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School of Duel

School of Duel

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Published by api-19656779

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Published by: api-19656779 on Nov 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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School of Duel

Summary: Set during the third season after Chazz'z duel with Gecko. Many of the students have
fallen victim to Professor Vipers Bio-bands and Chancoller Shepard has vanished. Crowler
decides to invite new students from the other academys to help increase moral.

Chapter One: New Transfer Students

"This is so sweet, we're getting a new students today, I can't wait to duel them!" Jaden cheered.
"Jaden wait up!" Syrus yelled as he chased after his friend. Today was a very unique day at Duel
Academy, all classes were canceled and all offical duels were postponed. Why you may be
asking? Well because of all the students collasping for unknown reasons and Shepard gone, Vice
Chancoller Crowler had invited new students from East, South, and North Academy.

Professor Viper hadn't been seen all day but they didn't care. With Blair and Chazz in the
hospital they didn't have time to worry about some guy that was forcing them to duel. Jesse and
Alexis were visiting them so Jaden and Syrus had to head to the arena for the welcoming of the
transfer students.

Entering the arena Syrus and Jaden quickly took there seats as Crowler came out to address
everyone. "Greetings and salutations students, due to the recent events that have caused several
students to fall victim to this strange disease that has sweapt the school, Chancoller Shepard has
allowed me to invite more students from our academys across the world. Now please give a
warm welcome for our newest students!" Crowler announced and the doors to the arena sprang

"From East Academy please give a warm welcome to Rukia Uzuki"
From the doors stepped a girl about sixteen years old. She had long blonde hair and bright blue
eyes, she wore a girl version of the slifer red uniform.

"Hi everyone, I can't wait to beat each and every one of you!" she cheered making Crowler
sweatdrop. Up in the stands Jaden couldn't have been happier. "All right someone to help me get
my game on, I'll be dueling her as soon as we get back to the dorms" he laughed making Syrus
sweatdrop too. "I sware she sounds just like you Jaden, prehaps she's your long lost twin?" Syrus
joked. "Ya think Sy? that would be so awesome" Jaden replied making Sy sweatdrop yet again.

"From South Academy please welcome Daichi Williams" Crowler announced.
Out from the doors came a young boy that looked at least fourteen, He had short red hair, dark

brown eyes and wore the Ra yellow uniform.
"I hope you all prove to be a challange to me" he smirked
"This guy sounds just like Chazz" Jaden said. 'Who sounds like Chazz Jaden?" a voiced asked

from behind. Jaden and Syrus looked back to see Jesse and Alexis taking a seat. "Oh Jesse,
Alexis I was just talking about this Daichi guy" Jaden replied pointing to the red head. "I've
never heard of him but then again I don't know anything about the southern academy students"
Jesse voiced looking at the red head. "So anyway is there any change in Blair or Chazz?" Syrus
asked. "Yeah the nurse said after they rest for about a week they'll be able to leave the hospital
wing" Alexis replied with a smile on her face.

"Great and soon we can get out of here and get to dueling!" Jaden cheered. "That's our Jaden,
always up for a duel no matter the time or place" Syrus smiled. "All that's left is the student from
North Academy" Jaden voiced, eger to get out of there.

"And finally please give welcome to the very best that North Academy has to offer. The Angelic
Duelist, Haiku Yeshua!"
From the doors stepped a young man about sixteen. He had raven black hair and ruby red eyes,
he wore the standard North Academy uniform. All black.
"I hope I can expect a worthy opponet from you lot, even if its only for one turn" he smiled.

"Well if it isn't Haiku" Jesse smiled. "You know him Jesse?" Alexis asked. "Of course, he was
the highest ranked student at the academy before I showed up and defeated him. He didn't get
mad though, he said it was nice being able to be defeated by someone worthy" Jesse replied.
"Sounds kind of like Zane before he became the Hell Kaiser" Jaden said. "Anyway this should be
the end so we should get going" Alexis voiced and they stood to leave.

"Where do you think your going Jaden Yuki?" Crowlers voice was heard and they turned back to see a really pissed off teacher. "Um, back to the dorms?" Jaden answered. "Not yet your not, you are dueling against one of the new students to put on a grand show for us all" Crowler ordered. "I'm dueling? Sweetness can I challange Rukia?" Jaden said very eger to duel. "No slacker, your dueling Haiku" Crowler replied.

Crowler pulled Jaden away from the others towards the center of the arena onto the platform.
"Now listen here slacker, North Academy has always tried to show they are better then we are
and sending Haiku is an insult to every student here including you. I want you to defeat him and
prove to those stuck up punks that our school is, still, and will always be the best understood?"
Crowler ordered.

"You can count on me Dr. C!" Jaden cheered and headed to meet Haiku in the center of the
stage. 'You better come through slacker, if you don't you'll be spending the rest of this semester
in detention' Crowler thought as he made his way to the stands to join Jaden's friends.

The two duelists were standing face to face and shuffling each others decks. "So you are Jaden Yuki? I've heard many great things about you, prehaps you are the worthy opponet I have been searching for" Haiku voiced, his tone spoke of his confidence. "Well I do aim to please, good luck Haiku" Jaden replied with his usual happy voice. They handed back the others deck and moved to their respected positions.

"Get your game on Haiku!" Jaden yelled activating his duel disk. "Bring it on Jaden!" Haiku shot
Jaden: 4000
Haiku: 4000

"All right since this is home turf I'll take the first move" Jaden voiced drawing a card and looking at his hand. "Alright I summon Elemental Hero Wildheart in attack mode!" (1500). In a flash of light the rouge looking hero appeared on the field, his sword drawn and ready for battle. "Then I'll throw down a couple face downs and that'll do" Jaden smiled as two cards appeared behind his monster.

"An elemental hero deck huh? Very unusal choice for a theme, that's just my style" Haiku voiced
drawing his card. "I play a monster called Daniel, Angel of Fire in attack mode" (1200) In a flash
of light a young man with red colored hair and wearing a red yukata appeared. White wings
spread from his sides.

"An angel? his theme deck is angels?" Syrus asked in disbelief. "Well Syurs he is called the
Angelic Duelist for a reason" Alexis replied. "Just because they are angels you shouldn't take
them lightly. Like my crystal beasts they can be pretty vicious when played the right way" Jesse

"Sweet monster Haiku but isn't he kinda weak compared to my elemental hero?" Jaden asked. "Sure he's weak now but after I play this you'll change your tune jaden" Haiku voiced sliding a card into his spell card zone. "Its an equip spell card called Forgotten Mercy, with it my angel gains 500 attack points", (1700).

"Oh no, now Haiku's angel is stronger then Jaden's Wildheart!" Syrus exclaimed. "It get's worse
Sy, now Daniels special ability activates" Jesse voiced.

"By playing a spell card I have activated my angels special ability. Every time a spell card is played you take 500 points of direct damage" haiku explained. Daniel formed a fire ball in his hand and through it at Jaden, hitting him in the chest and lowering his life points.

Jaden: 3500
Haiku: 4000

"Ok that hurt" Jaden exclaimed holding his chest. "Now Jaden prepare yourself, Daniel attack his
wildheart!" haiku commanded. Daniel's wings spread and he took to the sky before diving to
strike the elemental hero. "Not so fast Haiku cause I've got a trap!" Jaden smirked as one of his
two face downs flipped up. "Hero Barrier, as long as I've got one elemental hero on the field I
can negate one of your attacks" Jaden smiled as Daniel stopped in his tracks, inches away from
striking Wildheart.

"Impressive Jaden, I end with one card face down" A card appeared behind Daniel and Jaden's

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