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The weekly briefing, 9 December 2013

The weekly briefing, 9 December 2013

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Published by Open Briefing
Political and security risk updates from Open Briefing (United Kingdom, 9 December 2013).
Political and security risk updates from Open Briefing (United Kingdom, 9 December 2013).

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Published by: Open Briefing on Dec 09, 2013
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Open Briefing |
The weekly briefing
| 9 December 2013
 Political and security risk updates
Frenc deployment to !entral "frican #epublic reaces full strengt as undreds are killed in $iolence%
"rgentine pro$ince rocked by police strikes and lootings as federal go$ernment deploys gendarmeries to most troubled areas%
Asia and Pacific:
&oe Biden cautiously reassures 'out (orea of )' commitment to "sia*Pacific%
Protests continue in )kraine as go$ernment sur$i$es a no*confidence $ote%
 Middle East:
+ebanese city of ,ripoli placed under military control%
Polar regions:
!anada submits "rctic territorial claims%
French deployment to Central African epublic reaches full strength as hundreds are killed in !iolence
Frenc forces a$e reaced teir full le$el of deployment in te !entral "frican #epublic- .it 1-200 troops no. in te country% /iolence continues despite Frenc efforts to contain te situation- .it at least 300 people killed o$er recent days% 'eleka rebels attacked a ospital in te capital Bangui late on  December% On  December- interim autorities ordered all forces- ecept peacekeepers and te presidential guard- off te streets in an effort to control te situation% Frenc forces a$e been deployed particularly in te nort and .est to secure roads and remote areas- .ere $iolence and looting bet.een ri$al communities as left te country in caos% ,e latest round of $iolence began on  December- .en a !ristian militia raided 4uslim neigbouroods% ,is follo.ed monts of figting and reprisals bet.een !ristians and 4uslims after te 4uslim 'eleka rebels sei5ed po.er in 4arc tis year% 6nterim President 4icel D7otodia is struggling to control te situation- described by some as amounting to genocide- partly because te 'eleka are a loose grouping- including figters from neigbouring 'udan and !ad% France as inter$ened follo.ing te )8 'ecurity !ouncils autorisation to use force to assist te "frican peacekeepers already in te country% Despite general potential in terms of mining and agriculture- te unresol$ed instability continues to keep te !entral "frican #epublic dependent on foreign aid- constraining te possibilities for de$elopment% ,e political caos tat as engulfed te country o$er te past monts also increases regional concerns- particularly considering te fragile state of peace negotiations in te Democratic #epublic of !ongo%
Open Briefing |
 For France- te second military inter$ention in a former colony tis year igligts te countrys increasing in$ol$ement on te "frican continent% On  December- Frenc President Francois :ollande addressed 3 representati$es of "frican countries as a Frenc*"frican summit on peace and security opened in Paris- stressing Frenc determination to confront te risks in te 'ael 5one in particular% ;it te continuing deterioration of te security situation in te !entral "frica #epublic- and te $iolations of uman rigts resulting in an estimated -000 refugees and <000-000 internally displaced persons- it is planned tat te "frican*led 6nternational 'upport 4ission in te country =46'!">- .ic te currently deployed Frenc troops are supporting- .ill be increased to a total strengt of -000 troops and 1-00 police personnel% ,e 'ecurity !ouncil also addressed te idea of a sanctions regime against te !entral "frican #epublic- toug tis .as reser$ed as a future measure%
#ther de!elopments
The death of former $outh African president %elson Mandela triggered international reaction after being announced by current President &acob 'uma on ( )ecember*
 ,ributes from around te .orld stressed 4andelas commitment to o$ercome te countrys aparteid regime of racial segregation and is reconciliation of a di$ided country%
An American teacher was shot dead in +ibya,s eastern city -engha.i on ( )ecember/
 fuelling concerns about rising insecurity in te post*re$olutionary country% ;ile no group as claimed responsibility for te attack yet- risk remains ig- .it many foreign go$ernments a$ing .arned against tra$elling to Benga5i since te 2012 attack on te )' consulate% Benga5i as seen almost daily assassinations and bombings- often targeting army and police forces as militias and etremist groups continue to figt for po.er after te toppling of te 4uammar ?addafi regime in 2011%
