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Nibiru Rising

Nibiru Rising

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Published by JermaneD
Nibiru Rising
Nibiru Rising

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Published by: JermaneD on Oct 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jermane Dailey
A synopsis on the research and secrecy regarding the events of 2012
Nibiru Rising
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Throughout history, ancient cultures warn of a major cataclysm in the year 2012.There have been tell-tale signs of an approaching cataclysm for a few decades. Theescalation of natural disaster has the scientific community pointing the finger at globalwarming. Although, their findings’ linking the natural disasters to global warmingdeserves merit, their findings are far from conclusive. A report by Dr. William Gray fromColorado State University and Philip J. Klotzbach, posted on weathernewengland.com,in tells that the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season has had below average activity. In anarticle published by Sam Roberts on the New York Times website on July 31, 2009, hebriefly explains the average temperature in New York City during the summer of 2009.Notably, he states that the temperature for both June and July did not reach 90degrees. It’s well known among amateur astronomers that the Earth is farther awayfrom the Sun when the northern hemisphere is experiencing summer. As a result,Earth’s northern hemisphere is subjected to more direct Sun light. This direct sun lightis the reason for summer high temperatures. By these accounts and many others, thesummer of 2009 may be noted as the “coolest” summer on record.Life on Earth, as we know, would be very different if the Moon did not exist. TheMoon’s gravitational pull helps keeps Earth tilted an angle, relative to the Sun. This tiltis how the four seasons are maintained. In addition, the Moon’s gravitational pull alsoregulates the tidal flows on Earth. The Moon is the closest interstellar body to Earth.Its gravitational influence, as stated, helps maintain the Earth’s climates. With that inmind, it stands to reason: if the Moon can influence the Earth meteorologically, why notgeologically? Scientist has surmised that seismic activity can be linked to the Earth’sgravitational pull. Low level seismic activity is measured worldwide on a regular basis.These low levels seismic activities, over time, can compromise the structural integrity of human infrastructures’. In some severe cases, may result in structural collapse andpossible loss of life. With that in mind, it stands to question: How would the Earth fair if an interstellar body with a mass similar to Jupiter, passes within close proximity toEarth?In January of 1983, NASA launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite). IRASis a joint venture between the United States, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. Soonafter IRAS was launch, an article was published in the New York Times aboutobservations made by the satellite. In the article, astronomers announced irregularitiesin the orbits of both Uranus and Neptune. Such irregularities can only be caused by alarge interstellar object of incredible mass. An article published on December 30, 1983by Thomas O'Toole, in the Washington Post, describes an unknown objectapproximately the size of Jupiter. In the article, astronomers surmised that the unknownobject was about 50 trillion miles away from the Earth. In addition, there was somespeculation among the astronomers that the massive object may be on a trajectorytoward Earth. An object with a mass equivalent to Jupiter, moving through the solar system would perturb the orbits and possible rotations of any other interstellar body itsgravitational field may come in contact with.
As establish previouslyclimates. A massive object mdelicate balance that helps mthat is asserted on the Earth,temperatures. These temper may include, either an escalatactivity. As previously mentitemperatures and tropical stosummer of 2009, the calm bemuch bigger storm?Due to the nature of thcoming cataclysm, one shoulwhy the general public has veif any knowledge about it.Astronomers are calling themysterious interstellar object,Much is either unknown or nopublic about Nibiru. What is kabout Nibiru is that it’s on a hielliptical orbit. Its orbit is anthe orbital plan that is sharedthe other planets in our solar The angle of Nibiru’s orbit in r to the orbital plan, make it visimay appear as a faint reddishSouth Pole Telescope, locateNibiruShock2012. Shortly aftthere was a string of other puNibiruShock2012. The subjewith skepticism, and in someThere have been sevein the skies over the southernanomaly, is a wonder that theThere has been several accoapplications such as Googleuser named Watcher71B, releWorld Wide Telescope???IMicrosoft WorldWide Telescothe imaged sky has been blocsimilar anomalies where a poout. The publication challengsky images in Google Earth,about the coming cataclysm i
, the Moon’s gravitational pull helps maintaioving within close proximity to Earth wouldintain Earth’s climates. Disruption in the gby the Moon may result in above or below ature variations would have results of their ion of storm activity or a below average sen, the summer of 2009 has shown less tham activity. With that in mind, the question iore aeaskry little,Nibiru.madenownghlyngle toby allystem.elationble only in the southern hemisphere of theobject on the sky. In early 2008, leaked pin Antarctica, were posted on YouTube br the publication of the NibiruShock2012 plications. These publications challenged tt of Nibiru and it relation to the year 2012 hases, dismissed as another Y2K scare.al YouTube video and other sources sightihemisphere. With so many amateur sourcnews media has not reported on the subjent that Nibiru can be seen using such deskarth and Microsoft WorldWide Telescope.ased a video titled “Planet X Found 30 Junthe video, Watcher71B is utilizing both Goe to locate Nibiru. Notably, in Google Eartked out. Several other YouTube users havtion of the imaged sky in Google Earth hass faced by NibiruShock2012, coupled withegs the question: Is the U.S. Government2012?
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n the Earth’sdisrupt theavitational pullverage seasonwn. Resultssonableaverages: Is, thearth. Nibiruotos from thea user namedoto video,ose made byas been metg an anomalys sighting thist matter.topA YouTube08 on MSogle Earth andh, a portion of e reportedbeen blockedthe missingiding the truth

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