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Against the Flow march 10 2007 patrick tan

Against the Flow march 10 2007 patrick tan

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Published by Zarah Jane Lim

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Published by: Zarah Jane Lim on Apr 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Against the Flow
Firebrands small group discussionMarch 10, 20071.Testimony question
Our theme for this month is about integrity.
In your own personal words, how do you understandintegrity?b.Two true tests of character:i.The test of adversity
Adversity is the test of our stability.
When we encounter trouble, calamity,loss, all kinds of adversity, we quickly learn the depth of our stability.2.Proverbs 24:10ii.The test of prosperity1.This test is even tougher, yet much more subtle
Prosperity is the test of our integrity.
Prosperity reveals our true values.(Prosperity isn’t limited to material prosperity only).3.Proverbs 27:21iii.Why, in your opinion does the test of your integrity more complicated that the test of your stability?2.Searching the Scriptures
Today we will study about a bible character named Daniel. What was Daniel famous for?
The lion’sden.
More than the lion’s den Daniel is a true model of godly integrity.
Open your bibles to Daniel 6b.Was there ever a time that you received a negative reaction (punishment) because you maintainedyour integrity (instead of getting a reward)?i.We are always under the impression that if we do wrong we will be punished but if we doright we will be rewarded. That is not the case, especially in our world today.
Background: Daniel 6:1-3i.He was around 80 years old during this time. And he went under a few more kings beforeKing Darius (who is the king this time).ii.Darius appointed him as one of the 3 administrators in charge of part of the 120 satraps(governors) in order to minimize the risk of corruption.
Verse 3. What was the king’s reason why he appointed Daniel over his kingdom?
Daniel distinguished himself among the others by his exceptional qualities (integrity)
In worldview, it’s not what you know but who you know that gets you the promotion. But inGod’s view, it’s what you
, not who you know. It’s what you are in character.d.4 signs of integrity we can find in Daniel:
i.An excellent attitude
Read Daniel 6:4. How is our attitude? Perhaps it is good right now, but how abouttonight or tomorrow or when the going gets tough?2.Daniel had an excellent attitude. With excellent attitude it is expected that wecould wrongly rub off with fellow workers/students who will be bothered becauseyou are not like them. And they might be envious/jealous that you might evenendure what Daniel experienced.
How would we react if our life came under a secret investigation like Daniel’s?Would it make you nervous? Would you destroy some evidence? Or hide theskeletons in your closet?4.With Daniel’s excellent attitude, “they found no corruption in him. Because hewas a trustworthy or neither corrupt nor negligent.”

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