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Revit vs Archicad vs Microstation

Revit vs Archicad vs Microstation



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Published by weeleng_02
Table comparison among Revit, Archicad & Microstation by John Surewisz
Table comparison among Revit, Archicad & Microstation by John Surewisz

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Published by: weeleng_02 on Mar 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Features Autodesk Revit 2008 Graphisoft ArchiCAD 11 Bentley Microstation
Revit is built upon the Modelingstrategy of full integration in oneplace, allowing you to simply choosewhat portion of that information youwish to view.Fully “parametric;” a single changeupdates all correspondingviews/schedules within the modelitself.Element creation allows for custom job-specific or company widestandards.Massing allows for fast conceptbuilding, convertible to workingdrawings.One way extraction for estimates.
 An Architect’s tool that allows easyextraction for building information”
The Virtual Building™ works better withversions of other 2D software for morecomplex models. It enables control onthe balance between 3D and 2D work Construction documents and files can bederived without any additional software,sections and elevations updateautomatically as you work.Logical links between elements andstories.Schedules and bills of materials alwaysreflect the current state of the buildingmodel; easily generated (Bi-lateral).Interactive two-way communicationbetween schedules and the model, allowschanges to the model from theInteractive Element Schedule.
“An architect’s tool, the most intuitive”Bentley was designed on a code thatallows easy access to older file formatsof dgn and dwg, unlike the others.It utilizes similar BIM features, capableof forming construction documents frommodel. It does well on large, morecomplex projects with easier integrationof other engineering programs, likeRAM Steel for analysis and HVAC ductsizing and runs interference checks without third party software via Navigator.In our tests, the real differentiator iswhen the project has many elements, itloads faster and is easier to use, (lessboggy and uses less CPU resources) andis widely deployed on governmentprojects, for these reasons. Excellentrendering engine.“An Engineer’s ultimate model tool”
File extension
*.rvt *.pln *.dgn
Export/archive files in DXF/DWG(Autodesk product)
Supports the following file formats:DGN (Bentley), DWG, DWF, DXF,IFC, SAT, SKP (sketchup), AVI(video), ODBC, gbXML, BMP, JPG,TGA, and TIF.In addition to transferring standardlines, arcs, and circles, Revit exportsto 3DS, VIZ for photorealisticrenderingsProduce concept massing studies byImporting from Form-Z, Rhino,Sketchup and AutoCAD, or other
 ACIS® or NURBS (non
uniformrational B-spline) based applications.Turn models into mass objects, thenselect faces to design walls, roofs,floors, and curtain systems. You caneven use tools to extract importantinformation such as gross area perfloor. IFC industry-wide information sharingcommitment. Improved export/archivefiles in DXF/DWG. Able to save aproject with libraries to one PLA file.ArchiCAD's DXF/DWG translator
supports up to AutoCAD® 2007 and
accurately maps layers, pen colors, fontsand blocks. ArchiCAD can write outDXF/DWG data that contains both PaperSpace and Model Space information inthe same file. Additionally, ArchiCADimports and exports AutoCAD's vectorialDWF format and MicroStation's DGN.ArchiCAD can also transfer complex 3Dmodel geometry for use in programssuch as Artlantis R/Studio, MaxonCinema, AutoCAD, Autodesk VIZ orAutodesk 3ds Max software, etc.Intergrates with SketchUp and GoogleEarth Connection, which can be used asadd-ons to simple massing and contectstudies. Automatic imports into Google3D Warehouse, direct access thru appl. Fully integrates numerous file typesalong with their .dgn file format.Includes: DGN, DWG, DXF, PDF,STEP, IGES, STL, CEL, DGNLIB, S, H,RDL(RAM), 3DS (Wire frame), OBJ,SKP (sketchup)Image types supported include: CAL,IMG (P/A), CIT, COT, RGB, RLE, JPG(JFIF), PCX, PCT, PNG, EPS, RS, TGA,TIF, BMP, WPG.It has an internal rendering enginewithout the requirement of using 3DS orVIZ to do photorealistic rendering.You can Publish Bentley Architecturemodels to the Google Earth environmentsimilar to competitiors, perform screengrabs of fly in video using snagit.
Higher market integrity of the product(structural, MEP)Higher probability to produce acomplete virtual building with BIMengineering documentation:- Revit Architecture- Revit MEP- Revit StructureThis is a huge selling point.Lower market integrity of the product(structural, MEP)Lower probability to produce a completevirtual building with BIM engineeringdocumentaion:- Virtual Building: ArchiCAD integratedwith MEP- Ductworks- Virtual Coordination: bi-directionalI/O capabilities via IFC or native fileformat, the architect and the structuralengineer can use the same model.Stressanalysis as well reflecting automaticchanges by the designer or other parties.Extremely versatile integrity betweendisciplines and platforms. RAMintegrated to provide total structuralanalysis.-Bentley Architecture-Bentley Structural (RAM)-Bentley Building Electrical Systems-Bentley Building Mechanical Systems-Bentley Piping (AutoPIPE)Plus many other project engineeringspecific solutions. bi-directional I/Ocapabilities via IFC or native file format,team can use the same model orspecialized options for each engineeringdiscipline.
