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Kant, Space Between, and Substance

Kant, Space Between, and Substance

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Published by Adam Fieled
This is a form/manner of positing Space Between (developed by Adam Fieled), as an ontological construct or "incision," in relation to Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason."
This is a form/manner of positing Space Between (developed by Adam Fieled), as an ontological construct or "incision," in relation to Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason."

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Published by: Adam Fieled on Mar 01, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kant, Space Between, and Substance
Substance is that which is; against “appearance”/the phenomenal/phenomenon.The evidence from Kant’s “Critiue of !ure "eason” suggests that that which is# is. Substance subsists; even as forms change in the succession of time.The evidence from Kant’s dialectics in “Critiue” also suggests that substance# that which is# is an accident; that which subsists# subsists accidentall$. %hat is unconditioned# in possible cognition# leads bac& to the senses# and e'perience (empiricism)# in such a wa$ to suggest that cognitive determinations of an ultimate cause for substance (cause for causes# causalit$) cannot be granted e'cept as forced# ungrounded principles# modes of dogma# and with no empirical or credible transcendental connection to that*which*is# in its subsistence# accidental or otherwise.+f substance# that*which*is# causalit$# subsists out of or from (emanates# so to spea&# from) an accident# Space ,etween must also subsist# attendant upon substance/causes# out of/determined b$ the same accident# or state (time/space coordinate) of arbitrar$ subsistence.Space ,etween# thus# ma$ be seen as a transcendental possibilit$ built into an accident# or the accidental nature of that*which*is# or all*that*is# causalit$# substance.Space ,etween and its progen$# the meta*rational# imposes the magnetism of causes (a magnetism of causes) to causes# substance to substance# to perpetuate the subsistence of substance over durations of time and e'panses of space; substance is thus# not a discrete accident# but one which changes over succeeding times and time*-ones (spaces).+t is in the nature of Space ,etween to corrode/dissolve appearances in a &ind of acid; its appearance reinforces# represents# and manifests the ineluctable ualit$ of the accidental# substance# causalit$.

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