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Quotes From The Cyberworld - E

Quotes From The Cyberworld - E

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Published by Dale Andersen

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Published by: Dale Andersen on Dec 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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quotes: e
Boy, my office sure is quiet NOW THAT MY HP IS DEAD AS A ROCK!!!-Rob EarhartComing up with a Cool Name is the hardest part of writing a new program.-Rob EarhartCompaq was founded by a farmer. Or is it just a coincidence that their definition of "customer service" seems to come from its use in animal husbandry?-Rob EarhartDue to unforeseen circumstances, Rob Earhart will not be able to perform today; in hisabsence, your standard bitterness, angst, and controversial statements on the unhinged listwill be provided by Chris Hanson. We apologize for the inconvenience.-Rob EarhartGod: Santa Claus for adults.-Rob Earharthere's a nickle, kid. go buy yourself a real computer.-Rob EarhartI'm obviously the James Joyce of computer programming.-Rob Earharti'm up at 3:40 in the morning because i can't get back to sleep after waking up from adream in which i was recompiling my kitten with #define DISABLE_SHARP_CLAWSand #define NO_TRACK_CAT_LITTER.-Rob EarhartI've been feeling quite depressed lately. So Dan says I should see this movie; somethingcalled "The Wall." Anyone know what it's about?-Rob EarhartI've got your signal RIGHT HERE.-Rob Earhartif god meant for us to program, he's a sadist.-Rob Earhart
life is cool, netscape blows-Rob EarhartLook, dude, I jump out of planes for kicks. Going half as fast just for the thrill of wondering whether or not four rubber balloons will actually manage to keep me on theroad instead of sliding off the edge and dying is reasonably cool, but more horsepower isn't gonna make it cooler...-Rob EarhartLook, if you didn't insist on using HTTP to walk your dog, maybe you wouldn't getscrewed by it so often.-Rob EarhartMS is just the biggest/most visible target. MS's products suck in some ways; so doeveryone's; people're just much more likely to have had to deal with MS products. I wasan Ultrix/SunOS/Solaris/HPUX/IRIX/Linux sysadmin for years, I've used several other varieties of Unix a lot (Mach, AIX, &c), I've done Mac dev, and now I've had my fingersdeep in NT. I've programmed in dozens of languages, seen an incredible variety of systems, and used countless applications. Everything Sucks.-Rob EarhartSo the guys with the alpha are whining. They selected 'reset system to factory defaults.' Iterased the disk.-Rob EarhartSQL makes one feel like a "traditional" housewife: it does a lot of heavy work for you,and brings home the bacon, but you gotta prepare to get screwed every so often.-Rob EarhartWell, come ON. You're in CA, you know how to TURN ON a computer, are you goingto go work for the freakin' DMV? No, you're going to go work for some STARTUP andmake a couple billion dollars and whine about how those jerks at the DMV can't get their systems computerized properly.-Rob EarhartWomen wonder why men aren't romantic; it's like wondering why your wonderfully playful dog who you kicked in the head last night when it tried to greet you at the door islooking rather sullen.-Rob Earhart
Yeah! I should exchange keys with all the west-coasters while I'm out here, and then Ican exchange keys with all the east-coasters, and as long as you all believe that I'msufficiently anal-retentive, we can encrypt everything! Or something.-Rob EarhartYour silence speaks volumes, or if not volumes, at least the occasional unpunctuated paragraph.-Windom Earle "Twin Peaks"Freaky Boys never actually have sex with anybody. They just think about it then go toMcDonald's and kill a lot of people.-Tony EarleyI am looking for Henry Miller. I think he has stolen my life. It is my life he is leading,stumbling around with - French people and eating roots with the natives. Those roots heeats are my roots - my family roots. He devours them with gusto, with a verve and anerve that excludes me from the action. After searching high and low, I spy him engagedin the usual drunken debauchery, and call him out. "Henry," I shout, "put down theoranges of Heronimus Bosch and let's fight to the death like caged animals. With your command of the native tongue, linguistic dexterity and your prose, so generously peppered with obscenities, you should trounce me like an old lady. That's some kind of funny life you are leading - I wonder who you stole it from."-Elliot Peter Earls, The Apollo ProgramWasn't it Sheila E., that drummer woman who danced with Prince with such recklessabandon - aren't her words the fountainhead of all our problems? These words are thesource from which all flows and to which all returns. She is indeed both the Tigris andthe Euphrates.-Elliot Peter Earls, The Apollo ProgramI already have a guilty conscience... I might as well have the money too.-Wyatt Earp, "Tombstone"I have strong feelings about gun control. If there's a gun around, I want to be controllingit.-Clint EastwoodThere's only one way to have a happy marriage and as soon as I learn what it is I'll getmarried again.-Clint Eastwood

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