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The Wounded Girl in the Gaza Strip the Need for a New Approach

The Wounded Girl in the Gaza Strip the Need for a New Approach

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Jul 20, 2014
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- on !"#"#$%A new& article publi&hed on 'ahoo on  (uly $)* #$% had an image of a little girl of about one year old+ She wa& na,ed and wa& lying on a diaper which &eemed to hae .u&t come undone+ She wa& being held by eight to ten caring hand& clad in white gloe&+ She had i&ible wound& and blood &tain& on her body+ /er little face wa& turned upward and wa& &eemingly focu&ed on the face of a per&on to whom two of tho&e hand& clad in white gloe& belonged+ She had an e0pre&&ion on her face which 1* a& a father of another little girl of her age* am &till trying to decipher+ The caption identi2ed her a& a wounded 3ale&tinian girl who wa& being treated at the emergency room of a ho&pital in Gaza 4ity in the northern Gaza &trip+ The title of the article read 51&rael launche& military o6en&ie again&t /ama&-ruled Gaza Strip+7 1 8uic,ly glanced through the article to
learn more about the little girl* but there wa& no mention of her in the article+ So* all 1 could 2nd about her wa& what the image and the caption pre&ented+Who could thi& girl be9 4ould &he be a commanding ocer* or at lea&t* a &oldier* of the /ama&9 1 don;t thin, &o becau&e &he loo,& a little too young for that+ 1n that ca&e* could &he be the daughter of a commanding ocer of the /ama&9 Well* 1 don;t thin, &o either* becau&e had that been the ca&e* that would hae been mentioned in the title of the article it&elf and a &igni2cant portion of the article would hae been deoted to the &peci2c detail& of* or at lea&t* &peculation& about* a po&&ible retaliation by the /ama&+ 4ould &he be a &pecial child who appear& on the face of the earth eery 2e-hundred year& or &o and who i& prophe&ied to be the &aiour of the community &he i& part of9 1 don;t thin, &he ha& been &peci2cally identi2ed a& a future &aiour of the a6ected party* a& had that been the ca&e the di&cour&e created by the article would hae been an entirely di6erent one+ 1 mean* there i& de2nitely a chance of the little girl being a potential &aiour of the community that &he i& part of* but that chance i& not di6erent from the chance of any child born on the face of thi& earth being a potential &aiour of a group of human being& or the entire human ,ind+ Then who i& &he9 Well* the only an&wer that 1 can thin, of i& &he i& nobody+ At the mo&t* &he i& .u&t a human being who i& pre&umably unaware of what i& going on around her and who i& &maller in &ize in compari&on to her fellow human being& who act li,e they hae eery right to determine her future+<ne could argue that 1;m oerempha&i&ing an i&olated tragic eent and that1 need to* in&tead* loo, at the broader picture that thi& tragic eent i& part of+ <ne could argue that 1 need to loo, at broader 8ue&tion&: What i& the root of the 1&rael-3ale&tine problem9 To whom &hould the Gaza &trip belong9
What are the factor& that gae ri&e to the late&t confrontation& in the Gaza &trip9 Who ha& what &ort of &upport from whom in the international community9 =oe& 1&rael hae a right to e0i&t9 =oe& 3ale&tine hae a right toe0i&t9 Who want& war9 Who want& peace9 Who i& right9 Who i& wrong9 1;m &ure that the&e are ery important 8ue&tion& that need to be an&wered in the be&t po&&ible manner* but 1;m not &ure if they beat the &ingle 8ue&tion that 1 thin, i& of central importance+ That 8ue&tion* which 1 hae not been able to put into word&* i& the one that the ba>ed e0pre&&ion of thi& little girlpo&e&+ The e0clu&ie attention that &ociety pay& to what it con&ider& the 5broader 8ue&tion&*7 in my iew* only re&ult& in thi& other 8ue&tion being completely ignored and creating a &pace in which the ,ind of treatment thatthi& little girl ha& receied could be .u&ti2ed in &ome way or another+ Thi& other 8ue&tion i& arguably one that i& cleare&t and mo&t obiou& only to tho&e human being& who are of the &ame 5calibre7 a& thi& little girl+ ?ut* ala&* we the grownup& do not &pea, their language* and a& a re&ult* we do not hae acce&& to the cleare&t er&ion of the 8ue&tion+ /oweer* thi& &hould not preent u& from trying to under&tand what the 8ue&tion i&+ 1n myiew* we can begin to under&tand thi& central 8ue&tion by a&,ing a couple of &imple 8ue&tion&: What ha& thi& little girl done to de&ere the ,ind of treatment that &he ha& receied9 4an &he tell a 3ale&tinian from an 1&raeli* or an 1&raeli from a 3ale&tinian9 4an &he tell an 1&lamic from a 4hri&tian* or a4hri&tian from an 1&lamic9 =oe& &he de&ere to hae any &tain& of blood on her other than tho&e &he had when &he came out of her mother;& womb9 =oe& &he hae any clue a& to what the political and"or religiou& belief& and a&piration& of the people around her are9 Are her little body and mind &trong enough to with&tand the ,ind of pre&&ure that &he ha& been &ub.ect to9 1& &he at lea&t old enough to &tand on her feet* let alone 2ght for the cau&e that the leader& of her community are committed to9 The fact that the&e &imple 8ue&tion& are not een rai&ed in a &igni2cant manner in the current global di&cour&e on political iolence indicate& the

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