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Rape From Within

Rape From Within

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Published by Jon Vincent Deacon
What happened to Rome has been the same thing which happens in all revolts.
What happened to Rome has been the same thing which happens in all revolts.

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Published by: Jon Vincent Deacon on May 23, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Rape from Within
Actually, thinking of the story of the Gracchi Brothers is very analogous to our times. As I have mentioned in the past, socialism is only a reaction to greed and abuse of those on top and that is exactly what the Gracchi Brothers were, a reaction to the greed and abuse of those on top.During the epublic !eriod of ome, men were constantly being sent off to war and the only pay they received was what they looted. "his caused hardships at home especially if the looting wasn#t good or the husband and father of a home didn#t come back. At the same time there was a constant need $whether real or imagined% to borrow from wealthier families. "his was a fact of life while the men were off to war. If the looting wasn#t good or the man didn#t come home, the debt could blow up in the faces of the borrowers and they lose everything. At the same time, you have large landowners who are employing slaves and are burying smaller farmers&one of the need for the debt.Debt is an interesting sub'ect in itself. I am definitely interested in the main reason for debt& hoarding of money. "his was occurring in the ancient world as it is now&ich do spend but their expenditures tend to flow to other rich in the long run with a small trickle down. (hen you consider that )*+ of all income is commanded by + of the population, it means that )* cents on every dollar spent results in the income for only + of the population. Banking is crucial in this area to keep money circulating through an economy, but debt can be debilitating to an economy as well.In the epublic of ome, bad debts were settled with the sei-ure of property which gave the wealthy more and more land and the ability to bury more and more of the smaller farmers. "here was definitely predation as well. !ompey, aesar#s buddy and the individual who brought an end to /partacus, crucifying over 0,*** captives along the Apian (ay, was one of these predators. 1e had a fire company. "he way it worked was that if your home caught on fire, his crew would show up. 1e would give you a price for your home as in he wanted to buy your home and land, if you refused, he would let your house burn and then offer you an ever insanely low price to buy you out&this would go on until your house was a pile of ashes or you accepted one of his incredibly low ball prices.Basically, ome had potential but was being raped from within by those on top. "here had been revolts in the past from the peasants of ome. 2ne in particular had been the 34 B5 evolt in which an entire army 'ust up and left the field of combat and set up a settlement with their families outside of ome reportedly on Aventine 1ill. "hey had the idea that they had no voice in the epublic, everything was being stacked in the favor of the wealthiest by the wealthiest, and they felt that since ome wasn#t theirs they would set up their own city. "he wealthy gave in without a fight&they had no one to do the fighting. 6rom this, the working classes were given the 7veto# right in the senate.enturies past and there is a constant raping of ome by the richest. 8ore and more omans are losing their property from debt. 5ntering the stage are the Gracchi Brothers. "iberius Gracchus becomes a tribune and attempts to defuse the problem through land reform&giving the poor back their land and forgiving debt. "his would not stand. "he wealthiest hired thugs and used lies and propaganda such as ome would collapse, the gods would be angry, etc to rile up the people against "iberius and he was mobbed, beaten to death, and thrown in the "iber.

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