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This Document is Prepared by Sujit Kumar

This Document is Prepared by Sujit Kumar

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Published by 9889187549
Anyone can start learning palmistry through this rich document.It basically mention different mounts and lines of hand.
Anyone can start learning palmistry through this rich document.It basically mention different mounts and lines of hand.

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Published by: 9889187549 on Nov 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This document about palmistry has been prepared By Sujit Kumar B. Tech FoodTech 5
Semester Student of AAIDU, Allahabad after Googling many sites on Net.It is prepared Only for 
Entertainment and to enhance the knowledge
Tremendous mystery is associated with the palm. The mystery of the palm is whatmay be called palmistry. A superficial survey of the lines does not reveal thetruth.That is why palmistry is not merely an art to be cultivated but a science to bestudied and practiced with meticulous care and diligence. "God made marks uponthe hands of men, that the sons of men might know them." (Book of Job).The marks or the lines that we see on the palm of an individual carry wealth of meaning in relation to his position in this world. Scientifically speaking, theselines are the manifestations of the bio-chemical processes that have taken placeduring his journey through life.Right from birth to the culminating point of one's exit from this world, these linesare the very driving forces whether for good or for bad. The position of the lines,their origin and growth and development, the way they have formed themselves,the kind of life that an individual could possible lead during his life time. Whatshould be biome in mind here is the continuous flux that the person is subjected to.For, we should realise that there is, that is called, changeability. It is precisely thischangeability that becomes the pivotal centre of human living. In other words,man does not live in a state of isolation, much less in a static condition. There aremany unseen forces that impinge upon his consciousness. of course, there occur asa result means, this is a case of mutual interaction in addition to the potentialqualities inherent in any individual.Therefore, palmistry as a science and an are must be pursued against this background of conditions and consequences emanating from the wrestlingcircumstances between actions and reactions, between the forces of good and evil.
The Mount of Jupiter
 (a) Indications for Jupiterian typeMount of Jupiter more prominent - finger of Jupiter longer than finger of Apollo -Straight and erect-wide space between finger of Saturn and finger of Jupiter-Lineof Head usually straight, good and long - Line of Fate good, clear and long.(b) Physical featuresGraceful figure of moderate height-sturdy and medium statured - strongly builtwith broad shoulder - much hair on the body - eyes large and expressive - sweatsabundantly - nose straight and thick at the base - mouth large and thick-lipped-longteeth-cheeks fleshy - long chin with a dimple at the base - ears medium - sized andclose to the head - thick neck - stately gait - long, smooth and square tipped fingers- the finger of Jupiter conic tipped - a long first phalange of the thumb.(c) Psychological dispositionsAmbitious - gifted for public life - self-confident - reliable - leader in his group -talent for organization - born to be great - capacity to influence people - adherenceto discipline, order and tact - effective communication - naturally religious - fondof ceremony and rituals - implicit faith in divinity - fit to hold high position in thehierarchy of religious order - conventional in religious matters - trustworthy -seldom seeks advice - yearning for distinction - anxious to realize ambition - attimes vainglorious - detests meanness and hypocrisy - self-reliant in judgment -loves peace hates cheating - easily pleased - gains confidence of one's subordinatesthrough kindness, sympathy and help - desire to excel over others - capacity toattract the opposite sex - quick and keen observer - independent action and thought- resists any interference - fond of pleasure and gaiety refined tastes and fastidiousmanners.Excessive development of the Mount of Jupiter, with unfavorable indications -arrogant and domineering spirit - despotic - spendthrift - vindictive and criminal jealousy - selfish to the extreme - prone to vices such as drunkenness and gluttony- licentious.(d) Health indicationsVulnerability to apoplexy, cardiac diseases, stomach and intestinal disorders
The Mount of Apollo or Sun
 (a) Indications for Apollonian type
A good Mount of Apollo - the finger of Apollo longer than the finger of Jupiter - agood hand with smooth developed fingers - finger of Mercury small - mediumsized thumb - Line of Heart ending on the Mount of Jupiter with two or more branches - clear - cut deep Line of Sun - star on the Mount of Apollo.(b) Physical featuresHandsome and manly - height just above average - cheerful and elegant - notfleshy like Jupiterian - dignified features and fine skin- shapely, muscular andathletic - beard - hair abundant, soft and wavy - eyes almond-shaped, brown or  blue in color - cheeks firm and rounded - nose long and straight - expression frank - eyebrows beautifully curved - medium sized ears with thick lobes - long strongneck - chin round but not prominent - legs slim and strong- with a lot of agility -muscular without superabundance of fat - striking chest - healthy life - grace andsymmetry of body.(c) Psychological dispositionsPrimarily artistic - man of great natural gifts - richly endowed with intelligence - afine illustration of moral greatness, high instincts and material desires - worshipper of beauty - love of harmony in the surroundings - learning by intuition - man of sound understanding, uprightness, honesty and integrity - passionately fond of music, generally of melodic character - versatile - fond of fine clothes, richfurniture and jewels - fond of inventing new styles and articles - great success inany sphere without much effort - naturally indolent and relies upon intelligenceand instinct - self-confident - filled with no gloomy thoughts - hot - tempered butgiven to forgiveness - no harboring of ill - will to anyone - attainment of high position and money without difficulty - not a religious fanatic but can be easilyconvinced - not superstitious - extreme adaptability - no enemies.Qualities of a bad Apollonian - too much love for money and romantic adventures- not happy with one love affair - love of beauty rather than of character - vain -ostentatious - braggart.(d) Health IndicationsSusceptible to the following diseases: Poor eyesight, cardiac diseases, diabetes andintermittent fevers.
The Mount of Mercury
(a) Indications for a Mercurian typeA good Mount of mercury - a long straight finger - the finger should reach themiddle of the first phalange of Apollo - a fine strong hand- big elastic fingers - a big thumb - a very good Line of Heart ending at the Mount of Saturn without

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