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Etiquette of Shaking Hand and Embracing in Islam

Etiquette of Shaking Hand and Embracing in Islam

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Published by Mokhter Ahmad

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Published by: Mokhter Ahmad on Dec 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shaking Hands and its etiquette in Islam
Md. Mokhter Ahmad  Assistant Professor IIUC-Dhaka CampusEmail: mokhter_ahmad@yahoo.com
Shaking hand is a form of good gesture. In Islam it is to be observed through some principles. One of the basic rules of Islam is that men and women who are notintimately related are not allowed to have any form of physical contact. But in factcurrent trends in the artistic community have men and women not only shaking hands but hugging and kissing.It is such an awkward predicament to be in, especially since the shaking of hands isdone at the very beginning of an acquaintance, before the other has a chance to knowyour cultural idiosyncrasies and can leave a bad first impression or so.
Shaking hands when meeting and saying salam is part of the etiquette of Islam. It isan expression of love between the two who shake hands, as it dispels hatred, rancor and grudges among the Muslims. This is authenticated by a hadith which speaks of its virtue, in which the Prophet (saas) said: “There are no two Muslims who meetand shake hands with one another, but they will be forgiven before they part.”
هاور دق ثيدحلا اذو "ءنحشلا بذتو احت اوتو ،غلا بذي احفصت"أطملا ف لا مر كل ا
ءالا علا سر ق :ق:إ حفصف ي م   قي  ق مل .وا  هاور .
Hudhayfah narrates from the Prophet (saas): “When the believer meets a fellow believer and he greets him with salaam and takes him by the hand and shakes hands with him,their sins will fall like the leaves of a tree.”
 عو:قيد و هخ ىي ن جلا ،لا سر ي :جر ق؟حفصيو هد ذخأف :ق . :ق ؟يو زف :ق . :ق ؟ل نحني :ق.ذلا هاور .
Imam At-Termithi reported a good hadith that a man said: "Oh messenger of Allah if oneof us meets his brother or friend, should he bend down to him? The prophet said, "No."He asked should he hug him and kiss him. The prophet answered, "No." He asked shouldhe take his hand and shake it. The prophet answered, "Yes."
Shaking hands was a custom that was well known among the Sahaabah. It wasnarrated that Qataadah said: I said to Anas ibn Maalik: Did the companions of theMessenger of Allah (saas) shake hands with one another? He said: Yes. Narrated byal-Bukhaari (6263).This is why Islam has put some etiquette to be maintained by us while shaking our hands with someone else. The followings are those:
One may use both hands and one hand for hand-shaking. Some Hanafi and Maalikifuqaha’ said: it is mustahabb to shake hands using both hands, putting the palm of the lefthand over the back of one’s brother’s hand. This is proven by Sunnah from the Prophet(saas). I came in Sahih al-Bukhari (6265) and Sahih Muslim (402) that Ibn Mas’ud (saas)said: The Messenger of Allah (saas) taught me the tashahhud, holding my hand between both of his.

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