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Genghis Khan Reaserch

Genghis Khan Reaserch

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Published by Lana
All my research on Genghis Khan. Includes dates, family history, rise to power, battles, etc.
All my research on Genghis Khan. Includes dates, family history, rise to power, battles, etc.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lana on Jan 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why He’s Important to HWH
Genghis Khan (1165-1227)
Chinggis Khan
During his lifetime, he conquered more territory than any other conqueror,and his successors established the largest contiguous empire in history.
Even today his legacy continues in Asia, for without Genghis Khanthere would not be a Mongolia.
Born to the noble family of Yesugei (father) and Ho'elun (mother), GenghisKhan was first called Temuchin.
At an early age, he was engaged to Borte who belonged to another tribe.
After leaving Temuchin with Borte's family, his father Yesugei was returningto his own camp when he was poisoned by Tatars.
After his father died, Temuchin returned to his family, still a boy.
According to the primary source of information on Temuchin's life,
TheSecret History of the Mongols
, he endured many hardships, including thekidnapping of his wife Borte, but slowly recruited supporters and assumed aveil of leadership among the Mongols.
After rising to power in 1185, Temuchin experienced numerous setbacks and,eventually, victories.
A key to his success was an alliance with his father's anda, or blood brother,Toghril Ong-Khan, Khan or King of the Keraits, which were another tribe.
With Toghril's support, Temuchin recovered Borte and slowly became the toppower in the prairie.
Eventually, relations between Temuchin and Toghril soured and led to a warthat left Temuchin victorious.
By 1206 Temuchin dominated Mongolia and received the title Genghis Khan(thought to mean Oceanic Ruler or Firm, Resolute Ruler).
Although Genghis Khan now ruled Mongolia and had united the various tribesinto one tribe (the Mongols), he was not content to remain there.
However, as with most wars, there was never a single reason; and, certainly,a variety of factors came into play.
In 1207, the Mongols began operations against Xi-Xia, which included muchof northwestern China and parts of Tibet.
This campaign lasted until 1210 with the Xi-Xia ruler surrendering to GenghisKhan.
During this period, the Uighurs also surrendered peacefully to the Mongolsand became valued administrators throughout the empire.
In 1211, after a great meeting, Genghis Khan led his armies against the ChinDynasty that ruled northern China.
War continued against the Chin until 1234, well after Genghis Khan's death.
In 1219 a caravan under the protection of Genghis Khan had been massacredin Otrar, a city of the Khwarazm Empire, which consisted of all or parts of modern Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.
With his armies engaged in China, Genghis Khan attempted to find a peacefulsolution, but Muhammad Khwarazmshah, the ruler of the Khwarazm Empire,forced the issue, unaware of the might of Genghis Khan.
After the execution and humiliation of his messengers, Genghis Khan left atrusted general, Muqali, to battle the Chin while he led an army to centralAsia.

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