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4276263 Gayatri Mantras[1]

4276263 Gayatri Mantras[1]

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Published by Heimdall_sentinela

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Heimdall_sentinela on Sep 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mantra:AUM bhurbhuvaH svaH, AUM tat.h saviturvareNyaMbhargo devasya dhiimahI dhiyo yo naH prachodayAtSummary of the Mantra:O God, Thou art the Giver of Life, the Remover of pains and sorrows, theBestower of happiness O Creator of the Universe, may we receive ThySupreme Sin destroying light, May Thou guide our intellect in the rightdirection.Meaning of each letter in mantra:---------------------------------OM = Almighty GodBHOOR = Embodiment of vital or spiritual energyBHUVAHA = Destroyer of sufferingSWAHA = Embodiment of happinessTAT = That (indicating God)SAVITUR = Bright, luminous, like and sunVARENIYAM = Supreme, bestBARGO = Destroyer of sinsDEVASYA = DivineDHEEMAHI = May receiveDHIYO = IntellectYO = WhoNAHA = OurPRACHODAYAT = May inspire---------------------------------The Gayatri Mantra is the form of eternal truth. It is the heart of allbeings and the eternal Ved Mantra. Gayatri destroys the sins of theworld. All the four Vedas have originated from this mantra:In addition rishis have created 24 other Gayatri mantras - SakamGayatri - ''with desire'' Gayatri. The 24 words of the Gayatri appear inthe form of the 24 Divine Shaktis.
1. Ganesh Gayatri: The repetition of this mantra is done for thedestruction of obstacles and to succeed in difficult tasks.Om Eka Dandhaya VidmaheVakratundaya DhimahiTanno tantihi Prachodayat2. Vishnu Gayatri: To develop sustaining power, this mantra is used.Om Narayanaya VidmaheVasudevaya DhimahiTanno Vishunha Prachodayat3. Shiv Gayatri: To invoke auspiciousness, That is to have pure thoughtsand high spiritual feelings, this mantra is used.Om Panchavaktraya VidmaheMahadevaya DhimahiTanno Rudraha Prachodayat4. Brahma Gayatri: To increase productiveness, that is to increase thepower of creative shakti, this mantra is used.Om Chaturmukhaya VidmaheHansa Rudraaya DhimahiTanno Brahma Prachodayat5. Rama Gayatri: This mantra is used to establish proper conduct andethical behavior.Om Daasharthaye VidmaheSita Vallabhaya DhimahiTanno Ramahi Prachodayat6. Krishna Gayatri: To bring dynamic energy into one's lify in order to beable to do anything, intense sadhana is done for this Divine power withthis mantra.Om Devaki Nandanaya Vidmahe
Vasudevaya DhimahiTanno Krishna Prachodayat7. Indra Gayatri: To ward off any form of attack, intense sadhana isdone for this Divine shakti using this mantra.Om Sahasranetraya VidmaheVajrahastaya DhimahiTanno Indra Prachodayat8. Hanuman Gayatri: When there is a lack of fulfilling one's duty withinoneself, then this mantra is used.Om Anjanisutaya VidmaheVayuputraya DhimahiTanno Marutih Prachodayat9. Surya Gayatri: Worship with this mantra is very beneficial for curinggrievous diseases.Om Bhaskaraya VidmaheDivakaraya DhimahiTanno Suryah Prachodayat10. Chandra Gayatri: For the removal of suffering and to get peace fromdejection and worries, this mantra has been used for the worship of thisDivine Shakti.Om Shirputraya VidmaheAmrit Tatvaya DhimahiTanno Chandrah Prachodayat11. Yum Gayatri: This is universal prayer to gain fearlessness from death.Om Putryaya VidmaheMahakalaya DhimahiTanno Yumahah Prachodayat

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