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MBK on Meillassoux

MBK on Meillassoux

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Published by Terence Blake

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Published by: Terence Blake on Mar 04, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I will be commenting on a very interesting excerpt from Belhak Kacem's forthcoming book
L'effet Meillassoux
 (The Meillassoux Effect publishe! on the blog "es apports !e Meh!i Belha# Kacem$ Kacem situates %uentin Meillassoux (%M in the context of the post&Ba!iousian generation that is trying to inherit not only from Ba!iou but also from eleu)e$ In my language they are trying to combine elements of a synchronic ontology with those of a !iachronic ontology$Belha# Kacem* + ,-est une mo!e !es philosophes !e ma g.n.ration /ui m-a agac. che) beaucoup* comment 0compossibiliser1 eleu)e et Ba!iou2 3arce /ue son talent est incommensurable 4 la concurrence %M est all. bien plus loin et 4 sa lecture on se !it souvent /u-il est bien pr5s !-y  parvenir$ Et pourtant 4 la fin non$ "e pr.sent livre vou!rait contribuer au&!el4 !es criti/ues 4 ce /u-il r.ussisse
quand même
+$+It's a fashion amongst philosophers of my generation which has annoye! me a lot* how to +compossibilise+ eleu)e an! Ba!iou2 Because his talent is incommensurable to the competition %M has gone further than most an! rea!ing him one ten!s to think that he is very close to succee!ing$ 6n! yet finally he !oesn't$ The present book woul! like to contribute beyon! its criti/ues to him succee!ing
after all 
+ (my translation$7or Belha# Kacem this opposition of incompossibles an! the attempt to overcome it can be seen in %M's implicit loyalty to eleu)e in his concept of +super&,haos+ an! his vacillating loyalty to Ba!iou in the notion that +mathematics8ontology+*+9e vais plus loin !ans 0l-hypoth5se !e travail1* %M nous cache et
 cache son !eleu)isme foncier  par un ba!iousisme schi)ophr.ni/ue++I go further in my +working hypothesis+* %M hi!es from us an! from himself his basic eleu)ism un!er a schi)ophrenic Ba!iouism+$ In Belha# Kacem's analysis there is a contra!iction at the heart of Meillassoux's system* %M's super&,haos is the negation of the factial eternity of logic an! mathematics an! logic an! mathematics are the +factial negation+ of any form of super&,haos$ Thus Meillassoux is torn between two absolutes each of which is the negation of the other$
Belha# Kacem !escribes Meillassoux as committe! not only to theorising ontologically the real as a game of chance but also to participating in the game of ontological poker as a super&player as a :magnificent player of philosophical poker bluff inclu!e!;$ Meillassoux-s :bluff; is to presuppose a !emonstration that in fact he never gives*:la stabilit. universelle !es "ois est corr.l.e 4 la supposition noum.nalement mise en r.serve !u super&,haos$ Mais comme nulle part il n-a r.ellement fourni une telle !.monstration !ont nous verrons en son lieu /u-elle ne peut tenir /u-4 un approfon!issement !e la /uestion !u lien entre ontologie et th.orie !e l-.v.nement il .prouve la n.cessit.
in extremis
 !e noum.naliser son super&,haos;:the universal stability of the "aws <of =ature> is correlate! to the supposition noumenally hel! in reserve of super&,haos$ But nowhere has he really provi!e! such a !emonstration which we will see in its proper place that it can only come from a !eeper consi!eration of the /uestion of the link  between ontology an! theory of the event he feels it necessary
 in extremis
 to noumenalise his super&,haos; (my translation$Belha# Kacem calls the inference from the ontological !iachronic storm of super&,haos to the empirical synchronic stability of the "aws as we observe them in our experience the :phantom  problem;$ This problem is not formulate! as such by Meillassoux much less resolve!$ ?hat  prevents the problem from being consi!ere! is Meillassoux-s master&stroke which Belha# Kacem

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