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How Western Scientists Discovered Science in the Quran

How Western Scientists Discovered Science in the Quran



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Published by Doctor Jones
A critical article by an ex-Muslim from Bangladesh about Dr Maurice Bucaille and Professor Keith Moore.

He questions their support for claims of Scientific Miracles in the Koran.

He suggests that both these individuals were motivated by money and that they do not really believe what they wrote, since neither of them has converted to Islam.
A critical article by an ex-Muslim from Bangladesh about Dr Maurice Bucaille and Professor Keith Moore.

He questions their support for claims of Scientific Miracles in the Koran.

He suggests that both these individuals were motivated by money and that they do not really believe what they wrote, since neither of them has converted to Islam.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Doctor Jones on Dec 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How Western Scientists Discovered
cience in Quran!
The tales of Bucaille and Moore, two Occidental charlatans
By Abul Kasem
The new Mullahs and other Islamists feel very happy whenever they findoccidental (western white person) talks in favor of their faith (Islam). This isespecially true when these western people try to associate Qur’an and Hadithwith anything resembling an inkling of scientific truth. For the last 25 years or so,the Islamists have found an infidel supporter (pseudo) of their faith. He is noneother than Dr. Maurice Bucaille who was in France in 1920. At one time, he wasthe chief of the surgical clinic of the University of Paris. In 1976, he published abook entitled "The Bible, The Qur’an and science.” Ever since its publication, theIslamists have found a great sanctuary in this book whenever the question of science and Qur’an is raised. Bucaille’s writings have become not only a sourceof inspiration for them, but it also has become their principal source to confrontthe secularists who point out the various ambiguities, inconstancies and theunscientific nature that one could find scattered all over Qur’an.In his book, Dr. Bucaille discusses the following main topics as revealed in theQur’an
The Creation of the heavens and the Earth
Astronomy and the Qur’an
The Earth
Human Reproduction
If one reads Dr. Bucaille's discourse on these topics, it does not take muchintelligence to note the twisted logic and his clever selection of only those versesthat serve his purposes. There is not enough space in this short essay to dealwith each and every aspect of Dr. Bucaille's topics. One striking point however isthat he only elucidates a natural phenomenon as described in the Qur’an andinterprets that natural phenomenon as the scientific explanation in the Qur’an.(For details to a rebuttal to Dr. Maurice Bucaille please refer to“The Qur’an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science” by Dr WilliamCampbell. (Published by Middle East Resources 1992)This is absolutely unacceptable to anyone who has the slightest idea whatscientific knowledge is all about.Take for example the case of the Water Cycle. Dr. Bucaille tries to depict thatthe Qur’an had the advanced knowledge of this natural phenomenon before
anyone could discover it. This is totally untrue. The Water Cycle is really anobservable natural fact that is understood even by an illiterate and uneducated(in modern science) person. This water cycle consists of the following phases.(1) Water evaporates from the land, lakes, rivers; seas etc.(2) Water is transformed in to cloud.(3) Cloud gives rain.(4) The rain replenishes the water in land.(5) Water runs to the rivers, lakes and then to the sea.The cycle then repeats. There is no doubt that this phenomenon was clearlyunderstood even by the pre-historic people that enabled them to invent thesystem of agriculture, which is largely dependent on this cycle. Today, even theprimary school children are aware of this cycle of nature. To say that the Water Cycle is something that is discovered by the Qur’an is simply laughable andreveals nothing but the real motive as to why Dr. Bucaille is so inclined inpleasing the Islamists. Let us look for some clues to this matter.Dr. Bucaille was appointed the family physician of the late King Faisal of SaudiArabia. King Faisal introduced him to the Islamic religion and its source, that is,the Qur’an and Hadith. At that
time, Dr. Bucaille was a stereotyped westerner who had prejudicial ideas about Islam and the Qur’an. He was acutely aware of the perceived de-humanized face of Islam outside the Islamic world. Thischarlatan found a great opportunity to make good money out of this situation.
Hethought that if only he could please the Islamists by writing a few goodthings about Islam he could have a good share of the petro-dollars thatwere pouring in Saudi Arabia.
This would be better than remaining as a lowlyphysician to the king. So he learned the Arabic language and started to studythe Qur’an and wrote the book,
"The Bible, The Qur’an and Science"
Money—he did make and plenty of it. This is due to the fact that almost all theIslamic countries have translated his book in their languages and it is amust read book for the new Mullahs.
Also, consider how much blessings hehad received from all the oil rich Sheikhdoms. For all of these, he is deeplygrateful to his paymaster, the Arabs. In fact, in the lengthy introduction part of hisbook he writes "The debt of gratitude I owe to the late King Faisal, whosememory I salute with deepest respect, is indeed very great: the fact that I wasgiven signal honor of hearing him speak on Islam and was able to raise with himcertain problems concerning the interpretation of the Qur’an in relation to scienceis very cherished memory. It was an extremely great privilege for me to havegathered so much precious information from him personally and those aroundhim".Dr. Bucaille's book leaves one with the impression that he (Dr. Bucaille) isconvinced that Islam is the truest religion of all on earth and the Qur’an is indeedthe words of Allah.
Now when a person is so much convinced in a faith we
naturally expect him to be a Muslim, isn't it? But Dr. Bucaille is not sostupid to follow this path.
Having digested the Qur’an and the Hadiththoroughly he knew what fate awaits him (and his family) if ever he changes hismind on Islam (death for apostasy in Islam).
He also realized that he couldmake more money if he does not convert to Islam. Therefore, until today,he is a Catholic.
What bugs him to become a Muslim and follow the Qur’an,which he claims to be so divine and scientific? Being a man of science why doesnot he lend his ultimate allegiance to the scientific Qur’an? What answer theIslamists have for this enigma of Dr. Bucaille?
Qur’an has 114 Surahs and thousands of verses.
Why Dr. Bucaille deliberatelychooses those verses that deal with a handful of natural phenomena?
Hevery cleverly chooses to quote the following benign verses"There is no compulsion in religion" (2:256)"(God) has not laid upon you in religion any hardship" (22:78)He deliberately does this to give an impression that Islam is very merciful andtolerant religion. This is aimed at people who have very little knowledge about thereal Islam (especially the western people). Does not this tactic sound like thetactics used by our new Mullahs? Dr. Bucaille cleverly avoids the political, socialand the violent parts of the Qur’an. Are not political and social matters scientifictoo? After all, there are such subjects as political science, social science, etc.
Dr. Bucaille writes that he could not find any verse in Qur’an that is againstscience.
If we have to believe this blatant lie emanating from his pen, then
marriage must be scientific.
marriage must be scientific.
must be scientific.Having four wives at any time and plenty of concubines(possessions of the right hand) must be scientific.Cacophony of 
(loud prayer call, a chief source of noisepollution in Islamic world) must be scientific
(ablution with dirt and stones) must be scientificSlavery must be scientificDeath for apostasy must be scientific.Islamic genocide (like Bangladesh) must be scientific.Cutting off hands and feet for petty theft must be scientific.Using stones to relieve oneself must be scientific.

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