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The Party of Madam Basket

The Party of Madam Basket

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The Party of Madam Basket
The Party of Madam Basket

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The party of Madam Basket In the jungle everywhere there was merriness and joy was prevailing there.Mr. Gourd told his sons to hurry and do not delay in this matter, dear son wear this shirt and where you are running away. There is already delayed in this matter to attend the party at the residence of Madam Basket. Mrs. Lady Finger was holding her mobile and purse in her hand, she was walking in the jolly mood, style. Uncle Potato was upset with his children and he was saying to his sons that you are causing delay in the joining the party of Madam Basket. Aunty Cucumber was made up with lipsticks. During that time Aunty Raddish came there and she said oh dear Cucumber is being hurried and as there is already delayed in this matter. Mrs. Cucumber was wearing double heel shoes on her feet and both of them left their house for attending the party of the Madam Basket in the jungle area. Mrs. Carrot was upset and angry and due to this reason she was becoming red and she was resting on her bed. During that time uncle Brinjal came over and he said do you not go to the party at the house of Madam Basket.? Mrs.
Carrot told “Oh my husband today I will not go there
 as she is ill today
and she will go there by tomorrow.”
 At that time there was heard the horn of the car which was sent by the Madam Basket. So Uncle Brinjal first boarded in the car and in this way all were sat in the car. The car started with the sound of peep, peep it was running toward the house of Madam Basket and in the short time it
was reached the gate of the Madam Basket’s house. First Madam Lady
Finger came there on the ground area from the first floor while setting
her saree’s border.All the gue
sts were coming down from the car and Mrs. Basket was standing at the gate to welcome all the guests there and she put the flowers on all of them to show welcome gesture.Madam Basket hugged all of them and took them to the dinning room. All were seated on the chairs around the dinning table. Madam Basket was  brought a trolley of food items with many varieties there and placed these items on the dinning table and she served the food items on the
 plates and she was given plates to all guests. All the guests enjoyed the delicious food cooking of Madam Basket. At that time there were shinning of the rays of the sun, which were coming through the window of the house were falling on the Madam Basket. So she wakes up from the dream and run towards the drawing room and she was seen the table was empty and nothing was there on it. So she put her hands on her head
and she said “ Oh : Allah it was a dream. Such a happy moment, which
was turned down into a lovely dream. What was happening in this matter.? So if it was in reality, then it will become most wonderful and  joyful for not for me, but for my all guests and friends, so alas and regret for this reason. ========== Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, B.Com. Translator of ' Tadhkirtal Auliya' Email : hafeezanwar@yahoo.com Hyderabad, India. ============================== AD for my book www.scribd.com/doc/192536821/AD-FOR-MY-BOOK-MUSLIM-SAINTS-AND-MYSTICS ============================ Aqlim Hind ke hain Qutub Mere Sarkar Syed Shah Afzal Biabani =================================

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