-oko 0aram has attacked a %igerian airbase/ following army operations against the rebel group*
 ,e attack on 2 December in 4aiduguri- norteastern 8igeria- destroyed t.o elicopters and sa. clases in se$eral areas of te city- leading to a curfe. being imposed and te ci$ilian airport closing% ;it a recent focus on rural areas- te latest attack in Boko :arams founding city- deemed relati$ely safe after te military ad confronted te group tere- points to rene.ed intensification of te situation% ,e state of emergency in te regions most affected by clases .it Boko :aram continues%
#n the radar
orld leaders are to attend the memorial ser!ice for %elson Mandela
in 'out "frica on 10 December- aead of a state funeral%
2n!estigations are continuing into a mass gra!e disco!ered in Mali/
belie$ed to contain bodies of a group of missing soldiers%
Measures under the +iberia sanctions regime are set to e3pire on 1" )ecember/
 .it te )nited 8ations epected to rene. at least some of te sanctions%
Concern among foreign business owners in 'imbabwe is increasing
as they mo!e to indigenise their businesses
to a$oid go$ernment penalties for operating in sectors to be reser$ed for nationals%
4% $ecretary56eneral -an 7i5Moon will stress drug trafficking as a particular issue of concern
 as e presents te outcomes of is $isits to te 'ael region to officials- including representati$e of te ;orld Bank- on 12 December%
Open Briefing |
%ationwide police strikes ha!e led to a wa!e of lootings across ma9or cities in Argentina
4ore tan a tousand sops .ere looted in te pro$ince of !@rdoba on < December follo.ing local police protests for rise in pay% "n estimated 130 people .ere in7ured .it 0 arrests during te pillages tat affected te second most populous pro$ince of "rgentina% "s te ne.s spread- police strikes etended to te 'an &uan- !atamarca- 8euAun- #Co 8egro and 'anta Fe pro$inces% ,e go$ernor of !@rdoba Pro$ince- &os 4anuel de la 'ota- .as on an official $isit to !olombia and Panama at te time% "s suc- it .as only upon is return te follo.ing day tat an announced 30 increase in police .ages put an end to te strikes and lootings%
4any a$e criticised te federal go$ernment for its .eak reaction to te security crisis in !ordoba% 6ndeed- it .as only after te go$ernor sealed a deal .it police forces tat te go$ernment sent a gendarmerie garrison in reinforcement% De la 'ota is a long*standing ri$al to President !ristina Fernande5 de (ircner .itin te Peronist coalition% 8otably- in 2009 e supported farmers in teir protests against a soybean eport ta proposed by te Fernande5 go$ernment% ,e federal go$ernment fears tat te unrest could affect oter main cities- especially te capital- Buenos "ires% 6n response to te crisis- te go$ernment as deployed o$er 10-000 gendarmeries to te most troubled pro$inces- .it 2-00 gendarmeries sent to 'anta Fe and a furter 2-000 to !ordoba% 6n addition- a special operational unit .as created for te Buenos "ires pro$ince% 'ome instances of lootings a$e already occurred in ?rand Bourg and ?le. in Buenos "ires% 4ean.ile- in !ordoba te situation as remained calm since te announced local police pay rise%
#ther de!elopments
2n Me3ico/ petty criminals ha!e been captured following the theft of a !ehicle transporting medical euipment/ including a radioacti!e element*
 ,e truck from te ,i7uana ospital contained cobalt*0- .ic is used in cemoterapy% ,e isotope could be used in te construction of a dirty bomb- toug 4eican officials said te tie$es probably did not kno. .at tey .ere taking and .ere most likely targeting te truck% 6t is still unsure .at te eact intentions of te tie$es .ere and if tey acted on bealf of a drug cartel%
Colombian small5scale farmers ha!e returned to the streets to protest against farm policies*
'e$eral tousand !olombian famers took to te streets of Bogota on < December to demand tat te go$ernment acts in accordance .it te agreements made in 'eptember% ,e 'eptember agreements pro$ided a solution to end t.o monts of $iolent protests in te rural areas% !olombias "griculture 4inister #uben Dario +i5arralde as denied tat te state as failed to comply .it te settlement%
The 0onduras $upreme Electoral Tribunal ;T$E< is to re5count the !otes in the "= %o!ember presidential election*
 ,e ,'E as agreed to recount te $otes follo.ing allegations of fraud made by +ibre Party candidate iomara !astro% ,e official count ga$e te 8ational Party candidate &uan Orlando :ernGnde5 eigt points o$er is ri$al !astro% ,e president of te ,'E stressed tat !astro sould publicly admit er defeat if te re*count confirms te original results%

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