Interface/ Ease of use
Programmer like interface, eg. whenyou want to change the parameters of a door or window poor graphicsFriendlier graphic interface andproperties accessibility. Flexibilitydeveloped through over 20 years of architects' wishes and feedback Technical interface, while user-friendly,still will require extensive training beforeadvanced features can be fullyunderstood.
Course, Medium, and Fine displayoptions can vary the level of detailover many views and is view-specific.Linework can be manually adjusted if desired, however all generalcomponents of a drawing can beindividually set and globally changedbased on “plotted” line weight and“displayed” line weight.“What you see is what you get” whenyou print Improved gradient fills,
line work & fillconsolidation. It Efficiently handles theprocess of cleaning up and fixingdrawings, including an optimizationprocess for 2D drawings fromconsultants.Refresh or non-refresh work inelevation/plan/section/etc. viewssimultaneously.Displays are colorful and representativethrough the interface, can separate manyviews of the model and is possible towork in elevation/plan/section/etc. viewssimultaneously.Creation of coordinated floor plans,sections, and elevations. Automaticcoordination of architectural design andconstruction documentation.
Able to raytrace and render on the fly,however best displayed whenexported to Autodesk 3D Studio Maxand edited with additional software.Improved internal renderer, improvedmaterial selection as it is more mature.High quality must be exported to 3DSand MayaAdvanced ray tracing and modeling.Support of 3D drawings within AdobePDF. The best render images of the threewithout the use of other software.
faster kernel graphical engine, fasteershadow processing, lacks radiositySlower graphical engine, eg. Slowershadow casting and radiosityQuick kernel graphic engine, able tohandle larger drawings with ease.
Fully-parametric solid modeler, "inplace families", can include geometryfrom Revit or other solid modelers.Ability to import that which it cannotbe modeled in Revit, and turn it into aRevit objects. The object can only beedited outside of Revit, but the Revitgeometry behaves like a wall or roof or whatever you assign it to be.Separate package needed to extractquantities.More modeling freedom. New doubleslanted walls, curved complex walls andhighly accurate quantity takeoffs.Organic forms can be modeled inMaxxon Form - a separate modelerlaunched from ArchiCAD, and integrateddirectly into ArchiCAD through add-ons.This allows integrated organic modelingsimilar to Catia. Ore popular in EU thanthe US.High-end integrated rendering andanimation tools, includes radiosity andparticle tracing.Export to STL to support rapid modelmaking and prototyping with 3Dprinters, laser cutters, and stereolithography machines.Support of 3D Web formats, such asVRML, Quickvision, and panoramas.Enforcement of national projectstandards. Automatice re-symbolizationof 3D objects to 2D symbols. Materialdependent hatching/patterning,annotation, and dimensioning
The Most catalogs of information byfar. Autodesk marketing engine isassisting and has more participation of building product manufacturers.A strong base of objects, but less realmarket products in libraries than thecompetition.Some companies provide Bentley libraryitems, but still somewhat limited to user-creation.
 Parametric Components, also knownas families, are the basis for allbuilding components designed. Theyoffer an open, graphical system fordesign thinking and form making aswell as detailed design intent atincreasingly detailed levels. Use of Parametric Components for the moreelaborate assemblies, such ascabinetry and equipment, as well asfor the more elementary buildingparts, such as walls and columns. Nospecial programming language orcoding is required for manufacturers.Revit models can be scale sensitive if modeled in GDL (see below) or not(as with paper space).Objects are scale-sensitive, easilymodified (text, dimension lines, etc.),when the plan scale is changed.Changing the scale is as easy. Toolsidentify labels rooms, groups of rooms orany areas that you would like to manageand track. Walls are automaticallyidentified as Zone boundaries, butcolumns, slabs, beams, roofs, lines, arcsand splines can also define the space.Zone space automatically fits to slantedand profiled walls, and the 3D zonespace can be involved in solid operationsfor precise volume calculations.Creation of more complicated GDLObjects ( GDL=Geometric DescriptionLanguage) requires knowledge of script.Which scares away all but the brave. Parametric Cell Studio (
PC Studio
) is amodeling technology known asdimension-driven, feature-based,parametric modeling. It allows users todefine and create parameters, associativebuilding components and assembliessuch as doors, windows, stairs, casework,roofs, trusses, curtain walls, handrails,fixtures, equipment, and others. User-definable labels of objects and spaces.The DataGroup system , when placedinto the model, associates definableattributes with PC Studio components,and drives their parametric dimensionsand variables, which allows unlimitedvariations. Most of the dataset contentdelivered (doors, windows, curtain walls,handrails, and so on) has been createdwith PC Studio.
