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Published by kayleescott

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Published by: kayleescott on Jul 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The cold was unbearable. You could feel it seeping through your jacket and your skin. It
almost felt like your insides were freezing. It‟s all fun and games until you fall asleep in Alfred‟s car and he doesn‟t know where you live so he drops you off where
 he thinks you live. Yes you lived in Canada, but not in the middle of no where!
“Alfred, if I live through this, I swear I‟m going to kill you!”
You couldn‟t feel your legs anymore, and you weren‟t sure how far away civilization
was. You shivered in your
 jacket, but suddenly you felt very… tired. No! You knew that if you went to sleep you would probably never wake up. You couldn‟t even see where you were walking because of the torrents of rushing snow in front of your face. “Maybe
if I just lie down for a
second… No! _____, keep it together!”
 You mumbled into your scarf.
At this rate though, if you didn‟t
find shelter soon you knew that you would die soon.
You couldn‟t feel anything anymore. “Just…” You collapsed onto your side, no longer
having the abili
ty to move. “Help!” You cried out know that nobody would come and
you. “Help! Somebody! Anybody! Help…!” You felt your eyes begin to close, and you no longer had the strength to keep them open. “Goodbye…”
- - - - - - - -
( Matthew‟s POV)
- - - - - - - - - Matthew was sitting on his couch, watching the embers of the fireplace burn, and the
flickering flames. “I wonder what everyone else is doing.” He wouldn‟t have known, he chose one of the more remote places to live, so that he didn‟t have to deal wi
th the same
old, „Who are you‟ and when he said who he was people forgetting
who he was a couple seconds later.
It got lonely sometimes, nobody remembered him, so he didn‟t have many people he
could hang out with. Like Alfred. He was jealous of his brother sometimes, he had so
many friends when Matthew didn‟t have but one. That bear didn‟t count though. It forgot him too much, he meant Alfred‟s friend though. ____. He wasn‟t sure that he should call
her a friend, it was just that she remembered his name and when he was with Alfred sometimes, she would be there too. Matthew took a picture out of his red hoodie pocket and looked at it. It was a picture of him, ____, and Alfred at Six Flags.
<i>“Help!” </i>
 He put the picture in the stand next to the couch.
“Hmm?” He thought he heard something. “What was that?” He wasn‟t sure whether or
not anyone could be out there, but he had to check in case if somebody got lost. He put his long brown coat on and headed out. When he closed the door behind him, he realized  just how cold it really was. He rubbed his arms and thought he heard something again.
<i>“Help!” He thought he knew that voice. Matthew ran in the direction of where he thought that it was coming from. <i>“Somebody! Anybody!”</i> He could hear the v
oice more clearly
now. “Help…”
 He saw what seemed like an unmoving figure in the snow. He quickly went to it and checked them. They still had a pulse, but they were just as cold as the snow around them.
“It‟ll be ok, just hang in there.” Matthew picked up
 the limp form in his arms gently, surprised at how light it was. Matthew trudged through the snow once more. Holding the figure closer to himself to try and keep them warm, Matthew opened the door to his home and took a sigh of relief. He laid down the
 person‟s cold body onto the couch and then returned to close the door.
 Matthew took his coat off. He then decided to see who it was that was out in the snow. They had (length) hair that was (color). Matthew stood over them before pulling the scarf off of t
heir face. “_____?” He saw her gentle features, frozen by the cold. Even her lips
were a soft hue of blue. Her eyes were closed and snowflakes lay on the tips of her eyelashes.
“I‟m so sorry I didn‟t realize you were out there!” Matthew kept muttering ap
ologies and at the same time trying to get the wet clothes off of her. He stopped at her pants and tank top that she had under all the frozen layers of clothes. Matthew sighed and wrapped a  blanket around her. Her sat next to her shivering form and wrapped his arms around  _____. Trying to warm her up. Matthew was beginning to feel tired though, and before he
drifted off he said one last thing to _____. “Good night.” And he gave her a soft kiss.
 ---------(Your POV)-------------- You awoke with a warm sensation all over your body. Your eyes slowly opened and saw the flickering flames of a fire. You tried to move, but felt some weight holding you. You glanced over at your shoulder and saw a cute Canadian lightly snoring. He looked
amiliar, but then you remembered that it was Alfred‟s brother, Matthew.
 He looked way too adorable. It was taking every bit of your will power not to squeeze him right now. His violet eyes blinked once, twice, reality coming back into his vision. You blushed when he looked at you. Matthew practically jumped away in surprise with a deep scarlet
across his cheeks. “__ 
 ___! I‟m sorry, I was just tired and I, I‟m sorry!”
“It‟s fine. I didn‟t mind, but how‟d I get here? And I would like to find out how some o
my clothes disappeared.”
“I found you out there in the cold.”
“And the clothes? What, did you take your „reward‟ when I was unconscious?”
 You said teasingly.
“Sorry, I had to take the wet clothes off so you didn‟t freeze! I swear I didn‟t do anything!” You giggled at his reaction. “You‟re fine Mattie, I‟m just playing with you.” You sighed
and got up off the couch to warm up more by the fire. Matthew went alongside you, still making sure you were ok. He was cute and considerate like that. You had a crush on him since you guys and Alfred had spent the summer together. It was the first time that you had seen him really laugh and smile that you fell in love with him.
“Ah, memories…”
“Just thinking about last summer. Unrequited love, that kind of thing.”
“Unrequited? Who wouldn‟t want you?” You shrugged your shoulders but felt a small victory inside. “Don‟t tell me it was Alfred, he‟s a jerk anyways.”
“No, it wasn‟t him.”
“Who then?”
“You.” Matthew rubbed the
 back of his head, embarrassed.

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