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Communication through product

Communication through product



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Published by David Carlson
Advertising has been the king. But it is no more. This bulletin from the David Report offers an marketing alternative based on design.
Advertising has been the king. But it is no more. This bulletin from the David Report offers an marketing alternative based on design.

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Published by: David Carlson on Mar 29, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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issue 5/November 2006
David Report
Through Pro
“David Report provides thought-provoking insights which give me inspiration and ideas.”
Peter Bodor, Public Aairs and Communications Manager, Coca-Cola Sweden
”Reading and viewing several trend reports and newsletters daily I could simply say that David Report is the ONE to read.Other describes what’s done yesterday. David Report tells what will happen tomorrow and in the long run, and does this witha design perspective and humanistic approach I just can admire, respect and agree with!
Ulrika Lövdahl, Project Manager, Communication Development, V&S ABSOLUT SPIRITS
“Finally David Carlson, the amous Swedish design-entrepreneur, takes the obvious next step by starting the David Report.He wants to change the world. He might do it.”Olle Wästberg, Director General, The Swedish Institute
Our keynote
Last issue o David Report (no 4: Welcome to the Credi-bility Loop) made an impression on our readers. We havebeen asked to take a deeper look inside the loop. Whocould argue with that, we are here or you, dear readers!This new issue is called Communication Through Productand we are really happy to present it. Not only becauseit consists o an interesting development o our initialthoughts, we are also proud to deliver ideas that we be-leive could save our ellow business men/women billionso dollars. This by using a marketing strategy based ondesign, creativity and inovation that we have named CTP,an abbreviation o Communication Through Product.
The lead-in
Today our world is completely dierent compared to theearly years o industrialism or even in comparison to justten teen years ago. Our modern society is more or lesstotally transparent and the consumers are in command. Tobe successul today you need a genuine interest to listento them and to understand their needs by implementingengaged, humble and respectul conversations. Not bypolluting the world with just another shouting advertisingcampaign.As a reminiscence, a short resume o David Report issue4 – The credibility Loop:
“Today advertising is a questionable effort bothto build recognition and to build a brand. The academicelite as well as business professionals have a second thought how to do. It’s all about building a trustworthy and reliable partnership with your (future) customers.To become a part of their mind so to speak. And whenmost people are sick and tired of all advertising every-where, there must be a better way to communicate withthem, mustn’t” 
 As an answer to the current situation we gavethe advice to go or a ride in the Credibility Loop. We areconvinced that i a product will be able to speak or itselvia a unique design, personality and soul, it will by ar bethe best and least expensive way to communicate it.
 A new world order.
For a couple o decades it has been unashionable to talkabout products and services. According to the marketersadvertising has been the big solution to everything.Advertising has been the king. But it is no more. We havea new world order where online communities like YouTubeand MySpace will be in command as the new messagecarrier. A recent example is the short movie ”campaign orreal beauty” rom Dove which generated better eedbackat YouTube than through a multiple dollar thirty secondsspot during Superbowl.We would like to turn the telescopic sight back tothe very core o brand delivery, which is the products andservices. The very heart or DNA o a brand so to speak.This is where most credibility lies. And by developing andspicing up the core you can achieve competitive advan-tage in an ever-changing world. Still, in most cases thecore is blurred by all the advertising surrounding more orless everything we buy but which is not adding anythingto the world. It is just a lacquer on the top. It is just thereto market the product. It is just like the peel o an orange.Something you peel o and throw away in the garbagewhen going or what´s good inside.Maybe it exists other and more creative methodsto make products attractive to the consumers rather thanspending more and more money on traditional adverti-sing? We think so. What i a company took some (or a lot)o the advertising and communication budget and used iton design and innovation instead?Will that help them to enhance the attraction and make aproduct more desirable? Will they be able to make it moreparticular and necessary? O course, according us.Advertising cannot change the word. Design and innova-tion can!
Mini Cooper - good example o attractive design
Our interview
We proudly present an interview with
Acne Jeans
. ASwedish ashion brand that by designing simple andunctional clothes, aims to create a modern ramework orindividuality.
1. Please shortly tell us about the history of AcneJeans.
 Acne started as a creative collective in 1996, with ourcreative individuals who each had a dierent eld oexpertise. With time the original company grew ourindividual arms; Acne Film, Acne Digital, Acne Creativeand, o course, Acne Jeans. The concept has always beento combine art and industry in a manner which elt bothvisionary and logical, and this spirit is still what drives ustoday. 
2. Who is your target group and what are their va-lues?
 The Acne Jeans customer is someone who eels attunedto the culture industries, whether this is as a consumer oras a producer. Our customer has high demands on whatthey consume, and always challenge us to create the bestpossible product. 
3. You do not market Acne through traditional ad-vertising, please let us know why?
 At the very beginning we simply couldn’t aord to, andnow we eel that we preer to invest in new products, suchas Acne Paper, rather advertise in the traditional manner.Seeing as we’re still growing in every respect, this meansprioritising, which right now equals no advertising.
4. Do you reach your target group without traditionaladvertising?
5. Your collections are the core of your business. Arethey also important for your communication?
 We are absolutely design driven in every respect. Theinspiration that the design team use each season pushesthe whole company orward. Through the collections weare always exposed to new creative reerences, so-mething which in turn also, both directly and indirectly,infuences the way we choose to communicate the collec-tions themselves. In this sense we would like to think thatwe always push onwards, never standing still. 
6. Are your products an important part of the brandexperience?
 The products that we make are at the heart o AcneJeans. Without products that refect the high standardsthat we have, ‘Acne Jeans’ would be a mere veneer wit-hout a solid base.
7. How important is design, innovation and creativity?
 Vision, ambition, innovation and creativity are the liebloodo the whole Acne creative collective, and the reasonwe continue to produce all rom jeans to a high ashionmagazine. 
8. Tell us something about your magazine, Acnepaper.
 Through Acne Paper we want to share the multitude opeople, places and cultural currents that inspire us. Herewe want to invite our customers into a world o fair andglamour as well as a world o subtleties and refection, andsomehow bridge the gap between history and the present. 
9. Are the Acne studios an important part of yourcommunication? What are the key ingredients?
 Our Acne Studios are an extension o the Acne concept,and a way to invite the customer to the ’Acne world’. Wewant the customer to eel amiliar and comortable, whilststill oer a taste o something new and unexpected. 
10. You do a lot of different events and installations.One recent example is the shop swap with BrownsFocus. Please let us know something about yourthoughts and your objectives.
 The Browns Focus shop swap started as a project among-st riends, and developed into something quite spectacularwith a lie o its own. As with everything else that we dowe wanted to push the boundaries o what to expect roma clothing brand. Retailing today means being intrepidand earless, and to always aim to give more back to thecustomer, whether that means sharing a good secret, aswith Acne Paper, or giving a struggling artist a helpinghand, as with our gallery space ‘Vita Valvet’, or providingsomething totally unexpected as with our shop swap.
11. Please let us know what is happening in the nearfuture?
 We have several! For s/s 07 we have collaborated withTretorn to produce two sneaker styles that we hope will beuniversally loved (they have already created a minor ‘must-have’ renzy here at the oce!), and in the near uturewe will nally open a webshop. On top o this we haveseveral ‘real’ shops opening soon, the closest one beingthe Gothenburg Acne Studio, which will open with a bangthe 29/11.

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