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Ray Comforts Insult to Thinking

Ray Comforts Insult to Thinking

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Published by PaulGallagher

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Published by: PaulGallagher on Nov 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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150th Anniversary Edition
Charles Darwin
 Alachua, Florida 32615
Special Introduction by Ray Comfort
Alacua, FL 32615 USA
The Origin of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition
by Cales DainCpyigt ©2009 by Bidge-LgsAll igts eseved. Unde Intenatinal Cpyigt La, n pat f tispublicatin may be epduced, sted,  tansmitted by any means—electnic, mecanical, ptgapic (ptcpy), ecding,  teise—itut itten pemissin fm te Publise.Pinted in te United States f Ameica.Libay f Cngess Catalg Cad Numbe: 2009931773Intenatinal Standad Bk Numbe 978-0-88270-919-2
“A fai esult can be btained nly by fully stating andbalancing te facts and aguments n bt sides f eacquestin.”
— Charles Darwin,Introduction to
Origin of Species
“Teaces and students suld ave te academic feedmt discuss bt te stengts and eaknesses f evlutin as ascientific tey.”
— 84% of college graduates agree(2009 Zogby International survey of likely voters)
“Educatin, yu kn, means badening, advancing,and if yu limit a teace t nly ne side f anyting tele cunty ill eventually ave nly ne tugt, be neindividual. I believe in teacing evey aspect f evey pblem tey.”
— John T. Scopes (1925, at a banquet in NYprior to the “Scopes Monkey Trial”)
“As e kn, tee is a geat divegence f pinin amngbilgists … because te evidence is unsatisfacty and desnt pemit any cetain cnclusin. It is teefe igt andppe t da te attentin f te nn-scientific public tte disageements abut evlutin. But sme ecent emaksf evlutinists s tat tey tink tis uneasnable.Tis situatin, ee scientific men ally t te defense f a dctine tey ae unable t define scientifically, muc lessdemnstate it scientific ig, attempting t maintain itscedit it te public by te suppessin f citicism and teeliminatin f difficulties, is abnmal and unise inscience.”
— Prof. W. R. Thompson, F.R.S.,Introduction to
Origin of Species

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