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What is Hasht Bahist (Eight heavens)?

What is Hasht Bahist (Eight heavens)?

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What is Hasht Bahist
What is Hasht Bahist

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 What is Hasht Bahist ( The eight heavens).? The mausoleum of Khaja Moinuddin Sanjari
Translated by Mohammed Abdul Hafeez
Translator ‘
Muslim Saints and Mystics’
 (The Tadhkirah al-Awliya of Farid Eldin Attar)
The collection of eight books of malfuzat (speeches) of eight great Sufi masters of the Chishti order who were like the forefathers of this noble  path and these Sufi master are well known to all. The books of
Hasht Bahist (The eight heavens) were written in the Persian language and which were later translated in Urdu language
These Shaykhs include Khwaja Usman Harooni, Khwaja Ajmeri, Khwaja Bakhtiar Kaki, Khwaja Farid, Khwaja Nizamuddin, and Khwaja Naseeruddin Chiragh Dehlavi.
The names of eight books which are available in the Urdu language 1.Anis al-Arwah 2.Dalil Arifin 3.Fawid al-Salikin 4.Rahat al-Qulub 5.Israr al-Auliya 6.Fawid al-Fawad 7.Rahatal-Muhibin 8.Rahatal-Ashiqin The above books are available for sale in the following cities of India and Pakistan. 1.Ajmare 2. Delhi.3. Lahore. 4. Hyderabad. The five below books have been translated first time by me from Urdu into English. 1.Anis al-Arifin 2.Dalil Arifin 3.Fawid al-Salikin 4.Rahat al-Qulub
5.Rahatal al-Ashiqin For the public reading the above books have been posted and which are available in the below International libraries on the internet which are shown as follows. www.scribed.com www.calmeo.com
Kindly visit the above websites and read the rare books of Sufi masters and
these are some small and other books are too much longer and all these eight books have been covered on 665 pages and collected in one book and also available some of the above books separately in which there are advises and instructions, especially available for Taleb (student) and it refers to a person who is committed to a Murshid (spiritual master) in a Tariqa (spiritual path) of Sufism and it is also known as a Salik (Arabic
   
), a mureed is an initiate into the mystic  philosophy of Sufism and all these details of advices by the spiritual masters are added in these books And also in these books there are some great achievements which are not yet known to the general person are published in a very interesting style so for this reason the readers will find great interest and attention in this matter. Please note the Urdu version of
Hasht Bahist ( The eight heavens) is also posted by me on the above international web sites for kind perusal of the readers as well research persons in this matter. It is very strange case that these pioneer books of mystic knowledge in which there is an available treasure of advices of the Khajagan (masters) of Chistia Sufi order are not available on the internet world so for this reason the general public is still un-aware of these classic books of world famous except the special persons of the mystic way and other Mashaiq (learned) persons who know well the importance of these rare book of Sufi masters.
From the above facts and details, if the readers will starts reading these
magazine’s first page and will not stop its reading till they wi
ll reach its last page as in these magazine some interesting events and as

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