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Reality in a Metaphysical Model (1)

Reality in a Metaphysical Model (1)

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Published by Lecks90
A Metaphysical Paper that approaches Reality from another perspective
A Metaphysical Paper that approaches Reality from another perspective

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Published by: Lecks90 on Aug 03, 2014
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Reality in a Metaphysical Model
By Nickson Sylvestre
Introduction A very brief History of Science An Introduction to SPL (Spirito-Physical Linguistic) The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Zen and SPL
 Abstract: Reality is Perceptual in nature, and from that concept, we can deduce that it is also a Language. Anything that is real is known to be real through some form of Perception whatsoever. Perception tends to Interpretation. Everything that is perceived is being perceived by the brain/Mind (or cognitive function). It is pure Information interpreted by said Cognitive Function (or Mind). That being said, Interpretation has to do with Meaning. Thus, Reality is Semantical by nature. And the Information that is being processed (or transduced) has to be structured or such Information has no meaning whatsoever. Ergo, Reality is Syntactic. From Syntax and Semantic, we deduce that Reality is a Language. But, which Language? The study of Religion and Science shows that there are 2 kinds of Languages: One is Physical Language (PL)---which usualy tend to Science and Mathematics. Another one is Spiritual or Non-Physical Language (SL)---which usually tend to Religion and Mysticism. Ergo, the SPL (Spirito-Physical Language). In this material, Reality is presented through the Lenses of a new system----a Metaphysical one termed :" SPL" (Spirito-Physical Linguistic). Although part of a much longer work, this material tends to show how SPL is conceived and how it relates to Reality (including the many different Religion and Science).
Since there was man on Earth (to not say since the Beginning of Time), our race has wondered about the mystery of the Universe, man has tried to define Reality using the many different tools that was available to him (at the time). Yet, to this moment, we seem to not have a framework within which we can , with absolute certainty, say that this is how Reality is defined. And one has to wonder if---for all that long we have been exploring (in terms of Concepts) Reality---we have not had it (refering to the framework within which Reality can be safely defined) and yet not realizing it (labeling it Pseudoscience or worst "Mysticism). However, if we don't now have a framework to describe or define Reality, it isn't for lack of trying. Science has done the most that it could do to provide such a framework. Mostly in relation to Physics (or what we refer to most of the time as Modern Physics). "If I have been able to see so far, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of the giants" (I'm pretty sure I'm paraphrasing here, but whatever...). This reminds us of Isaac Newton. A genius that he was, he contributed to our Understanding of the Universe. In fact, even today, with our most advanced technology, we have to use Newton's laws of motion and Gravity to send someone on the Moon. The story of the fallen Apple. Nope, not the one with Adam and Eve (don't know who gave us that idea the tree of Knowledge of good and evil was an apple anyway). No, It is a reference to the one that Newton is famous for. From a falling apple, the story has it, Newton was able to deduce (using Mathematics, of course---even a special kind of Mathematics developped by him: Infinitesimal Analysis) that the same law or force that's causing the apple to fall most be same one governing the motion of all the Solar System (and beyond). This Law or Force, he called: "Gravity". Gravity then, became the new Reality Theory (so to speak), because from that simple Law or Force, He (Newton ) developped a complete (ish) theory as to how the Celestial Bodies move within space. That gave Newton the title of "The Last Magician", because he did something Impossible. From one simple concept he derived a complete Celestial mechanic. But that wasn't enough. Although an exceptional Magician, Newton failed to explain how gravity was Operating within space (as in what was the medium
through which Gravity was affecting bodies within space). Actually no, he  proposed a medium through which Gravity affects bodies within space. That medium was that which that was already known and accepted by the many sages and scientists of the time namely: The AEther.
A very brief History of Science 
  Now this is a subject that has been around for times ago. At some point, man  believed that nature could be describd in terms of 4 elements (Earth, Fire, Air, and Water) surpassed by one elemen (we could call it a Meta-element or Super-element) known as the Aether---which was known to hold all 4 in equilibrium. It is this Aether that was believed to have been the medium through which things are connected, and the medium through which Gravity was affecting  bodies within Space. This could all be okay, but, it isn't. Truth being told, the Aether has never had empirical evidence. Of course, for the four, it was somewhat different, for to some measure they could be empirically demonstrated. But the Aether itself was never empirical.  Newton, however, did not stop here in his thoughts. He concluded that Gravity was affecting bodies within space through the Aether. That was one thing. He also  believed that his model was not to be thought as explaining why things were the way they were. He was simply exposing the mechaninc through which everything seemed to be working. That much he said: God was the one True Power behind it all. That it wasn't through the means of Self-Maintenance that Gravity was operating. God was behind it all.  Newton's problem was not just the idea of the Aether as a solution for a medium through which Gravity must act, it was also the Idea that time was constant everywhere in the Universe.  Now, as mentioned before, Newton's model is stil being used until today. It is the same system that is being used everytime we send man on the Moon. But as we see, the system was limited as it was incapable of providing a complete framework that would explain not just how Gravity was affecting bodies through Space, but  perhaps, how it was doing it within Time. Hence, came a young genius known as: Albert Einstein.

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