicate fingers.My eyes followed him as he ran toward five little boys who were too excited to get back to their game before the distraction. Then Isaw him smile.Wow. What a beautiful smile. It seemed to draw me to him.
What a minute missy 
.“I better go back,” I muttered to myself as I shook my head at my foolishness.I found the way that led back to the dormitory. I was taking my time going back and I noticed a shadow not far from the court.As I came closer, I noticed it was a little boy sitting alone on one of the tree roots. I suddenly felt the urge to approach him. Iyielded to the strong force.“Hey, there! Can I sit beside you?” I said as I approached the boy.“Hmm,” he muttered as he nodded once. I noticed that he had a cute face with brown hair that made his freckles which scatteredon his nose and cheeks more distinct. I saw him look at the court as the little boys gathered around the handsome boy.“Why don’t you join them? They are having a lot of fun,” I said as I watched his face.“Nah. I’m not good at sports …” his cheeks turned slightly pink as soon as his words were out.“Besides…I’m doing something here,” he said nonchalantly.
Now I’m curious
. I saw his eyes dimmed from green to a shade darker and his mouth turned slightly downward. Yet I tried not to betoo pushy.“So…what are you doing here?”“I’m watching the stars. I’m watching for mom to pass by again.”“I’m sorry but I don’t think I get what you said.”“Look, there she is!” I looked up and I saw a shooting star crossing across the star filled evening sky.For the next hour, we talked about his family, school and astrology. He also told me how he lost his mother. He could still rememberwhen his mom told him to look for a shooting star and to make a wish and she would be there to listen always. I got to know moreabout him and his cute but bizarre reactions. It was kind of unusual for a ten year old boy.
“You know what? I don’t know why I’m talking to a stranger…” he said as he looked straight into my eyes. Then with a broad smile,he added “…but I enjoyed it. Thanks.”“Well, I enjoyed it too little comet.” I grinned back.“I’m not little comet, I’m Keith. Nice to meet you even though it’s a bit late for that,” he mused as he extended his small hands.“I’m Allison but I prefer it if you call me Alli. And I’m so happy meeting such a smart boy.” I beamed at him while receiving his hand.“Well, I’ll be going now. See you again…if there’s a chance.”“I think it’s time for me to go back as well. Bye. Good night,” I said as I turned away.“Umm… Alli?”“Yes?” I looked back and saw how meek he had become.“Would you like to come to the art gallery near the Vines Café tomorrow--? T…that is if you don’t have anything to do…and if youlike to of course.”
 After seeing the effort he made, how could I say no? 
“I would love to.”“That’s great! Then see you at 9:00 in the morning?”“Okay. See you tomorrow.”I walked to the dormitory without any trace of pain that I was feeling before.
That had a good effect
. I smiled at the encountertonight. I kinda wished for a cute little brother like him.I changed into my powder blue pajamas and slipped under my sheets. Then, I realized how tired I was. It only took me a secondbefore I fell into deep slumber.
“Alli!”I smiled as I approached Keith. He had been beaming since we entered the gallery. He was so cute in his khaki pants, pale yellowshirt and emerald green suspenders which matched his eyes.We looked at many paintings and sculptures in the gallery. Then, something caught my eyes somewhere in the corner. I stood in frontof it. It was…magnificent. It was an oil painting of a beautiful woman in white dress pointing to the sky while sitting down on thegrass.It was so beautiful. Grace and elegance radiated from the painting itself. Yet, no matter how beautiful it was, it made me so sadlike my whole body crumpled from inside.My eyes flickered to the title.
Shooting Star 
.Then I saw what the lady with long wavy brown hair was pointing at-- I was a shooting star. Then I noticed how sad her eyes were.
 Ah, the irony of life
. The most beautiful things in the world were the loneliest as well.“…park. Well? Do you like it?”“Ah?...ummm… Yeah. It’s mesmerizing.” I totally forgot that Keith was beside me. Mesmerizing. That would describe the painting.Too bad I didn’t catch his explanation about the painting.“You think so?”I jumped from the deep voice that just joined us. I turned my head at the direction and saw him.
The handsome boy 
, I mused.“Oh, did I scare you? I’m so sorry. It is just that when I saw Keith talking to you, I couldn’t stop myself from being intrigue.” Helooked at me with sincere apologizing eyes.“Intrigue? Why? Keith is such a charming boy.”

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RaneJane added this note
cute kau xah nga story maam..:)

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