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human in object or aesthetics of object in nuray gumustekin's watercolour pictures

human in object or aesthetics of object in nuray gumustekin's watercolour pictures

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Published by mustafa durak
An essay to understand the works of nuray gumustekin presented in an exhibition
An essay to understand the works of nuray gumustekin presented in an exhibition

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Published by: mustafa durak on Dec 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Picture expresses a meaning to the person interested. An unknownobject/thing or an unknown person is a gap or an idleness for us as a memoryor time, even not being an existence. Things reach our perception with our own perception. They are formed,changed and transformed in our minds. World of existence comes into value with our viewpoints and exists as other beings. Our viewpoint makes us and our universe narrower or more wide. While every picture represents artist’s world, every picture also needs percievers’ world.The more creativeness percievers need on a picture, the more viewpoints of  percievers a picture needs. Art lives or exists with understandings or interpretations. If we express this with the fact in plays watched by spectators;art lives with claps and claps. But claps are nothing on their own. They turnover into absurdity. As a result, claps exist with their reasons. They aremeaningful when they are seen with their reasons. Besides, art is art with its percievers. They are like the soil which grows or feeds. And art functions alsoin the same manner for perceivers. Value which genius set on art is another indication of this relation. However, every artistical work may not receiveinterest that worths. Somewhat, this is also related to being in the right place atthe right time. And certainly, even though we are responsible for ou behaviours and the things we have done, it is necessary to take intoconsideration of the other factors beyond our control and out of ouresponsibilities.Yes, I have said that a Picture speaks to the person interested. But, there is alsoa place and time for this person in interest to talk. Tongue sometimes speaks atthe moment when he comes face to face with the fact. Sometimes for him itmay take years to open the mouth. So the artistical fact is not limited with time.Art can not be limited with moment or day or time.I want to enlarge more upon the subject related to Art. Science relies uponsimilarities or resemblences. A scientist has to hanker after similarities.Because he/she sets up or constructs his/her own world through similarities.His/her purpose is to transfer us the facts or formations in the natureimmediately by conveying its rules, principles to a sample. But, Art tends tothe opposite of this. Art pores details or differences related to the life. It givesvoice to beauty of differences, indispensability of being different, desire of existing differently, in different ways. So every artistical work (Picture) is a presentation of difference. It is a presentation of life even though it gives a presentation of nature mort.
In fact, my words which could be perceived as a general evaluation are thewords which make me talk about the water-colour exhibition of NurayGümüştekin, consisting of her Works realised in 2008-2009. I should not missthis that Susan Sontag says, ‘Art is out of meaning‘, by conveying the traces of hostility for meaning in the symbolists. However, I think that all kinds of figures or forms and technical improvement, practice include the meaning anddefend this opinion even though in this writing I can not touch on these pointsas I regard them out of my knowledge limit. Namely, my contention is thatmeaning and interpretation which is shade of meaning is everywhere. Wherever a person goes, he/she can not go without any meaning and/or anyinterpretation.Let me mention about my projections, and impressions on me relating thewater-colour pictures in Nuray Gümüştekin’s exhibition.
An Equitable, Democratic Structuring:
How can such a theme be performed or made in a plastic art? When weapproach the subject from the point of view of the diversification of an item or one of the items into the Picture, namely, focusing (focalisateur) or highlighting(mise en relief) operations with social concepts, it can be related with theseconcepts: equitable/ unequitable, democratic / anti-democratic. I do not intendto drift the criticism or review into a political point. I am trying to drawattention to the fact, which reflects Nuray Gümüştekin’s mind and effects her  pictures, being supposed to be important by me. In her 
‘ work, it isnot felt any difference as grandeur among the seashells. She creats a balanced/stable point of interest into values of colours. So there are values of colours, to be seen like an attraction point in terms of colour, in her pictures.But, this leads up us to two different concepts : the point of interest relating tocolour and the visual item being sticked out or focusing on an item. These aredifferent themes or points in pictures. We can not say that the objects and persons are emphasized or any colour in her works. Perhaps theme of colour distribution will lead us to a different meaning, but balance andharmony/coherence are basic principles which she keeps.

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