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Article - The Art of Scrying

Article - The Art of Scrying

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Published by anthonyh80

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Published by: anthonyh80 on May 28, 2014
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Finally a 'self help' book that shows youhow to get to the cause of allyou problems...
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Find out more about the 'art' of Scrying here
ark Pool4 +he Art of *crying*ome people hae a natural aptitu%e for scrying. +hey only hae to walk past a shallowpu%%le in the roa%= glance at a piece of black glass= a%mire the glossy fur of a black cat orlook at a wet patch on a black rubbish sack an% numerous images floo% into their min%s.0thers hae to spen% %ays= weeks= months= een years= mastering this apparently simpletechni?ue= staring into elaborate black mirrors an% seeing nothing but their own %arkreflection 6 frustrating in%ee% 6 an% of course= that ery frustration makes things more%ifficult. As with all magic= it nee%s to be taken seriously= but with a playful an% curious stateof min%. +rying too har% is counterpro%uctie.0ne of the things which makes scrying so har% for some people to %o is that= like me%itation=it re?uires an altere% state of consciousness to be achiee%= but with the eyes open. (nme%itation= pathworking= an% in parts of a ritual= most people prefer to work with their eyesclose% because this makes an altere% state so much easier to reach an% to maintain.+hose who can scry in anything are fortunate to hae this magical skill so long as they areable to switch it off at will an% %o not become completely %istracte% eery time they see ashiny black surface. For the rest of us there are many things we can e@periment with to makescrying easier 6 an% %ifferent things will work for %ifferent people.ark water is a goo% way to start= not least because it is easily aailable an% costs nothing. Apool can be loely to scry in= though ( woul% recommen% sitting or kneeling %own to %o so=since it is ery easy to forget what your bo%y is %oing once your min% becomes absorbe%= an%it is somewhat un%ignifie% to fall into the #possibly stagnant$ water at a moment of greatreelation. A black bowl fille% with water is another metho% an% has the a%antage of beingsafe an% suitable for in%oor use. +ap water is fine= but spring water will probably work better.Perhaps the best kin% of water to use is "oon water4 spring= rain or sea water which hasbeen place% in the "oonlight eery night for a whole lunar cycle. +he water can be blesse% inwhateer way you feel is appropriate= possibly %e%icate% to one of the "oon go%%esses whorule such actiities as these.An alternatie to using a black bowl is simply to use any %ish but to %arken the water withblack ink. +he ol% witch in her cottage woul% %oubtless hae %one her scrying in a bubblingcaul%ron of stew or in the water boiling in an iron pot rea%y to make up some herbal brews.)e% wine #especially el%erberry$ or %ark beer both make goo% scrying material= though%efinitely not after %rinking any of it/ Coca Cola woul% probably be effectie too= though (hae neer trie% it. +he possibilities are en%less...Personally ( fin% black mirrors easiest to use because they %ont slop about like water #atleast not un%er normal circumstances/$. +hey are e@pensie to buy but ery easy to make.*pray the back of the glass from a cheap clip frame with a couple of coats of black enamelpaint. "ake sure the glass is spotlessly clean before you %o so as any little marks may spoilyour concentration when you come to use it. 0nce the paint is completely %ry= return theglass to the frame. 