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Gilroy-morgan Hill 1209

Gilroy-morgan Hill 1209

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Published by Annie Lang

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Published by: Annie Lang on Jan 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If you are interested in finding the final selling price of any home in Santa Clara County, pleasecall Annie at 408-355-3556. I can also research a number of other counties including Santa Cruz,San Mateo, Monterey and San Benito.I am currently publishing Solds for most of Santa Clara County. Please visit my blog/website forupdates and market statistics. If you would like more information on a particular home,neighborhood or area, please call me. The solds listed cover such a large area, they are useful asa general guide. For more accurate info, I can provide information that more closely matches thehome and neighborhood you are considering.
Detailed Sold information can be found on the next page.
For more information, please contactAnnie Lang, Broker Associate408-355-3556annie_lang@comcast.net.www.annielang.net DRE # 01479540Century 21 Alpha
Annie Lang, Broker Associate 408-355-3556 www.annie_lang.net annie_lang@comcast.net DRE# 01479540Century 21 Alpha believes the data to be correct, but advises interested parties to confirm all information before relying on itfor any real estate transation decisions. Century 21 Alpha has not verified information provided by others. Copyright 2009MLSListings Inc. All rights reserved.
Page 1 of 2Antoinette L LangClient Single LineStreet AddressPriceBdsBthsBldg SFCityMLS #SDOMAgeLot Size
7,55080944585Morgan HillS2400 Mcdonald Lane921.00 Acres$2,525,00052766(5/1) 5,60080947236Morgan HillS1025 West Edmundson Avenue0178,596 SqFt$1,800,0002556 6,00080922627Morgan HillS285 Caldwell Court32107,593 SqFt$1,500,00018864 5,09080935998GilroyS12111 Heritage Way1056,192 SqFt$1,335,0008244(3/1) 3,05680945745Morgan HillS275 Cosmo Avenue1025,714 SqFt$1,035,0001753 3,34280938048Morgan HillS1545 Cochrane Road614,810 SqFt$950,0008744(3/1) 4,29980942307Morgan HillS210 Thyme Avenue710,454 SqFt$875,0004655 3,00080926611San MartinS220 Cox Avenue32101,500 SqFt$949,00015933 4,95080951496Morgan HillS17210 Quail Court4120,000 SqFt$899,9501754 3,30480772586Morgan HillS16380 St John Court120,439 SqFt$770,00063443 3,57180950348GilroyS10400 New Avenue18317,116 SqFt$1,015,000943 4,51880921129Morgan HillS17480 Hoot Owl Way5517,859 SqFt$770,00018554 2,45080908788Morgan HillS1030 La Vista Court46201,682 SqFt$775,00024632 4,03880946771San MartinS13800 Harding Avenue4354,450 SqFt$800,0002944 2,22080845623Morgan HillS18230 San Carlos Place19,930 SqFt$790,00037343(2/1) 2,40080933120Morgan HillS17740 Manzanita Drive3412,632 SqFt$750,00012532 3,15880845962Morgan HillS17550 Serene Drive198,712 SqFt$675,00032953 3,61080913380Morgan HillS830 San Vicente Court313,503 SqFt$764,0008855 3,07580947420GilroyS7432 Dornoch Court107,550 SqFt$715,0005043(2/1) 2,57880938306GilroyS7464 Aberdeen Court98,450 SqFt$650,0008943(2/1) 3,18580924096Morgan HillS425 East Central Avenue #Lot 315,390 SqFt$640,00019944(3/1) 2,12580931402Morgan HillS1483 Kennebec Place45,227 SqFt$679,4507743 2,79280924193Morgan HillS3740 Oak Canyon Lane3721,210 SqFt$665,0007243 2,53980950327Morgan HillS17413 Jenece Court1714,810 SqFt$686,000543 3,32480938189Morgan HillS17512 Holiday Drive3825,800 SqFt$563,0009543 2,88680946641Morgan HillS400 Chargin Drive286,955 SqFt$620,0003543(2/1) 3,19180931074GilroyS7656 Hackett Drive26,120 SqFt$650,88813743 2,08880948778Morgan HillS19440 Dougherty Avenue25,343 SqFt$625,0002233 3,20480951019GilroyS7225 Lahinch Court312,632 SqFt$646,0001744 2,72080953419GilroyS7021 Eagle Ridge Drive77,405 SqFt$625,0003343 2,05880952085Morgan HillS360 Clarke Lane3290,169 SqFt$675,00024142 2,21080953941Morgan HillS2780 Thomas Grade Road2323,270 SqFt$655,000743(2/1) 2,12580942921Morgan HillS1505 Red Tail Court35,227 SqFt$615,0006533 2,23180945929Morgan HillS18380 Murphy Springs Drive215,292 SqFt$581,0004743 2,80780951460Morgan HillS16925 Peppertree Drive197,840 SqFt$590,0001443(3/0) 3,10080943534GilroyS870 Birch Place67,999 SqFt$570,0001944 2,59480950393GilroyS2106 Gullane Way84,860 SqFt$550,0002743(2/1) 2,23180947330GilroyS2420 Dryden Avenue3843,600 SqFt$530,0002642 1,61080927158Morgan HillS15080 Bellini Way67,840 SqFt$495,00011832 3,02080950814GilroyS1260 Okeefe Court56,098 SqFt$542,000463 1,47280948348Morgan HillS18400 Del Monte Avenue214,950 SqFt$510,0003032 2,30080789849Morgan HillS17645 De Witt Avenue5511,424 SqFt$400,00034142 1,66880940236Morgan HillS19177 Eagle View Drive83,920 SqFt$500,0006943(2/1) 2,29180954685Morgan HillS1085 Appian Way207,475 SqFt$515,000132 2,10080927159Morgan HillS1015 Brookview Court3010,000 SqFt$515,0002143(2/1) 1,97980952547Morgan HillS16965 Malaga Drive156,969 SqFt$525,0001132 2,40180954655Morgan HillS16200 Saint Lawrence Drive124,701 SqFt$515,000543(2/1) 1,26080923101Morgan HillS16180 Griswold Lane109112,820 SqFt$400,00021532 2,77080932145GilroyS8560 Hickory Way56,534 SqFt$500,00012544(3/1) 2,34180949854Morgan HillS545 San Pablo Court144,356 SqFt$740,000643 1,70480951502Morgan HillS785 Claremont Drive4612,948 SqFt$490,0001232 2,63980951342GilroyS821 Siena Court97,021 SqFt$510,0001143 2,43580931156GilroyS920 Hoesch Way157,840 SqFt$450,00011453 2,31080952434GilroyS7540 Dowdy Street847,000 SqFt$463,0001444(3/1) 1,81580900434Morgan HillS635 Calle Siena43,920 SqFt$450,00018933(2/1) 1,97680946127GilroyS8741 Arbor Street123,752 SqFt$435,0002633(2/1) 2,67980950793GilroyS855 Cabrillo Court64,791 SqFt$490,0001532 1,44680927388Morgan HillS770 Cordova Court397,210 SqFt$440,00012732 2,08180951408GilroyS1284 Pheasant Drive155,227 SqFt$450,000843 1,70480949633Morgan HillS2360 Leptis Circle234,680 SqFt$448,0001033(2/1) 1,98380785787GilroyS1400 Briarberry Lane115,715 SqFt$425,00038543(2/1) 1,29980951631Morgan HillS1205 Kelly Park Circle236,098 SqFt$445,000332

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