Material Takeoff tool checks materialquantities in cost estimates, Takeoff simplifies the tracking of materialquantities. As your project evolves,the parametric change engine helps toThe Element ID manager can identifyand group elements according to aspecified criteria, a great resource forautomatic labeling and schedules. Adatabase tracks area, volume, price,Room and component schedules,quantity and cost calculation,specifications.Compatibility with office automation
ensure that the material takeoffs arealways up-to-date and accurate. QTY of pieces, automatic listing, take-offs and interactive schedules.tools for further processing andformatting.
Local file (on the workstation) andcentral file (on the server) concept.Revit is multiuser, you can use linkedfiles just like in ACAD. The problemwith this is that Revit users aren'tcomfortable with this idea becausethey like to be able to edit thesemodules more readily.Revit does not have a special appl. tomonitor interactions when users savechanges to the central file; and when alarge number of changes happen, itcan struggle with reconciling the twofiles. So having a large number of users working on a model can beproblematic. Saves can becumbersome when working withgroups (8 minutes on average).There were also problems withserver's that RAID hard drives causingcorruption to the central file.ArchiCAD TeamWork is a multi-userenvironment. ArchiCAD uses a local file(on the workstation) and central file (onthe server) concept, which allows a betterintegration and analysis capabilities of large projects. Module is also a very nicefunction for big projects. With modules itis possible to put one storey just as youput one chair in plan (small file systemwith link function). MultistoryHotlinked Modules easily allow to dividemultistory buildings into smaller parts.Entire multistory buildings can behotlinked to site plan.Only supervisors can edit modules,making it easier to control.Can be run as a multi-user license fromBentley’s server, or as standalone at thecompany’s office.Bentley Architecture tightly integrateswith Bentley ProjectWise, acollaboration server that manages accessto project information across a LAN,WAN, VPN, or through the Internet, andpublishes and synchronizes sharedinformation, manages change, protectsintellectual property rights, and more.Share and synchronize projectinformation securely with projectpartners. Projectwise costs additional,but allows Manage change effectivelyProtect your intellectual property
Use interference checking to scanyour model for collisions betweenelements. (Autodesk ownsNavisworks and integrates this)3
party tool Navis Works shows wherethe models "clash" with each other.Different file formats can be importedinto Navis Works and reviewed as onemodel.Interference detection across multiplefiles and disciplines in conjunction withBentley Interference Manager:Navigator, without 3
party software.
No layers, all views are specific to thetask at hand, instead of layers Revitutilizes “visibility/graphics” which isa type of element-display option.Viewable items are sorted by type.Clear Layer Control & Xref LayerSeparation. Better control andmanagement of Xref files andeasier layer navigation.Typical layer controls, with ability tofilter layers. Able to wrap dgn and dwglayer files that are compatable.
Revit links to the ACAD File, allmodel information is stored in oneplace (the model) and it exports to 2DCAD. It is not bi-diredctional. Oncethe model is updated, downstream theengineers working in a 2D CADenvironment must adjust. It istherefore pertinent to decide how farRevit will go, before switching to 2DCAD for engineering. And once thishappens, Revit can be continuallyused for adjusting backgroundchanges or the switch can be made to2D and process Construction drawingsin a more traditional manner. This cancause additional effort downstream byengineers if numerous model changesare made. This is true for all modelingprograms. Revit does not integratewith RAM and STAD, like Bentleydoes.B-directional connections for workingdrawings but requires updating views asyou work on it (rebuild) which allowscontrol on what gets updated. ArchiCADhas both automatic and associative inconnection within the Building Model.This pertains to sections/elevations.Moving and resizing elements directly onsections/elevations, and any changes arereflected in the other views, includingdimensioning. Interiors, exteriors or anentire building can be dimensioned atonce, in one step. Labels can attach textor symbols to easily identify parts of your design. Automatic texts and smartdetail and section markers are always up-to date across all the model views anddocumentation layouts. DrawingMarkers provide navigation in projectdocuments and more efficient referencemechanisms.Work in plan, elevation, isometric, orperspective view. Utilize the AccuDrawfunction to make clear and precise polaredits. Same toolset applies to both 2Dand 3D plans. 2D changes can be tied toupdate models in a bi-directional mannersuing a variety of 2D software by thevarious team members.Views can be managed to display floorsor workspaces and also be filtered bylevel, symbology, attribute, selection set,etc.

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