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Published by arsfilosofo

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Published by: arsfilosofo on May 28, 2014
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Wind energy
Wind turbine was built on the idea of the windmill. It is a tool to produce green and clean electricity, based on the power of the wind. There are three types of wind turbines: -the ground wind turbines which is approximately 100m high. -the offshore wind turbines (sea wind turbines). They are approximately 75 m of high. -and the domestic wind turbines (wind turbines at home). They are approximately 35m of high.  A wind turbine consists in a mast which maintains a propeller, usually made of three pales, measuring between 5 and 90 meters of diameter, in height, depending on the type of wind turbine.
Offshore wind turbines Ground wind turbines Domestic wind turbines
Functioning of a wind turbine :
 A wind turbine produces some electricity thanks to the strength of the wind. All wind turbines work in a similar way. With the strength of the wind, the so-called propeller rotor starts up, and begins turning. The rotor is situated at the top of the mast because winds blow more in height. The propeller pulls an axis in the nacelle, called tree, connected with an alternator. Thanks to the energy supplied by the rotation of the axis, the alternator produces an alternative electric current. A transformer situated inside the mast raises the electric current tension produced by the alternator so that it can be more easily transported in lines with average tension of the network. To be able to start, wind turbine needs a minimal wind speed: approximately 10 to 15 kilometers per hour. For reason of safety, when the wind exceeds 90 kilometers per hour, wind turbine stops. The maximum speed is of 50 kilometers per hour.

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