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What Color is Your Parachute a Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

What Color is Your Parachute a Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers



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Published by kraagesh

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Published by: kraagesh on Sep 10, 2007
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The best-selling job-hunter's bible for decades, this indispensableresource is a complete handbook for people who are on a quest tofind their mission in life, or at the very least, the next good job thatwill put food on the table. Whether you are a fresh graduate, never finished a degree, or are searching for your deeper calling after many years of work, this is the book for you. You may need atemporaryjob,butthebookstronglysuggestsamajorlife-changingone!There are basically two types of job searches: the traditional, andthe life-changing. The former requires the usual resume-matched-to-the-employer-formula. The latter begins with a weekend of honest soul-searching and really deep thought. The actual life-changingjobhuntmaytakemuchlonger.Youmusthaveadequatereserves of energy and determination to go on this hunt. But theresult of the long search is well worth it. Why? Because the searchfor the “job of your dreams” is really the search for your truehappiness…and you have every right to seek this happiness. Youmayenlistafamilymemberoragoodfriendforencouragementandsupport in this major type of job search. This person will be your taskmaster, the one you can trust to follow up on your weeklyprogress,andwillfirmlyreprimandyouwheneveryoulosefocusor giveuptoosoon.
What Color Is Your Parachute?
Author:Publisher:Date of Publication:ISBN:Number of Pages:
Richard N. BollesTen Speed Press2004411 pages1-58008-541-5
About theAuthor 
The Big Idea
Richard N. Bolles
Richard Bolles
, author of the mostpopular job-hunting book in theworld. Acknowledged as "America'stop career expert," by,andas"theoneresponsiblefor the renaissance of the career counseling profession in the U.S.over the past decade, by, Bolles is universallyrecognized not only as a best-sellingauthor, but also as a master teacher.Bolles is an alumnus of theMassachusetts Institute of Technology,inchemicalengineering,HarvardUniversity,inphysics(wherehe graduated ), and theGeneral Theological (Episcopal)Seminary in New York City, fromwhichheholdsaMaster'sdegree(hehas been an ordained Episcopalpriest for the past 50 years). Over 20,000 people a month purchase" " which is revised andupdated annually (the new editionappearinginNovembereachyear).
What Color Is Your Parachute? ModernMaturity Money Magazinecum laudeParachute
Published by BusinessSummaries, Building 3005 Unit 258, 4440 NW 73rd Ave, Miami, Florida 33166©2003 BusinessSummaries All rights reserved. No part of this summary may be reproduced or transmittedin any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior notice of BusinessSummaries.com
 A Practical Manual For Job-Hunters And Career-Changers
Throughyournetworkoffamily,friends,neighbors,andcolleagues.Walk in to a place that interests you, regardless of whether they have avacancypostedornot,andtalktothepersonwiththepowertohire.Skim your telephone book’s Yellow Pages and note the companies or organizationsthatinterestyou.Organize a group of job-hunters and skim the phone book together for organizationsthatinterestyou.Goonthelife-changingjobhunt!*For several reasons: they suffer from burnout. They need time to smell the flowers.Someneedtosettheircareerpath,afterstrayingfromtheiroriginalplan,somewantto earn more money…but the best reason is they are searching for their mission inlife or . As people mature they start searching for more thanmoney.The advantage of doing the life-changing job hunt is obvious: it makes you rethinkyour goals, really think about what you want to accomplish in this life, and it's aboutgetting in touch with who you really are. It requires time, effort and a lot of deepthought.PrepareyourresumePost your resume on several Internet sites that use a search agent or job-matchingsoftwareThe program searches while you sleep, looking for the keywords in your resumeandinanemployer'sresume,thenite-mailsyouaboutanypossiblematches…muchlikethosedatingwebsites.Sounds very mechanical? Well, actually it is. And it doesn’t work very well. Only 4outofahundredjob-huntersturningtotheInternetforajob,actuallyfindit.hasdifferentpathwaysandelementstoconsider:Youcantrytoaccomplishitinonemove.Youcanchoosetotackleitonestepatatime.You will need to do your homework on yourself to define exactly what youwanttodo.Thisbookprovidestheexercisesforyoutoworkonsoyougettodrawacompletepictureofthetypeofjobyouwantandtheskillsyouhavetooffer.Thinkhard:Whatdoyouhavetooffertheworld?Useyourlistofcontacts,andthatincludeseveryonefromfamilymemberstoold high school alumni classmates and ex-coworkers, even ex-boyfriends!Contactpeopletofindoutmoreinformationaboutorganizationsthatinterestyou.
raison d'etre meanin
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What Color Is Your Parachute? By Richard N. Bolles
1. WhatAre You Looking For?
Suggestedresume-writingresourcesare:http://www.garywill.com/worksearch/reswri.com.htmNo-cost research: Go to a good search engine such as http://www.google.com Ask friends who have gotten jobs because of their excellent resume-writingskillstohelpyouwriteyours.Pick up a copy of Kate Wendleton's , available fromCareer Press/New Page Books, 3 Tice Rd., P.O. Box 687, Franklin Lakes,NJ 07417, and Donald Asher's , from Ten SpeedPressBox7123BerkeleyCA94707.Yourresumeshouldbeasummaryofrelevantworkaccomplishments,citingwhat tasks you were responsible for, what obstacle you had to overcomeand what you did to solve the problem and what the results of your actionstranslatedintointermsofprofits,savings,etc.Remember you are offering to do some service to them, and don't keeprevising until kingdom come.At some point you need to send it off and stoprevisingit.Go where the employers go: , ,, and are just some sample sites youcouldlookat.The Internet has made job-hunting at lightning speed possible. Of course,you may not even get a nibble. On the other hand, If you post your resumeonMonday,youcouldgetaphonecallbyWednesdayandperhapsevengetinterviewed in person by Friday of that very same week! It is fast. Thekind of job you get may not be your life-changing one, but you areusingtheoptimumtime-savingcommunicationtooltofindyournextjob.Don'tworry.ThereareotherwaystofindjobsthanontheInternet.Useyourcontacts.Study the phone book, or take a walk around your neighborhood. Most of the time,people don't get a job off the Internet anyway so it's always best to be referred to anemployerbyagoodfriendorcolleague.Thethreeenemiesofasuccessfuljobhuntare:Hype - the Internet is a tool but it can also be one of the most ineffectiveways to job hunt because you are relying on a software that is simply amechanicaldata-matchingsystem.Rejectionshock- resultinginlowself-esteem.Misplaced energy -or spending energy looking for a job in all the wrongplaces.Sowheretolook?Trythewebsearchengines,thelocalnewspaper,a private placement agency or search firm, an employer's friends, anemployer's desk, a country club with lots of employers as members, anemployer's current workforce…there are always vacancies. Sometimes a job is created out of thin air just as easy as it can vanish. Do something
Through the Brick Wall The Overnight Resumethat at least 
www.monster.com www.hotjobs.comwww.flipdog.com www.eurojobs.com
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2. Job-Hunting at Warp Speed
3. But What If That Doesn’t Work?
What Color Is Your Parachute? By Richard N. Bolles

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