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Breakable Bella (Part 16)

Breakable Bella (Part 16)

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Published by Rachel
A little short but another will be up within days. My version of Eclipse.
A little short but another will be up within days. My version of Eclipse.

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Published by: Rachel on Dec 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“The whole kitchen is stocked with stainless steel appliances, and there is a double oven..”“I’m sorry that our usual realtor couldn’t fly out,” I murmured in apology as we trotted behindthe shrill voice. Bella just scoffed in reply, but I was actually disappointed. The realtor that foundour Forks abode and several other residences was a godsend. I’m sure he was disappointed tomiss the commission, too, but he said had family problems of some sort.So, we’d have to make do with his local recommendation: an adequate female realtor with toomuch perfume.This is how we were spending our second day in Seattle.She gawked when she saw how young we looked. She gawked when she found out our nonexistent budget. And she especially gawked when I told her that Bella’s say was the only onethat mattered.
See, this is why I choose familiarity. It saves so much time.
knew not to gawk at our strange family. Even when we asked about nearby wild animal populations.“So what do you think?” the woman asked me, forgetting rule Number 1.“Bella?” I corrected.“It’s..nice,” she offered.The realtor’s frustrated thoughts assaulted me, but she still smiled stoically.
 Nice! She’s said that about the last five I’ve shown them. And this house has anything that anyone could ever want. What’s with her?
I sighed. It had seemed like a good idea let my realtor’s license expire years ago to avoidattention, but now I regretted not getting a new one. She was just here for the paperwork at this point.“Do you like it?” Bella asked me quietly, an unsure look on her face.“I’m okay with anything you pick, remember?”She bit her lip out of habit. “Anything at all?”“Well, I’d like it to be at least 2-bedroom, 1 ½-bath. I think that’s reasonable?”I wanted a guest room in case we had any visitors that required sleep. Plus, I’d never seen anadequate 1-bedroom house before.She nodded and we moved on to the next house.
We’d seen more houses than anyone has business seeing in one day. I was worried that wewouldn’t find the perfect one before sunset, and that Edward would want me to choose one of the previous ones. And that would be difficult, seeing as I didn’t have strong feelings toward any of them.But finally, I saw it across the street from the mansion she had lined up next.I crossed the street eagerly without a word, simply pointing at the yard’s “for sale” in explanationwhen they followed me over to the modest, 2-story house. Despite its smaller size and older age,it still seemed to be in the upper-middle class range. It immediately reminded me of an expensivedoll house I wanted as a child. I had imagined an entire dream home around it.“Are you serious?” the realtor asked with poorly-veiled distaste. Edward shot her a dark look.“You want to see it?” he asked me, sounding pleasantly surprised that I had found anything of interest.Damn, was I really being that difficult? I just didn’t want Edward to blow a bunch of money on ahouse I wasn’t in love with. And he said we had all day...I smiled despite these unwanted thoughts, and agreed.He grabbed my hand and beamed even more brightly than I before leading us up to the door.An older lady greeted us, looking a little surprised to see any visitors. It was understandable; shewasn’t having an open house and it’s not like we called. Plus, the house was not as flashy as thecompetition.Edward charmed her before the realtor could open her mouth, and we were ushered inside for animpromptu tour.“Here’s the kitchen. My husband started refurnishing it with a Tuscan theme but was unable tofinish because he passed on.”My heart ached for the woman and her well-rehearsed line, while the rest of me was instantlycaptivated by the room.The lower wall space near the counter had started to be fixed with what looked like real stones.The rest of the walls were covered with golden stucco. Some of the cabinets had been upgradedto rich wood. The only untouched areas seemed to be the counters and floor; they were plainwhite and dull in comparison.“It’s beautiful,” I breathed. I always had liked the idea of a Tuscan kitchen over a modern one.“Well, it looks like it needs a lot of work,” charged the slightly-annoying realtor. She was ruiningmy buzz.
“Our family is really into home improvement, especially my mother,” Edward said, not missing a beat. I loved the way he said
family. “What do you think, love, some hardwood floors? Or doyou prefer terracotta?”“Hardwood,” I answered softly, trying not to get my hopes up in case he didn’t approve of theupstairs.I ran my hand over the smooth countertop. Some painted tiles would be lovely...“Shall we see the upstairs?” the homeowner asked, breaking me out of my reverie. I smiled politely and nodded at her.There were two good-sized bedrooms and a full bathroom upstairs, much to my delight. Edwardsaid we could design the bathroom to match the kitchen if I wanted. I squealed and attacked himwith a big hug, making him chuckle. But I rightfully took that suggestion as an approval to thewhole house.We were now homeowners. Well, this was probably the 20th house to have been bought byEdward, but still. I was included in this deed. It was
.The previous owner was worried about signing it over now because she wasn’t going to move inwith her daughter for another two months. But she agreed after we told her we would be out of the country, anyway. She could stay until December for free if she wanted to.The Cullens would then move the belongings I wanted from Charlie’s house since we would begone until late in the month. I asked Edward about his stuff, but he said he would only ask themto transfer the clothes. He had few other possessions to take to the house and preferred to do ithimself, claiming it would all fit in the Volvo. I shrugged.Aside from painting the walls in colors I requested or approved of, I declined any renovation or decorating help until our return. In addition to not wanting to stick them with all the work, Ireally wanted to be a part of the process. I even wanted to go furniture shopping with Alice, andthat realization was kind of scary.I was so excited that I called my mom and promised to email her pictures of the house. And Ihadn’t randomly called my mom to share exciting news since..ever.I blushed when I realized I must seem like a hyperactive child to Edward, but he was simplygazing at me with a serene expression. Like my happiness meant everything to him.So I let my mind wander on the way to dinner with Ben and Angela.I daydreamed about a world where vampires and suburbs were not an anomaly when paired. Ihoped for four fulfilling years of college together. I hoped that everyone we cared about wouldshare in our joy.But most of all, I hoped that a white picket fence could hold the beautiful creature sitting next tome.

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