2less the mirror if you wish to an% treat it with the respect %ue to anymagical object. (t can be kept hanging on the wall or put away after use= wrappe% in anatural material like silk or cotton. (f you prefer something a little more fancy= charity shopsare e@cellent hunting groun%s for interesting frames. !en better= you coul% make your ownout of woo% #care%= if you are skille% in that craft$= papier mBch= te@tiles= or anything elsethat appeals to you. (n%ee% the more effort you put into making it= the more personal it willbecome 6 imbue% with your own energy= in tune with you= an% therefore easier for you touse. +he si:e of the mirror is not important= although if you are just learning the techni?ue= alarger surface area will probably proe easier to use. ( woul% also aoi% too elaborate a frameon a small mirror as it may proe unhelpful.0nce you hae mastere% this art= you can %o it anywhere an% in any light= but at first it isbest to be in a %imly lit area= possibly using can%les. +he bowl or mirror nee%s to be place% ata height an% angle which are comfortable= so that you can sit rela@e% an% breathe calmly an%easily. Can%les or other lighting will nee% to be in a position where their reflection will notbother you. o not be %isheartene% if nothing happens for a while. (t is a knack an%perseerance pays off in the en%.A further use of this art is to communicate with another person= such as a magical partner=especially if they lie a long way away an% you cannot meet ery often. !ach person shoul%hae their own mirror= %e%icate% solely to this purpose. (%eally the mirrors shoul% be i%enticalan% ma%e by the people inole% on an occasion when they are together= to ensure thecloseness of the link. ,hen separate% both people look into the mirror at an agree% time an%a goo% psychic channel of communication can be set up. ,ith practice= it becomes possible tocall the other person to the mirror if you really nee% to talk to them at a time when you haenot agree% to DmeetD.*crying is a magical art with many possibilities. !@actly what it is an% how it works is for eachin%ii%ual practitioner to %eci%e for themseles= but it will certainly enhance an% focus both
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The Art Of Scryinghttp://www.spiritual.com.au/articles/psychics_mediums/scrying.htm1 of 36/!/"11 #:$! %&
the psychic an% creatie abilities of the magician who is %rawn into %ark pools to fin% thebright treasure of secret knowle%ge.
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 <al +homas 6 >nknown ,eb *ite
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 www.spiritual.com.au ,eb)eturn +o +op
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... its fantastic. Eot a lotof gui%ance from it. +hisreally hit home for me=an% ( am going to trysome of yoursuggestions. *o alrea%yits haing a positieeffect. +hanks. 1ou'ealrea%y change% my life.Loe "an%y<ia !mailHi Aymen( must tell you= ( rea%your book= an% ('e rea%many a metaphysicalbook= but yourknowle%ge as e@presse%by you= ma%e me feelyour %ata is aluableinformation #"A12! +H!<!)1 2!*+$... 1ou haea way of clarifying thatwhich you're teaching=making what ise@tremely %ifficult#spiritual awareness$un%erstan%able= clear tome the stu%ent...*incerely= arren( can't beliee that (hae been so blin%= thisis ama:ing informationthat's so easy to putinto my life/7on 2ernal%o*y%neyear Aymen=( am writing to%ay tothankyou for what your%oing. ( feel that whatyour %oing is won%erfulan% ( am sure manypeople feel the same an%that its going to helpthem with their lies 6those who just hae theeery%ay problems an%those like me who arefollowing the spiritualpath.,ith loe n' light= "arion@@@@@ ooooo( %i%n't beliee it at first.( was pretty stubbornan% thought ( knew howto han%le my life but thepart about getting ri% of se@ual thoughtsintrigue% me so ( wentahea% 6 (t's the bestthing ('e eer %one.Alan "arston 31Aymen('m ama:e% at how muchbetter ( feel incomparison to the pastfew weeks.. ( haemanage% my thoughtsan% emotions moreeffectiely for the pastfew %ays= gui%e% by thecontents of your book.!rica P 6 <ia emailHello Aymen= Ereatbook...Lin%a 6 <ia !mailEreetings Aymen=( just receie% themanual a few %ays ago. (must say ( am eryimpresse%/ !erything ismuch clearer now for mean% it is so welle@plaine%. +hank you forsharing this gift with us.2lessings 7ackie7ust a ?uick note to sayhello an% thanks. (%iscoere% ( actuallyspent so much timefantasi:ing about se@=
The Art Of Scryinghttp://www.spiritual.com.au/articles/psychics_mediums/scrying.htmof 36/!/"11 #:$! %&

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