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Umts Hspa Solutions Realize Your Potential

Umts Hspa Solutions Realize Your Potential

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Published by monmon583

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Published by: monmon583 on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UMTS/HSPA Solutions Realize Your Potential
Highlighted Innovative Solutions
Huawei UMTS/HSPA solutions cover HSPAsolution, all-IP transmission, deep indoorcoverage, UMTS900, MBMS etc.Our High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)solutions comprises the downlink solutionHSDPA speed at 14.4 Mbps per cell and theuplink solution HSUPA speed at 5.76 Mbpsper subscriber. HSUPA: a new technologyintroduced into UMTS system for supportinghigh speed uplink packet data access. It
provides improvements in uplink efciency, with
peak data rates of 5.76Mbps (up from typically384kbps maximum in today's networks) and
reduced data latency, giving signicant benets
to you. Upgrading networks with HSDPA andHSUPA boost downlink and uplink data ratesas well as the performance of services such asbusiness e-mails sent with attachments andultra responsive interactive games.All IP transmission solution adopts IPtechnologies to transmit data trough Iub /Iu/Iurinterfaces, which greatly reduces the CAPEXand OPEX during HSPA networking. Our IubIP transmission solution reduces the networkoperation cost caused by the increase ofnetwork data traffic, and saves transmissioncost by 60 - 80% via using IP transmission as asubstitute for TDM E1 transmission.Deep indoor coverage solution keeps itsleading place in the industry. Huawei developediDBS (Indoor Distributed Node B System)solution to solve the deep indoor coverage of3G network. Compared with traditional otherindoor coverage solutions, the iDBS solutionfeatures easy admission, simply structure, large
capability, exible conguration and low cost.
We lead the UMTS900 industry andprovide end-to-end commercial solutioncovering terminals, infrastructures and GSM900& UMTS900 co-antenna toolkits. The UMTS900solution makes full use of the vacant frequency,featuring lower-cost and wider-coverage.In terms of lowering your construction cost,the UMTS900 solution helps you constructa leading network using 900MHz spectrum,realizing co-site, co-antenna, co-cable and co-transmission with GSM system.MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast MulticastService) solution is a part of 3GPP R6specification, providing mobile multimediaservices at maximum speed of 256kbps, noneed of applying new frequency band andbuilding new network. It also features widecoverage, abundant types of the terminals,low cost and mature industry chain. MBMS isthe best choice for the mobile operators. CellMultimedia Broadcast (CMB) - the simplifiedMBMS solution - provides simplified mobilestreaming services to operators, which can becompatible with MBMS solution.
Nowadays, global 3G industry has stepped into commercialization period. The key issues for you include how to mostly bring 3G efciency into
 play, save transmission fees, reuse the existing resources and bring sustainable advantages. To meet your demands, Huawei UMTS/HSPA solutioncan help you realize your potential over these following solutions.

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