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The Transportation Corps Overseas

The Transportation Corps Overseas

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Published by cunningb

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Published by: cunningb on Jan 31, 2010
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UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II The Technical ServicesTHE TRANSPORTATION CORPS: OPERATIONS OVERSEASby Joseph Bykofsky and Harold LarsonS UPER I WTEWDEWT OF D O CUMEWT S DEPOSITORYOCT 2 2003 BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS DEPTCENTER OF MILITAR Y HISTOR Y UNITED STATES ARMY WASHINGTON, B.C., 2003Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 56-60000First Printed 1957 -CMH Pub 10-21For sale by the U.S. Government Printing OfficeSuperintendent of Documents, Mail Stop: SSOPWashington, DC 20402-9328UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR IIKent Roberts (ireenfielcl. General Editor*James P. BaxterPresident, W illianis CollegeSamuel Flagg BemisYale UniversityGordon A. CraigPrinceton UniversityElmer EllisUniversity of MissouriWilliam T. HutchinsonUniversity of ChicagoAdvisory Committee(As of 1 April 1955)Brig. Gen. Samuel G. ConleyArmy Field ForcesBrig. Gen. Thomas W. DunnArmy War CollegeBrig. Gen. Charles E. BeauchampCommand and General Staff CollegeBrig. Gen. Urban Niblo
Industrial College of the Armed ForcesCol. Thomas D. StampsUnited States Military AcademyCharles H. TaylorHarvard UniversityOffice of the Chief of Military HistoryMaj. Gen. Albert C. Smith, ChiefChief Historian Kent Roberts GreenfieldChief, War Histories Division Col. Ridgway P. Smith, Jr.Chief, Editorial and Publication Division Lt. Col. T E. BennettChief, Editorial Branch Joseph R. FriedmanC'hiel. Cartographic Branch Wsevolod AglaimoffChief, Photographic Branch Maj. Arthur T Lawry*Gcneral Editor of the Technical Service \olumes. Lt. Col. Leo J.Me\er. Dcput\ ChiefHistorian.Ill. . . to Those Who ServedForewordThe transportation of troops and supplies to build up and maintain theforce of more than five million soldiers deployed overseas by theUnited StatesArmy in World War II involved operations of unprecedented magnitude andcomplexity, both across the oceans and within the military theaters ofthe war.The movement of supplies for allied forces greatly increased the Army'strans-portation task. The two preceding volumes of this group have told thestory ofArmy transportation in the continental United States. This volume dealswithland and water movements in theaters of operations around the world. It
surveys port, railway, highway, and water operations that constituted amajor,and in some instances a controlling, factor in the prosecution of thewar. Timeand again the Army's experience during the war underlined the need forclearly recognizing the importance of transportation in planning andexecutingtactical as well as logistical operations.After the creation of the Transportation Corps in July 1942,transportationactivities overseas became increasingly its concern and were carriedout inever-widening measure by staff officers and units provided by the Corpstooversea theaters. The focus of this volume is nevertheless on Armytransporta-tion problems and activities as a whole, since other services also hada verylarge hand in moving troops and supplies within the theaters. Theauthorshave told their story from the records and the points of view both ofthe overseacommands and of the Transportation Corps in Washington. If it is attimes astory of inadequate performance, primarily because of shortages oftrained menand suitable equipment, it is also a story of over-all success indelivering themen and the goods when and where they were needed to defeat the enemy.ALBERT C. SMITHWashington, D.C. Maj. Gen., U.S.A.1 5 December 1 954 Chief of Military HistoryIntroductory NoteAs is indicated in the Preface, the preparation of this volume wascarried outunder the general supervision of my predecessor, Mr. Chester Wardlow.Itsappearance marks the completion of a comprehensive account, in threevolumes, of the history of the U.S. Army Transportation Corps duringWorldWar II.Dr. Harold Larson served as Senior Historian of the Army TransportationCorps during World War II. He was Chief Historian of the XXIV Corps inKorea, 1946-47, and thereafter, to March 1952, Historian,TransportationSection, Office of the Chief of Military History. He has a Ph.D. inHistory from