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ASUN Joint Vision 2017 Funding Figures

ASUN Joint Vision 2017 Funding Figures

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Published by Vis Lupi Est Grex
Funding figures compiled by Vis Lupi Est Grex relating to ASUN President Eli Reilly's Joint Vision 2017 proposal.
Funding figures compiled by Vis Lupi Est Grex relating to ASUN President Eli Reilly's Joint Vision 2017 proposal.

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Published by: Vis Lupi Est Grex on Nov 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 AllocatedBalance ForwarBalance Forward as Percent of  Allocation
Operating29,336.52$ 10.00$ 0.03%Senate48,940.85$ 3,528.85$ 7.21%Executive Branch105,315.00$ 13,874.67$ 13.17%Judicial Council5,067.50$ 752.50$ 14.85%Elections6,200.00$ 3,097.17$ 49.95%Insight33,950.00$ 1,961.76$ 5.78%Brushfire25,778.75$ 847.66$ 3.29%Wolf Pack Radio37,207.50$ 4,141.26$ 11.13%Programming137,800.00$ 11,642.23$ 8.45%Diversity Initiatives13,223.88$ 1,159.22$ 8.77%Homecoming42,772.00$ 9,203.92$ 21.52%ASUN Sound & Light16,600.00$ 4,180.14$ 25.18%Inkblot132,493.00$ 8,188.24$ 6.18%Legal Services24,478.00$ 1,180.94$ 4.82%Advertising83,700.00$ 4,439.20$ 5.30%Campus Escort98,209.17$ -$ 0.00%Leadership Program6,000.00$ 4,541.53$ 75.69%Clubs & Orgs171,996.39$ 33,222.61$ 19.32%Contingency73,000.00$ 65,100.00$ 89.18%
Office Expenses
647,733.00$ 33,729.66$ 5.21%Professional Salaries317,391.00$Classified Salaries43,000.00$Fringe115,595.00$GA's20,000.00$Tuition4,000.00$Student Wages72,140.00$Student Fringe3,607.00$Travel3,000.00$Host4,000.00$Operating65,000.00$1,739,801.56$ 204,801.56$ 11.77%ASUN Budget (FY 2010)
 ASUN % Change of Current FundingStudent Activites% Change of Current Funding
Operating45,454.00$ 54.94%Senate155,484.00$ 217.70%Executive Branch179,600.00$ 70.54%Judicial Council7,142.50$ 40.95%Elections23,003.50$ 271.02%Insight-$ 35,000.00$ 3.09%Brushfire-$ 26,000.00$ 0.86%Wolf Pack Radio-$ 39,000.00$ 4.82%Programming282,000.00$ 104.64%110,000.00$ -20.17%Diversity Initiatives86,000.00$ 550.34%Homecoming-$ASUN Sound & Light-$ 14,392.00$ -13.30%Inkblot78,000.00$ -41.13%52,000.00$ -60.75%Legal Services41,000.00$ 67.50%AdvertisingCampus Escort248,398.00$ 152.93%Leadership Program100,000.00$ 1566.67%Clubs & Orgs326,000.00$ 89.54%Contingency77,500.00$ 6.16%
Office Expenses
Professional Salaries65,000.00$ -79.52%337,000.00$ 6.18%Classified Salaries43,000.00$ 0.00%33,000.00$ -23.26%Fringe13,938.00$ -87.94%121,570.00$ 5.17%GA's45,000.00$ 125.00%Tuition15,000.00$ 275.00%Student Wages153,560.00$ 112.86%Student Fringe7,508.00$ 7,678.00$ 112.86%Travel-$ 12,000.00$ 300.00%Host10,000.00$ 150.00%Operating49,800.00$ -23.38%1,679,028.00$ 1,161,000.00$
Under JV 2017 

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