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Published by raj_esh_0201

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Published by: raj_esh_0201 on Feb 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New Text Documenthttp://www.scribd.com/doc/943905/OCS-Inventory-NG-Installation-and-Administration-Guide-19=<<<<<<<<<under linux operating system:>>>>>>>>>=My sql database server,Apache web server for communication serverPhp and perl usable by apache web server for administration consoleperl and perl modules usable by apache web browser aand communication serverrequirementsapache version 1.3.33 or highermod _perl version 1.29 or highermod_php version 4.3.2 or higherphp 4.3.2 or higher with zip and gd supportperl 4.3.2 or higherperl module xml::simple version 2.12perl module compress::zlibversion 1.33perl module DBIversion 1.40perl module DBD::my sql version 2.9004perl module Apache::DBI version 1.21perl module Net::ip version 1.21perl module SOap::lite version 0.66my sql version 4.1.0 or higherif pre compiled packages were not present download it in "http://search.cpan.org"tar -xvzf package_name.tar.gzcd package_nameperl Makefile.plmakemake testmake installyou can use "yum" tool to install in fedora and redhat in linuxyum install perl-XML-Simpleyum install perl-Compress-Zlibyum install perl-DBIyum install perl-DBD-MySQLyum install perl-Apache-DBIyum install perl-Net-IPyum install perl-SOAP-Liteyou can use "apt-get" tool on debian to setup the above modulesPage 1
New Text Documentapt-get install libxml-simple-perl=>>>installing management serverdownload OCSNG_LINUX_SERVER_1.01.tar.gz cd OCSNG_LINUX_SERVER_1.01run "setup.sh""Sh setup.sh"then it ll check for mysql client binary files,enter server port generally 3306enter or validate the path to apache demon binary "/usr/sbin/httpd" it is used to find the apacheconfiguration filesenter or validate apache main configuration path "/etc/apache/conf/apache.conf"enter or validate apache demon running user account, generally "apache" or"www"enter or validate apache demon running user group, generally "apache" or"www"setup checks for perl interpreter binaries........enter y to setup communication server and n to skip communication server installationnow setup will try to determine your apache mod_perl version. if not able to determine mod_perlversion, it will ask u to enter itnext it will prompt you to enter log directory where communication server will storedebugging/tuning logs./var/log/ocsinventory-NGsetup will check for required perl modulesxml::simple version 2.12compress::zlibversion 1.33DBIversion 1.40DBD::my sql version 2.9004Apache::DBI version 1.21Net::ip version 1.21Page 2
New Text DocumentSOap::lite version 0.66if all is ok setup will install communication server.configur communication server perl modulebuild communication server perl moduleinstall communication server perl module into perl standard library directorycreate communication server log directoryconfigur dialy log rotationcreate apache configuration file(ocsinventory.conf)setup will ask u to enter apache root document directory "/var/www/html" or /var/www-data"now setup will check for required perl modulesxmlDBIDBD::mysqlNet::ipif all ok setup will install administration console into "ocsreports" subdirectory:"http://ocsinventory.sourceforge.net"create/ocsreports directory structurecreate/download directory structurecopy files into /ocsreports directory.fix directory and file permissions to allow apache deamon reading and writing to requireddirectoriesconfigur perl scripts ipdiscover-until.pl to access database and install it.now you can restart Apache web server for changes to take effect."/etc/init.d/httpd restart"=>>>configuring management serveropen browser and type "http//administration_console/ocsreports" to connect administrator server.=<<<<<<< installing ocs inventory ng agent=>>>>>>it can only setup locally.u cannot deploy the agent through the network,requirementsdmidecode version 2.2 or higherperl 5.6 or higherPage 3

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